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Magic lessons: Choosing the best magic spells

Homepage Practical magic Magic lessons: Choosing the best magic spells
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1. While browsing the Internet looking for the best spells, pay attention to not how popular the spells are but to the website. In my experience, the quality of a website largely determines the effectiveness of the spells it offers, and the word “the best” can used not because the author offer you some effective magic spells but to attract your attention.

Best magic spell skull2. I, spellcaster Maxim, am going to tell you another secret – you can barely find the best magic spells on the Internet. As a rule, powerful spellcasters do not post information about the best spells on their websites because they do not want competition and, at the same time, they do not want amateurs to cast one of their best magic spells and hurt themselves. If you are looking for the best spells, use books. I am not talking about regular bookstores. I am talking about stores specializing in esoteric literature. Before you buy a book, ask the seller about the author to find out whether it was written by a professional spellcaster or a beginning one.

Ask your teacher, if you have one, about the best spells

3.I strongly advise you to find a teacher if you are interested in practical magic. Your teacher will help you develop your magic abilities and will always be able to offer you a spell which you could cast safely.

4. While choosing the best spells, pay attention to those which are close to your culture and mentality. If you are a Muslim, stick to Muslim rituals; if you are a Christian, consider traditional magic disciplines; if you are an atheist, use shaman magic.

5. Pay attention to the signs. Often, the best spell for you is the one you find first, while the rest will bring poor results. Also remember that you never know what is sending you the signs: your guardian angel that loves and takes care of you, or a demon which goal is to ruin your life.

6. Pay attention to your feelings. If you feel fear while reading the description of a spell, if you are depressed or want to stop reading, follow your inner voice. Signs warning you about possible danger include:

  • Nausea and dizziness;
  • Loss of orientation and voice;
  • Having several mental flows simultaneously;
  • Scary visions;
  • Excessive sweat, stomachache, changed complexion (pale skin or blemishes);
  • Hiccup, pain (including sharp pain and burning pain).

The best magic spells cannot be bought

Best magic spell candle7. In magic, real spellcasters have to share their knowledge for free and only with certain people. According to one of the most important laws of magic, a spellcaster can gain new knowledge only after sharing some of the previously gained knowledge with others. Sharing for free. So do not believe liars promising to teach you to cast the best magic spells for money. They are not real spellcasters and their best magic spells are useless.

It should be noted, however, that this does not apply to magic help. Spellcasters not only can but have to help people for money to compensate for their energies which they have used to cast their spells and perform their rituals. If a spellcaster casts his best spells for free, he has to get something in exchange, such as a slice of bread, glass of milk, souvenir, even a flower or stone… anything!

Remember that the best magic spells are very difficult to cast

8. So do not try to cast the best spells, unless you are a professional spellcaster. Instead, choose spells which can be easily cast even by an amateur, provided you have consulted a professional spellcaster who said he could not help you.

My readers know that I strongly advise people to not try to cast any spells if they have no special knowledge and skills. Let professionals take care of it. If you are not ready to entrust a professional spellcaster with your life, stay away from magic and magic rituals.

9. Do not use the best spell if several spellcasters are required to cast it. You can never know the true powers of the people who will be helping you cast your spell, as well as their motives and intentions.

10. You should know not only how to cast a spell but also how to eliminate the negative consequences which may ensue after you break even one of the rules specified in this article. I advise you to study my website carefully because it has all the information needed to learn how to do magic safely. Otherwise, you, instead of looking for some knowledge, will find yourself looking for salvation, protection and healing, and will be hoping that I, spellcaster maxim, will remove the curses you have on you.

11. Learn how to tell fortunes before you try to use magic. The best fortune-telling method is the Tarot. These cards can help you understand which forces stand behind the spell you are going to case, what results it will bring, how it will influence your karma, and many other things.

Never try to find the best magic spells on forums

12. Real spellcasters never reveal their secrets on forums. They have their own websites or blogs where they post any information they want. This is why my clients tend to avoid online forums, reviews and social networking systems. By the way, the fact that a spellcaster talks to his clients through a social networking system indicates that the spellcaster is low-skilled and lacks experience, unless his account is just one tiny part of his website. 

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