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Return lover spell, spell to attract a lover and other spells for lovers

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Today I offer you a test to help you understand if you know how to get your ex back with a return lover spell. This will help you expand your knowledge of magic to always choose the right spell to attract a lover. In addition, you will learn everything you need to know about spells for lovers.

I, spellcaster Maxim, will present a number of true and false statements offering you to decide whether they are true or false, and then compare your answers with mine. I assure you it is fun and you will enjoy it.

Statement: A return lover spell can be cast by anyone, provided the right spell is chosen from an esoteric book or website.

True or false?

Casting return lover spellThe right answer: It is false. Statistically, only 3 out of 100 spells cast by amateurs bring the desired results. This happens when spellcasters have magic powers which they, as a rule, are not even aware of. The remaining 97 spells prove useless or lead to energy and karmic diseases which can only be cured by a professional spellcaster.

Statement: Professional spells to attract a lover should be cast by female spellcasters because female spellcasters are better at love magic than male spellcasters.

True or false?

The right answer: The statement is false. There are a lot of false statements about women (they are better obstetricians, teachers and cooks). Believe me, I am not a sexist and I assure you that it does not matter whether spells for lovers are cast by male or female spellcaster. The efficiency of a return lover spell largely depends on the spellcaster’s knowledge and skills.

Statement: One spell to attract a lover is enough to make the object of the love spell fall in love with you.

True or false?

The right answer: Amazingly, but this statement is neither true nor false. There is no definite answer to this question because each person is unique. Magic is all about nuances: the age of the parties involved in the ritual, how strong the client’s feelings are, whether or not the client has been faithful to the object of the love spell, whether the client used the services of another spellcaster, whether the object of the love spell has been under the influence of magic. There are over a thousand of factors determining the efficiency of spells for lovers and all of them need to be taken into consideration.

Hence my answer: one spell to attract a lover is enough for some clients, while a number of rituals are needed for others and the process may last for a few weeks or even months.

Statement: There are no spells for lovers which effect lasts forever.

True or false?

The right answer: You are right, the effect of magic cannot last forever. You cannot cast a return lover spell and know for sure that your beloved will stay with you forever. Similarly, no spell to attract a lover can guarantee that the lover will want to spend his or her whole life with you.

There are many factors determining for how long the effect of return lover spells or spells to attract a lover will last. First and foremost, it is the experience and skills of the spellcaster and his ability to perform the ritual correctly. It is vital that the spellcaster uses the right magic accessories, accumulates enough energy and chooses the right day to perform his ritual. If the spellcaster makes any mistake, the efficiency of the spell will drop greatly or, possibly, the spell will produce no effect at all. 

Return lover spell candles

Luckily, you can contact me, spellcaster Maxim, and rest assured that your love spell will bring the desired results. I may fail too to keep a couple together and it has nothing to do with the efficiency of my spells. This happens when two people do not follow the simple rules ensuring that the effect of magic lasts for as long as possible.

Statement: If you know how to behave around the object of your love spell and make no mistakes, even weak spells for lovers, including return lover spells and spells to attract a lover, will bring great results and their effect will last long.

True or false?

The right answer: You are absolutely right. Our actions are critical for the influence a love spell has on a person. I always instruct my clients what to do to maximize the effect of a love spell. Since you are not one of my clients and you have not called or emailed me yet, I will tell you about it in this article.

To ensure that the effect of spells for lovers lasts for as long as possible, the following rules have to be observed:

  • You should love the object of your love spell;
  • You should respect and never humiliate the object of your love spell;
  • You should always show your love with your energies, thoughts and actions;
  • You should care about the object of your love spell and try to make him or her happy and make your love stronger;
  • You should guarantee that your relationship has a future. As you know, even a loving woman may leave her boyfriend if she knows he will never marry her.

There are more instructions to be followed but they are given individually meaning you need to contact me to receive them.

Statement: You, spellcaster Maxim, can perform any ritual but cannot guarantee that your clients get exactly what they want.

True or false?

The right answer: Unlike many sorcerers and witches offering their services in their magic salons or online, I always guarantee that my clients get exactly what they want. As you have already understood, it is often not my fault that my spells for lovers do not work. Thus, I cannot guarantee that your wish will be fulfilled if you do not follow all of the above instructions.

If you follow my instructions carefully, the spell will bring the desired results and have a long-lasting effect.

Statement: Once any of the spells for lovers is cast, it cannot be removed.

True or false?

The right answer: It is not true. Any ritual you order from me has an embedded program to bring things back to the way they were, stop the effect of the spell or break it.

Here is an example for you to understand why it is important. You want to date a coworker but you do not want a serious relationship and understand that you will break up with him sooner or later which may cause a conflict leading to problems at work. If you order a ritual from me, you can rest assured that when you get tired of dating this man, I will ensure that you will stay friends after you break up and this relationship will not affect your future, more serious relationships. 

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