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The effective obsession spell – Its advantages and disadvantages that you should know of

Homepage Practical magic The effective obsession spell – Its advantages and disadvantages that you should know of
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How the effective obsession spell works

I, spellcaster Maxim, have already written an article about how love spells cause obsession

I suggest that you read this article to find out about the dangers associated with love spells and obsession love spells which are black magic. Read it to find out if your chosen method of practicing magic or the sorcerer you are going to work with threatens your future happiness.

Effective obsession spellOur today’s topic is going to be less scary because we are going to talk about the advantages of the obsession spell and how can an obsession spell make you happy.

1. Such spells are good for affectionate and somewhat needy people who can never get enough of their partner. Thanks to obsession spells powerful bonding occurs between the partners, and the people cannot live without each other.

2. Such spells are great for people who want a partner who will mean and replace the world to them. With this kind of magic, you get not just a lover but a friend, too. To make such spells work, you need to do your best to be a great lover and a friend as well, for you get exactly what you give.

3. Spells for obsession are great for jealous people. They are so strong that the target will never cheat on you, so there will be no reason for you to be jealous at all.

4. This kind of magic is very difficult to break, so it lasts much longer than other love spells.

5. You have a chance to keep your karma pure even after the darkest of the rituals, such as a powerful voodoo obsession spell. This will happen if you make the target happy. To be happy, your partner needs to feel loved and cared for.

6. It is quite difficult to identify this kind of magic, because such spells make people feel love, even though they are called “obsession love spells”. The more difficult it is to identify a spell, the better the chances that the target will never seek for help.

7. Such spells tend to accelerate events. Thus, obsession spell casting makes the target want to:

- Move in together and live with you;

- Marry you;

- End his previous relationship;

- File for a divorce if he is married;

- Start a family;

- Create a shared budget;

- Help you find a job;

- Invite you to his business.

The target will want to do it for you and will enjoy doing it, because the happier he makes you feel the happier he feels – that is what people feel while under the influence of obsession spells that work. Such relationships have a lot of advantages, while their disadvantages can be avoided if you know what to do.

Symptoms of a powerful obsession spell

Powerful obsession spellHowever, obsession spell while magic can still be dangerous for the people the spell is put on, so I, spellcaster Maxim, want to teach you how to check yourself for this kind of magic. To this end you will only need to watch your behavior and use such things as:

- A silver ring;

- A needle;

- A raw chicken egg.

A needle is needed to perform the following ritual. Thread the needle and tie a knot. Draw a circle on a sheet of paper dividing it into two halves. Write down YES on one half and NO on the other half. Then put your right elbow on the table and hold the needle by the thread using your thumb and your index finger so the needle becomes a sort of a pendulum.

Do not move your hand. Do not shake the needle. Do not breathe or blow at the needle. Just relax, clear your mind of all negative thoughts, and ask the following question aloud, “Do I have one of the strong obsession spells on me?” Surprisingly, the needle will start swinging without you doing anything. It will move to one of the sides – Yes or No – answering your question.

In the same way you can find out who has put that love spell on you if you put pictures of your suspects in a circle. Sometimes it is enough to break the spell, especially if it is was put by an amateurish magic practitioner.

The rituals with the silver ring or the egg are even simpler. Put one egg under the bed before going to bed and crack it in the morning. If there are any unusual dots in the white or yolk, you probably have one of the spells of obsession on you. As for the silver ring ritual, put the ring under the matrass and do not take it out for one week. If you have any spells on you, especially black magic ones, the ring will darken. Otherwise, it will not change.

To check yourself for an obsession spell without using any magic rituals, check yourself for the following signs: you are crazy in love with someone, you do not need anything in the world but this person. When you are with this person, you:

- Forget about your plans and career;

- Forget about your friends;

- Forget about your relatives;

- Forget about your personal needs;

- Feel happy just by being next to your loved one;

- Forget about your hobbies;

- Do not want to work out;

- Are not interested in anything but your loved one;

- Dream of nothing but your loved one;

- Feel unhappy when you are apart.

Just remember that spells for obsession (the voodoo obsession spell in particular) are designed to bring together people who are not right for each other. In most cases lower status individuals put such spells on higher status people, for they understand it is the only way for them to be together. So take a good look at your partner. If you fell in love with this person very fast and you are obsessed with your partner, even though there are no obvious reasons for you to be in love, you are likely to have been put an obsession love spell on.

If you have one of the obsession spells that work on you, it will affect your sex. With such spells sex is okay, but there is nothing extraordinary about it. Sometimes it is even boring. The less pleasure you feel, the better the chances that you are under a love spell. However, it is not always the case because skilled spellcasters are able to make sure the partners experience no negative sex effects due to their love spells.

The obsession spell without ingredients – Answers to readers’ questions

Obsession spellcasterQuestion:

“Can I put an obsession spell without ingredients?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

If you are a beginner practicing magic at home, there is only one way how you can do it. This is possible through mental influence. While meditating, you create a mental program describing the behavior of your loved one, and then implement this program in the target’s brain. If your energies are strong, the results can be very good.


“How long does a powerful obsession spell work for?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

According to scientists, love lasts about 311 days. Yes, this is a weird number but it is what it is. In 311 days, love gets replaced with friendship, good communication, comfortable life, or sexual compatibility. Often with all of these things together. However, the love the way it was during the first few weeks since you started dating is gone for good. Magiс spells, especially those cast by powerful spellcasters like I am, keep love alive for a little longer. Yet do not expect it to last for more than 3-5 years, unless you order new powerful obsession spells and powerful love talismans on a regular basis.


“What will happen if I put an obsession spell on several women at once? Will I get to date all of them at the same time?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

You will, but only in your dreams. In reality, no. Love spells are effective only when there is just one target. If you try to put a love spell on several men or women at the same time, the power of the spell will be divided between all of them, so each one will end up with a very weak love spell on them. Besides, you may lose a lot of energy, and without energy you cannot cast love spells successfully. On top of that, energy losses lead to diseases which sometime cannot be cured during a lifetime.


“I cast a obsession spell on the man I loved and we got married. We’ve been together for more than four years now. We both want to have children. But since my love spell was black magic, I’m afraid our children might end up radiating black energy. Should I be concerned or not?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

You have a point. When you use black magic to get married, it can indeed affect your children who will be paying for your karmic crimes. They will not necessarily have some physical abnormalities though. They are more likely to keep “punishing” you throughout their life, for example, by running away from home, joining a gang, etc. So everybody who used black magic needs to be examined by a magic practitioner to find out what your future as a parent will be and, if needed, to use the right rituals to ensure that your children will be healthy and never disappoint you.


“Can obsession spells only be put on people you’ve never dated before? Can I use one to get my ex-wife back? I love her and I miss her very much.”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

Obsession spells, like many other love spells, can be put on any person, whether or not you have a history with this person. So it is perfectly fine to use this spell to get your ex-wife back. But before I need do anything to reunite two people, I study the reasons why they broke up in the first place. The problem is if you broke up once, the chances are you will break up again.


“I wanted to put an obsession spell on a guy but after the ritual realized it impacted me more than him. I’m crazy in love with him now, even though initially I wanted to be with him because of his money. As for him, his feelings for me haven’t changed. He didn’t love me before and he doesn’t now. What can I do?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

You need to have the spell broken as soon as possible and do not wait for it to go away on its own. The problem with spells cast by amateurs on themselves (even by accident) is that they can impact them forever. Since you used black magic, your spell can cause some mental disorders or suicidal behavior. To prevent it from happening, let me, spellcaster Maxim, remove your spell from you.


“Can you teach me how to cast a quick obsession spell?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

Okay, I will do it today. As usual, I will do it through a video. Watch it and come back to my website or go to my YouTube channel. The choice is yours.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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