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How to break a couple up spell at home

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To begin with, I would like to specify the contents of this article titled “how to break a couple up spell at home”:

  • Do not try to use how to break a couple up spell, unless you are a professional magic practitioner;
  • I am not going to tell you how to cast a break a couple up spell at home;
  • If you fail to read this article until the end, you are likely to harm yourself and your family by calling down a curse on your heads which will become a part of your fate for many years to come.

Casting Break a couple up spellIf you still want to cast a break a couple up spell by yourself instead of letting me do it, prepare for the worst. In the future, I hope you, while encountering one problem after another, will be brave enough to blame yourself for it.

All those websites telling about casting a how to break a couple up spell fail to mention the fact that 98% of people casting a break a couple up spell put the spell not on the target but on themselves due to the extreme complexity of this kind of magic. It is like a very heavy weight. A professional weight lifter has a chance to lift it but is still exposed to the risk of getting a back or joint injury, while a beginner is sure to end up getting hurt.

Unlike a weight that can give you only a physical injury, a break a couple up spell injures your karma. Physical injuries can be treated. Also, you can get a new body in your next life – a healthy and strong one, capable of handling intense workouts. As for karma injuries, they are treated through suffering. The more severe the injury, the more you will need to suffer to treat it. If you fail to treat it in your current life, you will continue in your next one. Some people have to treat their karma for dozens of lives. Do you want to be one of such people? I do not think you do. Then do not try to cast a how to break a couple up spell at home.

An improperly cast break a couple up spell always affects one’s personal life

Families suffering from a family celibacy wreath should “thank” one of their ancestors for using breakup magic without being a professional spellcaster.

To cast a break a couple up spell improperly, you do not necessarily have to make a mistake in the ritual. It is enough to fail to obtain Higher Powers’ permission to use magic. The how to break a couple up spell can be used not for all couples. Some of them are destined to be together no matter what. When you break up such couples with a spell, Higher Powers punish you.

Therefore, before casting a breakup spell, the spellcaster finds out if such spells can be used at all

Break a couple up candle spellIf yes, the spellcaster starts doing this very dangerous job.

Unlike professional magic practitioners, beginners are not aware of that. They do not know how to ask such questions. As a result, they end up suffering the inevitable consequences of such rituals:

 - They ruin their own relationships, no matter how strong they are;

 - They make their partners cheat on them on a regular basis;

 - They damage their lower chakras and start cheating too (spontaneously; they lose control of themselves);

 - They put a loneliness curse on themselves preventing them from having serious relationships;

 - Female spellcasters with damaged lower chakras become infertile or frigid, while male spellcasters develop impotency;

 - If the soul is affected, the people lose an ability to love;

All of the above diseases (the list goes on) are almost always passed onto the children and grandchildren transforming into a terrible generational curse.

Speaking of karma damage, let me remind you that there are three types of people carrying karmic knots:

  • Those who are lonely because their ancestors used magic;
  • Those who tied their knots themselves by using magic;
  • Those who worked with a beginning spellcaster who failed to perform some ritual properly and thus destroyed their ability to love and have relationships.

These are the only three reasons why people are lonely. Sceptics may disagree and explain it by poor luck, bad temper, unattractiveness, poor taste, shyness, arrogance, phobias, and mental disorders. However, no matter what reason you name, it is the result of karma damage. There are different signs of karma damage but its results are the same – all your attempts to find love and get married end in a failure. No matter what you do, you will still be alone. A professional spellcaster is the only person who can save you.

Should you go this far? Should you risk your happiness and that of your children by performing magic rituals?

This applies not only to a break a couple up spell

By performing money rituals, you doom yourself to poverty; luck rituals – to ill luck; death ritual – to death. It is so serious that I will have to talk about it in a separate article which will be posted shortly.

Luckily, there is a safe way to break up a couple. Let me select and perform the ritual for you. Just tell me what you want and show me the couple who, in your opinion, should not be together, and I will take care of it. I will make sure no other spellcaster can bring them back together. Their relationship will be ruined for good. Their love will be gone. They will become strangers to each other. It will happen over a short period of time, but not instantly. Powerful magic does not bring instant results, even though those posting some instructions about casting how to break a couple up spell fail to mention it, too.

That is all I wanted to tell you. Even though you have not received any how to break a couple up spell recipes as you must have wanted, now you know that you do not need such spells. If you need a break a couple up spell, contact me and let me cast it for you. My magic is always at your services.

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