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How to cast a spell to break up a couple fast for oneself

How to cast a spell to break up a couple fast for oneself
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Things to do before casting a spell to break up a couple fast

To begin with, let us find out if you have at least some magic abilities to cast a spell to break up a couple fast by means of one simple test. This test consists of ten questions and all of them are very important allowing one to determine the level of one’s magical abilities. So please be honest and realistic answering them. Believe me, in most cases it is better not to cast voodoo spells at all and I will surely explain to you why. So, let us do this test.

  • Spell to break up a couple fast1. There are successful voodoo sorcerers in your family tree.
  • 2. You grew up in a culture where voodoo is as common as Christianity in Europe.
  • 3. You have voodoo amulets for protection.
  • 4. You are in great shape.
  • 5. You do not have fears, nightmares, mood swings.
  • 6. You are a calm person.
  • 7. You have never had auditory or visual hallucinations.
  • 8. You have never practiced magic before and never had your fortune told.
  • 9. You have looked through dozens of spells before choosing your spell to break up a couple.
  • 10. You know what will happen after you cast this spell.

It is very easy to assess your test results. If you answered no to any of the above questions, forget about casting spells for yourself once and for all. It is just not your thing. The best way for you to benefit from magic is to buy a break up a couple spell from me, spellcaster Maxim. I am considered one of the best magic practitioners in the world casting such spells. I can cast love spells, too. For more information about it, please read my article about the powerful break up spell.

A risk-free method for сasting a spell to break up a couple

I promise to tell you about break up spells in this article but I will do it a little bit later, as my top priority is your safety. It should be your top priority too, as it is for all practitioners of magic, experienced and inexperienced.

Life is long and multifaceted. Do not think that whatever is happening to you today is of most importance. Your true feelings and emotions, no matter how strong at the moment, will fade away eventually. Even the most passionate love lives just a few years and then fades away.

Let us remember the story about Romeo and Juliette. These two young people loved each other so much that they committed suicide only to not let their families separate them. This story is undoubtedly beautiful in its tragic character. However, magic practitioners who know how human souls are built cannot help wondering what would happen if they had stayed alive. Most likely, they would fall out of love with each other eventually and forget each other. It means their sacrifice was in vain and their death was meaningless.    

When today you are ready to do whatever it takes to be with the person you think you love and are going to cast a spell to break up a couple fast, you are probably making a big mistake. I do not mean your love will fade away. Most likely you will regret doing it in a few years. Unfortunately, at this point the fate is usually beyond repair and the damage caused to the energies is too serious. For this reason you will have to find a professional magic practitioner to help you.

To prevent it from happening, let me cast a powerful break up spell for you to enjoy your strong and harmonious relationship for several years, while keep your energies completely healthy. To find out how magic can affect people using it without permission, please read my previous articles about it. Information presented in my articles is so detailed and clear that I do not see why I have to repeat what my students know pretty well already who have been studying safe magic under my supervision for several years now.

A few more words about a break up a couple spell

Candle spell to break up a coupleWhat makes all powerful break up spells so dangerous? It is the fact that they are all black magic. When you cast such spells, you let dark energies enter your subtle bodies and influence them. Magic practitioners spend years learning how to protect themselves against such magical energies and develop immunity to them.

A lot of people who keep snakes as pets use the following trick, knowing that they put themselves in danger every time they get close to the snakes: they inject venom into their bodies, starting with really small doses and eventually increasing the amounts of venom injected until one day they are able to survive the lethal dose. This whole process to develop immunity to venom takes them years and is accompanied by a lot of pain and suffering. However, if one of the snakes bites them accidentally, they will survive, while any other person will not.

This is how magic practitioners, but not you, develop immunity to dark energies. You did not know about its dangers, did you? Well, perhaps you knew it is evil and can harm people, but did you know black magic was like a double-edged sword which injuries both, the one attacked and the one attacking? To prevent it from happening, several rules need to be observed when you perform a ritual to break up a couple.


The second rule is as follows: Cast such spells only when it is a waning moon. The energy of the moon impacts our world and all people more than we think. When the moon starts to wane, it has a strong impact on all destructive rituals. It makes them much stronger. When it is a waxing moon, spells are cast to create something or to give rise to something new. For this reason black magic rituals fail if performed when it is a waxing moon.

I will tell you about the rest of the rules without assigning any numbers. If I forget about something, please read my article about the spell to break up a couple fast.

Guidelines for casting a spell to break up a couple fast

Always pay attention to the state of your psyche. It is agile and has its good and bad times. When it is good, your intuition improves, along with your sensitivity to energy processes and your inner vision abilities. When it is bad, you become sort of blind and dumb. Professional spellcasters can boost their psyche whenever they want without having to pay for it with subsequent emotional and psychological exhaustion which is restored through rest.

The best way for you to boost your psyche is to fast for a week or two, and I do not mean just physical fasting implying abstinence from alcohol and foods supplying you with rough energies, such as meat, fatty foods, or bakery. Emotional-psychological fasting is needed, too. It means you should avoid all kinds of strong emotions, including anger, fears, irritation, etc.

Some people say one should use psychedelic drugs (I have seen such advice on the Internet) which are supposed to relax your psyche, but I strongly disagree. Yes, they will make you calm, but at the same time they will make you less careful and more vulnerable to dangers. Two weeks of psychedelic fasting is pretty enough to prepare yourself for casting a spell to break up a couple fast. Coupled with physical abstinence, it will also boost your energies.

Break up a couple spellIf you are currently sick, no matter what health issues you have, do not cast magic spells at all. Even a cold makes you very vulnerable to magic. If you have any chronic illnesses, black magic is prohibited for you. Any disease is in fact a clot of black energy your body is infected with, and black magic makes it bigger and thicker and thus makes your health issues worse.

Women who want to cast a spell to break up a couple should always refer to their menstrual calendar keeping in mind that women are allowed to practice magic at least in one week after the end of their last period and should discontinue casting magic spells ten days prior to the beginning of the next period.

Pregnant women must not perform any black magic rituals at all. This rule must not be broken under any circumstances, so even the most powerful of spellcasters refuse to cast spells for or on pregnant women.

How to cast a powerful break up spell

I have already posted a wonderful article about the break up a couple spell,

so make sure to read it before you perform the ritual. Otherwise, it can be too late.

As for the spell to break up a couple fast, it is performed as follows. To begin with, you should buy:

  • - Three white candles;
  • - A talisman designed to protect against the consequences of black magic;
  • - Two locking wooden boxes with metal locks;
  • - A pair of metal scissors;
  • - Natural orange thread;
  • - Two large but wormy apples.

In addition, you need a magic altar to perform your ritual at. If you do not have one or if you do not know how to set it up, read my book and follow the guidelines provided there. You can download my book here at this website. Besides, you need a photograph of the couple you want to put your break up a couple spell on.

Having put the candles in the far end of the altar, light them. Open and put both boxes in front of yourself, leaving the keys in the locks. Take the photograph of the couple and cut it in half with one move – it is very important! Put one half into one box and the other half into the other box. Take the apples and stick the scissors into them nine times. Put the apple into the box. Do the same to the other apple. Close the boxes and lock them up. Wind your orange thread around each of the boxes and seal the ends with some candle wax.

Hide the boxes in the basement making sure no one will find them. Throw the scissors out at the nearest intersection, at the side of the road, as a sacrifice to the dark forces that will make your powerful break up spell effective. Walk away without looking back and keep your fear under control. As soon as you get scared or look around (weird things may be happening at this moment), the power of the spell will fall upon you instead of that couple.

If you cast the spell properly, it will start working immediately. In about two to four months they will break up. They can get back together later only if a powerful spellcaster removes this spell from them. However, in this case the power of this spell will still fall upon you. For this reason I ask you again PLEASE DO NOT CAST POWERFUL BREAK UP SPELLS FOR YOURSELF BUT ORDER SUCH SPELLS FROM ME!


Or at least perform one simple and fast ritual described in the video below instead of performing very complex and powerful ones.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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