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TEST: Do you need magic protection? Are you protected against black magic?

Homepage Practical magic TEST: Do you need magic protection? Are you protected against black magic?
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This test requires only yes or no questions.

When you answer all questions, sum up all your yes answers and see if your magic protection is strong enough

1. Do you have panic attacks? Does any of your family members have panic attacks?

2. Sometimes you feel scared for no reason. You have forebodings of ill you can feel with your stomach.

Magic protection candles3. You have seen pieces of your future (or the future of your family members) and it is scary.

4. You often think about your or other people’s death. You often imagine yourself attending someone’s funeral even though you try not to.

5. The idea or one of your family members dying horrifies you.

6. You do not like the dark and prefer to have the lights on. You are afraid of going out at night alone.

7. You have never been interested in magic and do not know what magic protection is. However, something draws you to it because you know subconsciously it will solve your problems.

8. Or vice versa, you have done fortune-telling or performed rituals which you regret now. Understanding the “severity of your sins”, you think you deserve to be punished.

9. Sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night feeling fresh and well-rested, but in the morning you feel muzzy again.

10. You feel tired all the time. Sometimes you wake up so exhausted as if you have not been sleeping for several days. You look tired, too.

11. Your friends have never used magic protection, either. Your friends are not happy or successful people.

12. You found this website when you were trying to find information about magic protection (or curse/hex protection).

13. Sometimes you cannot help thinking the people around you are not the ones they are pretending to be. They do not say what they think. The world seems not real to you.

14. You do not control your life. You are not its director but are just an onlooker who cannot change anything.

15. Your attempts to improve your life only make it worse.

16. Stop and listen. Do you feel someone’s presence near you?

17. Even if you have no such feeling, you still do not like being alone.

18. Are you easy to scare? Loud noise, sudden phone calls, and even some creaking noise coming from an empty room make your heart pound.

19. You would use magic protection to overcome your fears and anxiety if you could.

20. There is a history of mental disorders and suicidal attempts in your family.

21. You enjoy reading scary news. You are drawn to the stories about crimes, accidents, natural disasters, and serial killers. 

22. Your family members tend to die of diseases at a young age. You cannot help thinking about some curse put on your family.

23. You enjoy watching horror movies even though they scary you. Also, you like freighting other people by telling them horror stories.

Magic protection ritual24. Your weight has changed recently. You have lost or gained a lot of weight for no apparent reason.

25. You have been having some health problems lately, developing some chronic diseases or immune system disorders.

26. You have aged and no longer look attractive. The opposite sex does not find you sexy anymore.

27. When you think about magic protection, something is trying to convince you that you do not need it. Something wants you to keep suffering.

28. You have nightmares often or you wake up because of some noises.

29. Your bed is a mess when you wake up in the morning.

30. You moan or gnash your teeth in your sleep.

31. You panic when you see religious symbols. Religious music and prayers make you mad.

32. You have a smoking or drinking problem. You take drugs and other stimulants.

33. Your sex life has not been great lately, either.

34. Sometimes you want to change your life completely.

35. You hate your job.

36. You were happy in the past and seriously doubt you will experience happiness in the future.

37. You remember the day things changed in your life.

38. Sometimes you are afraid you may lose control of yourself and do something horrible.

39. At the same time, something is telling you that there is a way out and it is close, but you just have not figured out yet what it is.

40. You would be happy if you could start over and fulfill your long forgotten dreams.

0 to 10 – The odds (90% chance) are you are under the influence of black magic, such as a curse, and have an evil entity living in your subtle bodies. You need urgent professional esoteric help. Hurry up or it will be too late to use magic protection.

10 to 20 – Your energy levels have hit rock bottom and you are about to have a nervous breakdown. You are still fighting but you cannot win. You need a magic protection talisman made by a powerful spellcaster to protect you and your family.

20 to 30 – Your life is like a zebra – you have winning (white) and losing (black) streaks. It means you are strong enough to throw negative energies off of yourself once in a while. However, they penetrate your subtle bodies again and you have to start over. Your life is a continuous struggle. As a result, you have not achieved even half of what you could have.

30 to 40 – You are lucky to be strong enough to protect yourself against black magic without having to use magic protection. Nevertheless, use magic protection just to be on the safe side. A high quality protection talisman will enable you to direct the energy you use to protect yourself and your family at something else. 

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