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Love spells and astrological signs – Part 2

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Continuation. For Part 1 click HERE


Leo is a very powerful zodiac sign, even though Leo’s strength is based on their selfishness and arrogance. To make a Leo fall in love with you, use the most powerful love spells. Casting such spells is very dangerous. If you do not know why, please read any of my articles about the consequences of such magic or some letters sent to me by those who got hurt trying to cast such spells having no proper training and experience.

As for Leo, they cannot love. They are not responsible like Aries, sacrificial like Virgo, romantic like Aquarius, or caring like Taurus. Leo wants their partners to love them, take care of them, bear responsibility for them, and sacrifice things for them. They like those helping them build a career, giving them money, taking care of their problems, or at least not asking for anything.  

Leo is hard to love. Not all people are capable of that. If you are not afraid of being in a relationship with Leo, order some powerful love spells from a professional magic practitioner. There is another way to attract Leo’s attention. It is not simple but it can give you more happiness.  With magic, you can make yourself the kind of person Leo is attracted to. Thus, magic can make you rich, attractive, etc.

People born under the Leo sign, especially women, are always attracted to strong, successful and extraordinary people. Magiс can make you exactly like that. I have written plenty of articles about such transformations where you can find detailed information about powerful love magic in case you want to use it.

Love spells and zodiac

As for practicing love magic, it is not the best choice for Leo. They are too self-confident and cannot follow the rules. They think they are special and possess some magical abilities (which is actually quite rare). As a result, they often make serious mistakes leading to subtle body damage and magic retribution.


One of the main priorities for Virgo is locating their mind parasites and learning how to get rid of them. Some of the people close to Virgo have mind parasites and Virgo is not immune to them, either. As a result, a lot of people born under the sign of Virgo can be described as losers. They either failed to get rid of their mind parasites or are still studying their negative effects preparing for the future fight and victory.

This needs to be taken into consideration because powerful love spells influence an infected Virgo like they do people with curses or hexes on them. Magic will only make it worse, feeding the parasite instead of the Virgo’s chakras. It will make them suffer even more leading to a more heavy karma. It is a lose-lose situation.

Therefore, there is only one right choice for Virgo. It is finding a professional spellcaster. An experienced magic practitioner will strengthen the Virgo’s energy, weaken the influence of the parasite, and put a love spell on the Virgo to make him or her love you without harming the Virgo or your karma.

Let me warn you that failing to follow my advice due to your arrogance is fraught with serious consequences.

First of all, you will harm the Virgo. In their fight against their mind parasites Virgo reaches the levels of powerful magic practitioners. If they win, they become light spellcasters. If they lose, they become dark ones. Now imagine that you try to put a love spell on a powerful black magic spellcaster whose powers are fueled by a mind parasite. In this case your spell will backfire immediately. By protecting oneself, the Virgo will hurt you so bad that it will take you months to recover.

A spellcaster like me can put powerful love spells successfully on any Virgo person, while you cannot.

Speaking of Virgo’s natural abilities to use powerful love magic, they usually do not have any. Their attempts to perform magic rituals make their karma heavier. However, by developing their energies – when magic is coming in, but not out – they can get almost anyone to fall in love with them, and then, by adjusting the energy influence, maintain their relationship for years.

Powerful love magic can be different and Virgo knows it better than anyone.


Lovers and zodiac

Libra does not know what blind love or a marriage of convenience is. To make Libra love you, you need to put powerful love spells not on the Libra but on yourself. I have already explained to you how it is done (see above).

Well, as with Cancer, you can make Libra obsessed with you but you will not have a long-term relationship unless you are right for each other. Secondly, Libra does not give anyone a second chance. If you break up, you are unlikely to ever get back together. If you want to use some powerful love magic, such as voodoo magic, which turns people into slaves, remember that Libra likes freedom and slavery is unbearable to them. If you enslave a Libra person with voodoo magic, he or she will start withering immediately. Besides, Higher Powers aware of the mission of the people born under the Libra sign, will interfere, too. They will not only break the spell but also punish you. Everyone breaking the laws of the Universe should be punished.

As with other zodiac signs, to get good results with powerful love magic, let a professional magic practitioner perform the ritual.

Libra people rarely practice magiс but it is not because they do not have any magical abilities. They value freedom, so they think it is wrong to force people to fall in love. Nevertheless, this does not stop them from buying various amulets to enhance certain personal qualities. By becoming a better person, Libra improves their karma, which makes their life happier and more exciting.


It is quite simple with Scorpio. It is easy to influence Scorpio with powerful love spells and Scorpio is pretty good at casting such spells. Still, there is something you should know before you put a love spell on a Scorpio.

A lot of people born under the sign of Scorpio consider themselves skilled sorcerers or witches who can master any branch of magic in no time, and they are right. However, they are still not professional magic practitioners in the true sense of the word. Yes, they can cast spells, but they cannot protect themselves. Secondly, many of them engage black forces.

When you put a white magic love spell on a Scorpio, they respond happily because they need the spell’s light energy. But if you use black magic and perform a black magic ritual, you enhance all the bad things in the Scorpio. Even though you do not turn this person into a monster or a maniac, your relationship is initially based on negativity. You will be together, but you will fight all the time and be jealous of each other. As a result, your relationship will never make you happy.

If you like this kind of life, go ahead and cast some black magic powerful love spells on your Scorpio. If this kind of relationship is not for you, order powerful love magic services from a professional spellcaster. It will decrease black energy levels in your partner’s subtle bodies and help you avoid a lot of problems in the future.


Before I move forward and continue telling you about powerful love magic and different zodiac signs, I would like to make it clear that there are no good or bad astrological signs. There are no 100% good or bad people. When I say some unpleasant things about some people, I am not trying to offend anyone. I just want you to understand the consequences of putting love spells on such people. Besides, I would like to remind you that working with me will allow you to avoid all negative consequences.

Also, I would like to point out that many love spells fail not because they were cast on a zodiac sign immune to love magic. There is such important thing as astrological compatibility which also has to be taken into account when a love spell is ordered. The better compatibility the customer and the target have, the more effective the love spell will be, and vice versa. To find out about your compatibility, check out the video below:

To be continued…

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