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PAGAN spells – Forgotten, Yet Very Powerful Magic

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I’ve read a lot of your articles about Pagan spells

In one of them you said a Pagan love spell is one of the strongest love spells in magic. However, the fact that the egregors helping to cast Pagan love spells don’t have that many followers among spellcasters means they don’t have enough energy that would make them really powerful. Am I right?

Pagan spells ritualSpellcaster Maxim replies:  You speak like someone familiar with magic but who does not know how real Pagan spells work. Speaking of egregors, Pagan egregors are extremely powerful. Unlike the majority of modern egregors, Pagan egregors are the spirits of nature and the elements in the first place, so they get their energy not only from spellcasters but also from nature – woods, mountains, seas, land, etc. Therefore, a spellcaster who makes contact with these egregors to cast a Pagan love spell has a good chance of success.


Are there some special requirements when Pagan love spells are cast?

For example, I’m Christian. Should I leave my religion to ensure that my Pagan spells take effect?

Spellcaster Maxim replies:  No, you do not need to do anything like that. When you are admitted to a hospital, you do not leave your religion and do not convert to something else, do you? The doctor does not ask you about your religion and values. Magic is like medicine in many ways. It does not matter for magic if you are Pagan or not. If you want your Pagan love spell to take effect, make sure it is cast by an experienced spellcaster. Your spellcaster’s expertise and skills are the key to a successful spell.

There are some other requirements though. For example, Pagan love spells should be cast by a spellcaster speaking one of the ancient languages Pagan egregors are used to. Also, appropriate magic accessories are needed. For example, to make contact with the Scandinavian gods, you need runes, while to talk to pre-Columbian Latin American gods, you need a quipu.

Question: I want to learn how to cast Pagan spells, but I don’t speak any of the ancient languages. Can I use spells translated into English? Or should I find and use spells in their original language?

Spellcaster Maxim replies:  It depends on who translated the spell – an amateur or a professional spellcaster. An experienced spellcaster can translate an ancient Pagan love spell so that the spell remains as effective, while a linguist or someone who just likes ancient culture cannot.

Never cast Pagan love spells in the language you do not speak and do not understand. First and foremost, you cannot know for sure what exactly you will say to Higher Powers. For example, you may ask them for help or just as well ask them to put a curse on someone close to you or agree to serve evil. Secondly, you are sure to make a lot of mistakes because of your poor reading skills and pronunciation.  As a result, you may change the meaning of your Pagan spells and get a totally unexpected result.

Question: The woman I love and want to cast a Pagan love spell on is Catholic and goes to church regularly.

Will Pagan magic be able to influence her? 

Won’t her Catholic egregor protect her from my Pagan love spells? 

Spellcaster Maxim replies: It depends on the following three things:  

How strong your feelings are – rest assured that if you are in love with this woman, the egregors she is praying to and seeking protection from will not interfere and, more importantly, may even try to help you.

The spellcaster’s experience and power – if you are lucky to find a very powerful spellcaster, he will be able to influence your woman exactly as you want. I cannot tell you what exactly he will do to influence her because this information cannot be disclosed to the uninitiated.

How happy your future life together will be – if being together will make you unhappy, the ritual may fail to take effect. And vice versa.


Is it true that Pagan magic is more effective for people living in the country?

Casting pagan spellsSpellcaster Maxim replies:  There is some truth to it. Thus, it is easier for people close to nature to make contact with Pagan spirits and egregors feeding on the energy of nature. However (I will repeat it as many times as I have to), the result of your Pagan spell largely depends on the power of your spellcaster.

Question: I’m sure I was a Pagan shaman in my past life. How can I prove or disprove my assumption? What should I do if I’m right?

Spellcaster Maxim replies:  A lot of people ask me this question and my reply is always as follows: even if you were a spellcaster or a shaman in your past life but have no magical powers in this life, do not try to activate them artificially. Every person has their karma. Some people’s karma allows them to practice magic and even encourages it because otherwise they will not be able to pass certain tests and exams. For others, practicing magic is strictly prohibited and nothing can be done about it.

Find out what your karma is. To that end, ask a professional astrologist to draw your personal astrological chart. In this chart you will find answers to all your questions about your past and current lives. The truth is magic is allowed for those who actually need it. If you do not have any magical abilities yet, just accept your life the way it is.


My grandmother, a native American, used to cast Pagan spells

She died leaving no notes and never passing her gift onto anyone. When I pick up her magical accessories, I feel like I can perform Pagan rituals, too. Moreover, I feel like I know what to do and what to say, even though I’ve never studied magic.

Spellcaster Maxim replies:  Probably, you are the one your grandmother passed her magical abilities onto without telling you about it. I suggest that you consult someone specializing in magic, preferably the same branch of magic your grandmother practiced. If it turns out I am right, this person will help you discover and develop your abilities. If it turns out you do not have a gift, then you have a good imagination.


Can I ask you to cast a Pagan love spell?

What should I do for that?

Spellcaster Maxim replies:  Yes, you can, because I cast Pagan love spells professionally. Such spells are ordered like any other spell. For more information please see the appropriate section of my website. 

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