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I’ve found a ritual that I want to perform but it’s stated in the description that it requires real spells and potions. Yet, it says nothing about how to make a real potion. I just know how it’s called. 

Can I perform this ritual without using love spells potions?

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Real spells and candlesInexperienced spellcasters should not use rituals requiring magical spells and potions at all. It is very difficult to make a potion because their ingredients are not sold in supermarkets and drugstores. They need to be picked on special days or grown in locations near the places of power. So let professionals take care of love potions and spells.

If you need to perform a ritual requiring real spells and potions, do not try to perform it without the potion. If you cannot make the potion, choose a ritual which can be performed without the use of a potion. Otherwise, you will fail to meet the terms ensuring the effectiveness of magic, and your ritual will fail to influence the people the way you expect it to.


I’ve been practicing magic for a while and in my experience real spells and potions area used together. The other day I found a recipe which says I only need the potion and no ritual needs to be performed. This potion is rather difficult to make. However, if I pour it over my beloved’s threshold, he will fall in love with me the same moment. Do you think this recipe is accurate?

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Magic does not always require a combination of real spells and potions

Some rituals do require potions which are later used to influence people. You must not modify rituals as you like even if you are an experienced spellcaster. A ritual can help you achieve your goals only if you perform it exactly as required. If you cannot perform your rituals properly, choose another one, the one that you can.


I am a victim of real spells and potions

My ex-girlfriend would add love spells potions into my food forcing me to be attracted to her. I traveled to India a while ago and one of the local shamans said that I had a love spell on me. He put me into a trance and broke the spell. When I returned home, I realized I didn’t love that woman. It’s like I’d come out of hypnosis.

We broke up. It’s been a few months but I miss her. I keep thinking about her and I see her in my dreams. I’m going crazy! What should I do? Are there any magical spells and potions which could help me fall in love with her again and stop this nightmare?

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Real spells and potionsLove potions and spells can be used to change the behavior of others and your own behavior. If you want to use real spells and potions to help yourself fall in love with someone, it is possible so go ahead.

However, I suggest you take your time and think twice before using any magical spells and potions. Your feelings and anxiety may be caused by the fact that your ex-girlfriend, for fear of losing you, has started using love spells potions again. She wants to get you back and uses magic for it. I assure you that you do not love her. She is trying to enslave your mind to make you enter into a relationship that is against your karma.

My advice is: order one of my protection rituals to protect yourself from love potions and spells. This will give you the sensation of absolute mental and emotional freedom. When your heart is freed from real spells and potions, you will be able to listen to it and finally hear it. This will help you understand whether or not you love that woman, if you were happy with her, and if she is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.


I bought a beauty potion at one of the Wiccan websites offering magical spells and potions. I’ve drunk it but I can’t say I see any changes. However, I’ve had this feeling of being haunted by some shadow ever since. This feeling is so clear but I’m afraid I might be going crazy. Could you tell me what’s going on with me?

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

This is more proof that Wiccan love spells potions cannot be trusted

I keep warning my readers how dangerous Wicca is and now you’ve seen it for yourself. Do you want to know what is going on with you? The love potions and spells you used caused damage to your energy shell which attracted some entity. This entity will keep following you until you get rid of it. To get rid of it, have a professional spellcaster use special magical spells and potions to drive the entity away.

To be honest, you are very lucky. Your well-developed third eye has allowed you to see that “shadow.” Most people cannot see such things which is why they remain unaware of the terrible consequences of using love spells potions. When they do become aware, it is usually too late.


I’m going to use love potions and spells. Could you make a love potion for me? How much will it cost?

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

I understand why you are asking me this but, unfortunately, no professional spellcaster can give you a price list with prices for all the magical spells and potions he offers. Price lists are offered by amateurs having no idea what an individual approach is or by inexperienced spellcasters performing low-quality rituals and bearing no responsibility for their clients’ safety. Sadly, there are too many of them on the Internet nowadays.

I cannot tell you how much your love spells potions will be exactly because I do not know yet what love spells and potions we are talking about, which ingredients and magic accessories will be needed, and how much energy it will take me to execute your order. As I have already said, prices for most love potions and spells depend on what and how much energy it will take the spellcaster to implement them. My prices vary. Thus, to reunite a couple is easier and cheaper than to unite two people hating each other or being protected by some spells.

I need to know which potion you need and I also need to know everything there is to know about your problem. That way, I will be able to tell you how much I will charge you. However, I know for sure that my services, magical spells and potions included, will cost you less than if you choose to do magic on your own.


My mom was a witch

I found a lot of love spells potions when she died

Can I use them? Can I continue my mother’s “craft” and become a witch, too? How can I become as powerful as she was?

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

To answer your question, I need to scan your subtle bodies. This will help me understand whether or not your mother has passed her abilities to you. As a rule, such supernatural powers are passed from mother to daughter. If you do not have your mother’s powers, we will need to find out why. Maybe, your mother knew your karma did not allow you to practice magic or believed your subtle bodies were not strong enough for it.

Anyway, to know for sure whether you should take on witchcraft or not, you need to have your subtle bodies and karma scanned.

Speaking of the love potions and spells that you inherited from your mother, I suggest you do not touch them. Moreover, you need to find a spellcaster and ask him to study them and help you dispose of them. Such artifacts may emit large amounts of negative energy and the consequences are unpredictable. Besides, it is always better to use your own magic accessories and potions rather than those belonging to someone else. That way, the odds are you will be able to influence people the way you want and achieve your goals. 

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