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How do you break up a couple? Expectations and reality

Homepage Practical magic How do you break up a couple? Expectations and reality
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From a reader’s letter:

I googled “how do you break up a couple,” picked a spell and put it on my neighbor. I’m not in love with him and I wasn’t going to get him to marry me. To be honest, I’m fed up with him. He’s the rudest and the most arrogant person I’ve ever met. And he’s a loser, nobody. He has a rich wife, though. She’s a businesswoman. She’s a nice person and I like talking to her. But her husband is a real asshole. We’ve had so many fights over the years and he has lots of enemies. That’s why I decided to cast a break up a couple spell that works on him. I wanted to see if he’d be as arrogant after his wife divorced him.

I found a few black magic spells to break up a couple and cast them

Break up a couple of spell that works with candlesI read a lot of articles titled “How do you break up a couple?” before casting my first break up a couple spell that works. I’m sure I did everything as required but they’re still married. Now it looks like I’m the one affected by those black magic spells to break up a couple. The day after I cast my first break up a couple spell that works, it became darker in my house. I keep hearing some strange noises around the house as if someone takes the objects and then puts them back and moves the furniture. I’m afraid to leave my bed at night because I have a feeling that someone’s hiding in the dark.

I know for sure that “How to I break up a couple” recipe was authentic. I talked to some people on forums and they confirmed I’d cast my black magic spells to break up a couple as required. I wonder what went wrong…

Spellcaster Maxim’s commentary:

I you had done everything as required and cast your break up a couple spell that works properly, this would not have happened to you and your neighbors would have been divorced by now. Is it not what you wanted while googling “how do you break up a couple?” However, by casting your black magic spells to break up a couple, you just took over part of your neighbor’s house’s negative energies.

If you are looking for a “How do you break up a couple” recipe, remember that the worse person the one who you want to put your break up a couple spell that works on is, the more negative energies he has around him.  Normally, people are born mean or arrogant. If they are, this means there are some alien entities living in them. This is what happened to your neighbor but you were not aware of it. You also did not know that in this case black magic spells to break up a couple influence not the subtle bodies of the one you put them on but on the entity occupying them.

When you cast your black magic spells to break up a couple, the entity shifted its attention to you and decided to seize control of you too, without leaving its previous victim, your neighbor. What you describe in your letter is a classic example of an entity invading its future victim.

Contact me and I will help you cleanse and protect yourself from magic attacks.  If you are looking for a “how do you break up a couple” spell and do not want to deal with negative consequences, contact me. Only a professional spellcaster is able to cast a break up a couple spell that works successfully and protect you from negative consequences associated with it, such as curses, negative energies, repercussions and alien entities. If you try to cast a spell on your own, the odds are such consequences will ensue.

From a reader’s letter:

My little sister has a boyfriend. He’s a lazy gamer who seems to be addicted to beer. He’s 30 but works at a fast food restaurant. He rents a tiny apartment and doesn’t even consider looking for a better job. My sister is smart and beautiful. She has a master’s degree and a good job. I decided to cast some black magic spells to break up a couple to help my sister.

I found a “how do you break up a couple” spell and cast it

They broke up. To be more precise, he broke up with her. After I cast the spell, my sister was diagnosed with a severe disease. Shes had seven surgeries this year. He didn’t want to take care of her and left her. As a result, now my sister’s also suffering from severe depression.

I know it’s my fault but I don’t know how to fix it. Could you help me?

Spellcaster Maxim’s commentary:

Break up a couple ritualYour story is just another proof why people should not practice magic without having the required knowledge and skills. You performed a black ritual without knowing that black magic focuses on achieving results, while how they are achieved is irrelevant.

By using black magic, you engage hellish entities our world is swarming with. Normally, you do not feel their influence on your life as you are protected with an energy shield. When you perform a black magic ritual, your shield cracks letting the hellish entities in. By putting a black magic spell on someone, you destroy this person’s protection shield too which makes this person extremely vulnerable to hellish entities. This is what happened to you and your sister even though you did not wish her ill:

  • You cast a break up a couple spell that works;
  • A hellish entity came to help you;
  • It penetrated your sister’s subtle bodies because her protection shield had already been destroyed;
  • The entity’s goal was to make your sister and her boyfriend break up which it did by causing your sister to be sick and knowing that her boyfriend would not want to take care of her.

Technically, you got want you wanted. At the same time, you have nothing to be proud of because your sister’s disease, depression and loneliness are your fault. When I, spellcaster Maxim, scanned your sister’s future with tarot cards, I learned that you also put a curse on her which will not let her get married and she will stay single for the rest of her life.

The only thing you can do now is let me heal your sister. First and foremost, I will exorcise the entity. Secondly, I will restore her health by eliminating her diseases. Then I will restore her energies and cleanse her mind to ensure that she gets over what has happened to her and moves on. This is when I will be able to fix her fate and ensure that she meets a man who will make her truly happy.

Note that I am not allowed to interfere in other people’s lives without their permission so you need to contact me and ask me for my help. As a powerful and experienced spellcaster, I do everything I can to make y clients’ wishes come true. 

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