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Spells to get your ex back depending on how you broke up

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“Are the specifics of a break up impact the procedure for casting spells to get your ex back? Or are all get your ex back spells cast according to the same procedure regardless of the circumstances?”

Naturally, the way you broke up impacts the procedure for casting a spell to get your ex back. By “procedure” I mean the process of selecting the right rituals. Yes, it is not a typo. Getting one’s ex back is harder than you think and one spell is usually not enough.

Casting spells to get your ex backI have told you about it already, have I not? If you have missed this article for some reason, I can repeat it. Normally, several different but pursuing the same goal rituals are needed to:

  • Make your ex forgive you;
  • Make your ex fall out of love with whoever he or she is currently dating;
  • Make your ex dream of you;
  • Make your ex want to come back to you;
  • Make your ex love you again and be blind to everything which used to irritate him or her in you in the past.

Those are all individual rituals which, when performed one after another, result in what can be described as spells to get ex back.

“My ex is a good and patient man. He’s not who I’m worried about. I’m not worried that right now he may be falling in love with another woman, either. We have common friends and they’ve told me he’s single. I’m worried about myself, my behavior. My bad temper is why we broke up in the first place. I’m afraid my behavior can break no matter which of the love spells to get an ex back you cast.”

Being honest with yourself about yourself and the reasons of your break up is the key to a future successful relationship. In addition, different people are to learn different life lessons. Let me congratulate you! You have learned yours. You know where you were wrong, so you want to change.

Changing one’s behavior is possible. No matter how you choose to achieve this goal, it will happen not sooner than in 7 years. I know it is a long time and you will not agree to want. Therefore, I would like to offer you the following solution regarding casting spells to get your ex back:

1. We block part of the energies of your ex to prevent him from falling in love with another woman.

2. We change your behavior by working with each of your chakras.

3. You practice living according to the new behavior models.

4. We reactivate the energies of your ex and direct them at you.

5. I cast a get your ex back spell and you get back together.

“My life is like a table tennis of magic. A friend of mine broke up a couple using magic and then put a love spell on the man. Then I fell in love with him, broke them up, and put a love spell on him. My friend broke us up and got him back. Now I’d like to do the same, which is why I want you to cast a spell to get your ex back for me. I know you require that your customers are honest, that’s why I’m telling you all this. However, I’m afraid you might refuse to cast your spells to get ex back, given the circumstances.”

No, I will not. However, I will not cast love spells to get an ex back because that is not what you need. To begin with, I will make your friend fall out of love with that man you have been fighting for. If you want to improve your karma, I can ensure that she meets someone else and falls in love with him. Then I will influence your beloved’s energies to ensure you are the only one he loves and finds sexy. After you reunite, I will cast special protection spells to protect you against further magic attacks.

In addition, I will need to heal the man’s energy as multiple spells put people over a short period of time tend to destroy them.

Spell ritual to get your ex back“Is it possible to put spells to get your ex back on a woman I dated about 30 years ago? We went to college together. I’ve been thinking about her ever since. We’ve met only a couple of times over these past 30 years but every time it feels like we’ve been together this whole time. She was married twice. I was married, too. We have grown children and I even have a granddaughter. Isn’t it the best time to be with my college love and be happy?”

With the right spell to get your ex back, you can get back any person you dated, no matter how long it has been since you broke up. The circumstances are indeed virtually perfect for you to be together because you are single and your children are grown and independent people. You are completely free and have every right to enjoy the relationship created with my love spells to get an ex back.

“My ex-girlfriend does magic. I wouldn’t describe her as a powerful witch but she’s obsessed with various occult forums where she meets different people, including actually powerful spellcasters. She keeps calling me and sets up ‘accidental’ meetings with me. I know she wants me back, so I’m afraid she may use some spells to get your ex back against me or ask some witch to perform the rituals. How can I protect myself?”

There are various powerful charms neutralizing spells to get ex back. If such a charm is not available at the moment, I can make one for you. In the meantime, I can put a spell on you to protect you against such thing as a get your ex back spell. Alternatively, I can cast a spell to make her fall out of love with you and lose interest in you. She will forget you and stop stalking you.

“I’d like to postpone with a spell to get your ex back because I think I have a chance to find someone better. Since I can fail at that, I’d like to make my ex my back burner. I want him to stay single for two years, so I could put love spells to get an ex back any time I want and succeed.”

With magic, everything is possible. However, it does not mean ethical and karmic norms do not exist. Your ex is not a puppet or a picture drawn on paper. He is a human being who needs to live his own life (according to Higher Powers, too). Therefore, be careful with any spells you cast. If Higher Powers disapprove of your actions, you will regret it.

Speaking of your situation, I would like to offer you to begin with simple fortune-telling. Let me do it for you and you will learn:

  • If you will find the one you are looking for (a better partner);
  • If there is any point in keeping your ex single to later put a love spell on him;
  • If your spells to get your ex back will affect the man’s fate;
  • If your actions will damage your fate and you will end up being married to the wrong man.

After having your fortune told, you will know for sure whether or not you are going to need your ex later. So why not start with it? Then we will proceed based on the results.

“How much do you charge for casting a get your ex back spell?”

Spells to get ex back are no more expensive than any other spells offered by me. My spells are reasonably priced and affordable. However, these are not fix prices. To find out how my prices are calculated, find the appropriate article on my website and calculate an approximate price of your love spell depending on your situation.

“Could you refer me to a spellcaster or a witch who would agree to cast love spells to get an ex back for same-sex couples?”

Finding such a magic practitioner is quite difficult because they are rare. Luckily, I am one of them. I work with homosexual couples too, providing a wide range of services, including spells to get your ex back.

“Will the get your ex back spell be broken if the target finds out about it?”

Maybe not, but the spell will not be as powerful. It means that if you want to use a spell to get your ex back, make sure no one will find out about it. There should be only two people who know about it: you, the customer ordering one of my love spells to get an ex back, and I, the one casting your spells to get ex back. When a third party finds out about a love spell, even the most powerful spells to get your ex back become pretty much useless.

“What time of the year is the best for casting a get your ex back spell?”

True spellcasters never associate the spell to get your ex back with seasons. They associate it with the lunar cycle. Therefore, it is often impossible for the spellcaster to cast spells to get ex back right away and the customer has to wait. At the same time, the waiting period for casting love spells to get an ex back rarely exceeds one month. Note that some more time is needed for the spell to take full effect. However, that way your spell will give you exactly what you want. 

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