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TEST – Do you think you have a good amulet? Is it as good as you think?

Homepage Practical magic TEST – Do you think you have a good amulet? Is it as good as you think?
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I hope you understand that this test is designed for people using amulets. With this test, you can find out if you have a good amulet (a powerful charm or a good luck or money talisman).

1. You have had your amulet for more than a year.

2. You inherited it or received it as a gift.

Good magic amulet3. You bought it while on vacation – from some seller who managed to convince you all his amulets were good amulets.

4. You think a good amulet is one made of expensive materials which name is associated with power and strength.

5. You have not touched your amulet for more than 3 months.

6. You keep it together with other things you do not use but do not want to throw away.

7. Your amulet has been touched by your friends. You have discussed your amulet and its magical properties with them.

8. You bought your good amulet for fun. You have never believed in its magical powers.

9. If you need a new amulet, you will buy it in some online store offering some supposedly good amulets.

10. While choosing your amulets, you pay attention to their description, appearance and price. You believe a good amulet can be cheap.

11. If you google your amulet and click Pictures, you will find your amulet on the first or the second page (please try it and see).

12. Your amulet has lost its color and shine. It may have become darker, too.

13. You broke your amulet once and had to fix it.

14. Its chain (if any) broke one day but you believe it does not matter. The amulet is okay even without it.

15. You do not have a mental connection with your amulet.

16. You do not think it can hear your words or read your mind.

17. You would feel embarrassed if you had to tell anyone about your good amulet and the fact that you believed in magic.

18. You were not looking for good amulets when you bought yours. You picked a random thing and called it an amulet. Your yes answer should not be affected by the fact that you lost your amulet a long time ago or stopped wearing it.

19. Your amulet is kept without a cover and not inside some box. It is lying on some shelf like any other thing.

20. When you take it in your hand, you can feel how heavy or warm/cold it is.

21. Sometimes you have a headache or start feeling sleepy when you touch your amulet.  

22. Sometimes you have panic attacks or feel anxiety when you touch your amulet.

23. You believe buying your amulet and bringing it home was a sin or a mistake.

24. It is not common in your family to believe that magic can help anyone find love, get rich and lucky, etc.   

25. In your opinion, any object can have magical abilities which just need to be checked.

26. You know you have some magical abilities which you are too lazy or do not want to develop.

27. You have pictures posted in your social media accounts showing you wearing your amulet.

28. Sometimes you scold your amulet for not helping you.

29. You have dropped your amulet at least once.

30. Sometimes you keep looking for your amulet but cannot find it, but after a while it turns out it has been lying somewhere in plain sight all along. 

31. Your amulet helps you in many ways.

32. Soap, perfume, hand moisturizers cannot be an amulet (Yes, they cannot; No, they can).

33. Dried flowers make great amulets.

34. The best amulets are those containing the hair of one’s late relatives or their photos (taken when they were alive).

35. An amulet can be made from any item that belonged to a late person who loved you.

36. You believe your amulet protects not only you but also your family.

Good amulets for magic rituals

37. You will give your amulet to your children when the time comes.

38. You can let your friends use your amulet for a while if they are in trouble and need its help more than you do.

39. While wearing your amulet, you make sure it touches your skin. It is useless if kept in, for example, a wallet.

40. When it gets dirty, you wash it with some warm water or soapy water.

41. You cannot describe in detail how your amulet works. It works and it is all that matters.

42. You spend no more than 1.5 hours a week with your amulet.

43. You cannot say if what others are wearing is a talisman or an amulet (Yes, I cannot; No, I can).

44. Your amulet design is important to you. The fancier, the better.

45. You always prefer gemstone amulets made of gold or silver to all other amulets.

46. Your pain is gone when you press your amulet to where it hurts.

47. You are glad that you are taking this test because today or tomorrow you will ask your amulet for help.

48. The results of your test are not important to you.

49. If your amulets which you thought were good amulets prove to be useless. You will throw them away or keep them as souvenirs.

50. Answering the questions of this test has been fun. It has been no more than a game to you.

Now sum up all your yes answers and see how good your amulet is.

50 to 40 – What you have is not a good amulet. You broke it a long time ago and now it is useless. Do not trust this thing. Instead, buy a new, custom-made one from me to help you control and improve your life the way you want.

40 to 30 – Your amulet is about to expire. To keep it active, read my articles about how to store and use magic amulets. This will help you save your amulet. Or it is the time to cleanse it of all negative energy it accumulated over the last years, and to reset it.

30 to 20 – It is unclear yet if what you have will become one of the good amulets one day, or you will ruin it with your actions, turning it into a useless souvenir.

You have a good amulet

20 to 10 – You have a good amulet and you know how to use and store it. However, you do not trust it and thus lose your chance to achieve success in various spheres of your life. Believe in it now and attract even more joy and good luck into your life.

10 to 0 – You are the master of amulets and your good amulets are so powerful that they can fulfill your wishes. To increase the inflow of positive energies into your life and make it a dream life, buy some more amulets.

As you know, the best good amulets are ones manufactured and sold by me.

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