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Love rituals spells for gays

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Why do so many spellcasters refuse to cast love rituals spells for gays?

It is more difficult to cast love rituals to unite a same-sex couple than a traditional one. Occasionally, spellcasters have to combine rituals from different magic disciplines. However, most spellcasters do not have the knowledge to do so because they specialize in just one branch of magic. As a result, they have no choice but to refuse to work with same-sex couples.

Do you cast love rituals spells for same-sex couples?

Love rituals spells for gaysYes, I, spellcaster Maxim, perform love rituals for gays. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need a gay love spell. I have the skills to execute any order related to same-sex love keeping your personal information confidential. I can assure you that no one will ever find out that you used a love spell to find love and happiness which is critical to many people.

Can you cast love rituals spells only on gay men?

What if one of the men is heterosexual?

Yes, I perform love rituals even if one of the men is heterosexual. However, this process is time-consuming as I am going to need to change the mentality of the man who has never considered same-sex love and could never imagine that he might be attracted to a man.

Do you help lesbians?

Yes, I can cast love rituals spells for you, provided this will make you happy. However, making someone happy is not easy. You should understand that if someone likes same-sex love, it does not mean this person will agree to it. The spellcaster needs to make this person love you, consider you perfect, and feel connected to you spiritually and mentally. I have to do all of that for you because this is the only way I can guarantee your happiness.

There is a man (he’s gay too) I want to have sex with but I’m not looking for a serious relationship. I’d like us to be just sex partners. Is it possible?

There are special love rituals which can give you what you want and I can perform them for you. However, I want you to understand that your relationship is not going to be strong and it will not last. You partner may fall in love with someone else any time and choose to be faithful to his new partner.

I’ve never been gay but recently I’ve been thinking about gay sex a lot and watching corresponding videos on the Internet. I feel like I’m going crazy. The other day I realized I had a crush on one of my coworkers. I don’t know whether he’s gay or not, but I can’t help imagining us being together. Could this be the effect of some love rituals spells? If someone put a gay love spell on me, what should I do?

Love candles rituals spells for gaysTo begin with, I would like to inform you that from now on I will answer such questions only privately after you make an official request. To answer your question, I need to at least tell your fortune with tarot cards. This is work too and it needs to be charged for accordingly.

Regarding your question, no, you do not have a gay love spell on you. Your feelings are natural. You were born gay but have been struggling with your true identity. Now it is the time for you to accept who you are. Do not worry. Same-sex love can bring you as much happiness as love between a man and woman.

I became gay following some love rituals performed to influence me. What should I do?

If you do not want to be gay, contact me. Along with performing love rituals spells, I can break any spell cast by another spellcaster. Let me remind you that I provide complete confidentiality to all my clients.

My boss is gay and I’m not. I know he wants me. However, despite the fact that giving him what he wants is the only way for me to get promoted, I can’t do that. Could you put a spell not on my boss but on me to make me gay or bisexual to help me overcome my fears and worries?

I can influence any person by influencing the appropriate chakra. So yes, I can modify your sexual orientation as you want.

I had a spellcaster cast a voodoo spell on one man three months ago. We started dating. Recently, we’ve been having some sex issues – namely, we can’t have sex without those “magical blue pills.” Can this have anything to do with the spell or are we just not sexually compatible?

The spellcaster must have made one mistake while performing your voodoo love rituals. He failed to unite your sexual bodies. I see you are connected spiritually and mentally. However, since your relationship was created with magic, you lack sexual compatibility. You need to ask your spellcaster to fix this or you can find another spellcaster who would cast the spell properly and let you enjoy a quality relationship with your partner.

I’m married with children. But I also want to be with a man. Are there any rituals which would allow me to cheat on my wife with another man without anyone knowing about it?

You need a special amulet. If you want, I can make it for you. It will protect your relationship with a man and help you keep it a secret. This amulet is pricy and it will take me a while to make it. However, this is the only way how you can get what you want without anyone knowing about it.

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