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Top-notch gay love spells for men

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Introduction to gay love spells

If you try to find someone offering gay love spells for men, in a couple of hours you will realize that no one is doing this kind of magic. Most sorcerers claim same-sex love is unnatural citing different religions texts to prove their point that gay spells are non-existent. I disagree with it. Magic is strong enough to create same-sex love too, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with people falling in love with someone of the same sex.

Gay love spellThose thinking the opposite are usually ignorant, mean and silly people. About 10-15% of all people have a slightly different DNA, so being gay is not a disease or perversion. Gay men are born this way and they cannot be changed. It has been proven that attempts to “treat” their “condition” lead to severe depressions and in some cases cause suicidal behavior.

I, spellcaster Maxim, always do my best to help people in any way I can. So once I realized that there are a lot of people who are left completely by themselves. They feel left out and are unable to take advantage of love magic for thinking gay magic is not real. In fact, very few magic practitioners know how to use this kind of magic and only the best of them are able to cast a gay spell.

I have already told you how to make gay love spells

But I still get hundreds of letters from men from all over the world asking me very similar or basically the same questions. Perhaps, my articles have not covered all of the questions gay men have, so I, spellcaster Maxim, decided to publish another article about men’s gay love spell so no questions are left. In this article I will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about gay love for every gay man to put their doubts aside and order gay spells magic.

I would like to begin with one interesting question which is usually asked by people who believe that gay love is unnatural so it needs some special kind of magic. Some believe in Wicca and others believe, after reading One Thousand and One Nights (the original, but not the adapted version) that only Islamic magic gay love spells may help them. There is a category of people who think nothing works but gay voodoo spells.

It is like coming to a car repair and asking to fix the electronics with a hammer or a screw driver. All spells are tools used by a magic practitioner. Different spells are used for different purposes. Besides, each spell has its own special and unique powers. Wiccan gay love spells are the least powerful while the most powerful are spells cast by professional and skilled magic practitioners. This is not a pun. It is an attempt to explain to you some of the principal laws of magic in just one sentence. My point is there are effective and ineffective spells. Besides, even an effective spell to attract gay love becomes ineffective if cast by an amateurish spellcaster.

When it comes to gay magic, the spell needs to be chosen by the spellcaster. Below you can find some of the most common gay love spells and their effects:

- Voodoo magic for gay love – Such gay love spells are put on men who find gay love unnatural and even repulsive;

- Islamic magic – Its love spells are put on gay men who fight their homosexuality and prefer to stay in the closet, have a traditional marriage and children;

- Celtic gay love spells – They are perfect when others disapprove of your homosexuality and do not support you;

- European magic – It offers fast love spells to have a short-term love affair with just a few romantic dates, or a long-term relationship;

- White gay love magic – It gives pure and sincere gay love;

- Black gay love magic – It literally forces people into falling in love with people of the same sex.

To find out more about it as well as why Wiccan gay love spells are ineffective, read more of my articles about gay love which are available on my website.

About magic practitioners casting gay crush spells

Gay love magic candlesAnother common question is whether or not a magic practitioner needs to be gay too to cast same-sex love spells successfully. In fact, if you manage to find a gay spellcaster, this will not be a mistake. At least you will be working with someone sharing your views and values and understanding what you are going through. However, being gay is not necessary when it comes to casting gay spells. When a gay love spell is cast, the magic practitioner uses mostly the energies of the client and the person the clients has feelings for, rather than his own energy. Such energies are usually mutually balancing – male and female – and rarely are only male or only female.

The energies of two gay people are very similar so sorcerers prefer to avoid the spell gay magic has to offer. They simply do not know how to cast such spells. When a love spell is put on a man and a woman, the magic practitioner works with two opposite energy systems which, despite being so different, are like two pieces of a puzzle. If the pieces do not fit together, the spellcaster makes some minor adjustments and they do.

When it comes to gay love magic, radical changes are needed because the spellcaster has to work with similar or the same energy systems which do not fit each other. To make two persons with the same or similar energy systems fall in love with each other, one of them needs to have their energy system changed so one partner radiates male energy and the other one does female energy. This will allow them to fall in love with each other and have a strong and lasting relationship.

Low-qualified magic practitioners use a different approach. They choose a partner who is going to dominate and the other one is left to be dominated. Then they change the sex chakras so the dominating partner plays the role of the man and the dominated one does that of the woman. The rest of the aspects of a relationship are disregarded by them. However, some sorcerers manage to unite people based on their intellectual compatibility. As a result, such people are attracted to each other because they like the same music and books, have the same views and values… In terms of the other aspects, such as:

- Respect;

- Sex;

- Support;

- Loyalty;

- Temperament;

- Strength and honesty;

They remain strangers to each other. The same happens when people are together because of sex and have nothing else in common. Eventually they split up because sex cannot keep people together for more than a few months (in rare cases a few years).

When clients come to me, spellcaster Maxim, and ask me for eternal love or love that lasts at least for a few decades, I cast a real gay love spell not in the way described above. I unite people impacting all their chakras. As a result, gay relationships created by me are very strong and lasting, with the partners enjoying every day of being together.

But even my superpowerful gay magic cannot work unless you put some effort too. You will need to do your best to keep it alive. The client is always responsible for the love spell cast by a magic practitioner. It is the client’s job to be patient, to love and take care of the partner. He should never forget that love, created with or without magic involved, is alive as long as you feed it with your energy. But do not worry that you will turn into a helpless energy donor feeding some hungry energy vampire who can never get enough of your energy. The energy you lose to keep the fire of your love burning will be replenished by your partner. He will love you and true love is an ongoing energy exchange process benefiting both the partners.

But since only people with healthy and strong energies can participate in energy exchange, I cannot help people with weak and sick energy. I reserve the right to refuse service to people suffering from serious diseases, including mental ones. It is very difficult for me to help gay people who take drugs, abuse alcohol or have episodes of binge eating.

I, spellcaster Maxim, always say that not all people can use white magic gay love rituals. In our world the majority of people radiate black energy, so they should stick to black magic for gay love. Keep reading this article and find out more details about this type of gay magic.

Which gay magic spells are better for you, white magic or black magic ones?

Gay love magic ritualA professional magic practitioner casting a white magic gay love spell that works is like a sculptor. He uses a shapeless stone to create a beautiful masterpiece offering a person to love it. This is not a random person. It is the one you pointed to while ordering a gay love spell. This masterpiece is so beautiful that it cannot be resisted. Moreover, to maximize the chances of love, the spellcaster using white magic makes the client’s energy perfect for the one he is in love with. At the same time, he adjusts the energy of the target to make it a perfect match for the client, too.

The results of such complex and time-consuming work are always highly appreciated by the client. Their love is so strong that the partners can spend the rest of their live together and be happy. But such feelings require light energy, so when people radiate black energy, white magic should not be used for their transformation.

If you radiate black energy and want to be loved for it, use black magic gay love spells. Just do not get me wrong. I am not judging anyone. Besides, sometimes this notion implies things essential for a person’s general survival, such as:

- Pride and strength;

- Healthy aggression and competitiveness;

- Courage and fearlessness;

- Healthy selfishness and complete sobriety;

- Many other things.

Dark energies are completely harmless to you if you can control them and do not hurt others. If you use your own darkness with the same level of caution as a magic practitioner while handling his magic tools, it is okay and you will not put yourself in danger. Moreover, without having some darkness in you, you will be unable to build a successful career or business and get rich. So it is not a good idea to try to eliminate all of it. Without your inner darkness, you will lose touch with the reality and end up being an outcast and a mediocre person with zero chance of success.

However, there is something you can do. Without changing yourself, you can order my gay love magic spell and let me fill your house with light and pure energy. I will let you keep your inner darkness, revealing and demonstrating it only when you go out.

Another reason to order a black magic love spell is when you want to put it on a person who is not gay and will never agree to be in a homosexual relationship. If that is the case, the spell needs to take his values and views under control on a global level. Instead of making this person feel love, the spell will make him addicted to you, like binge eaters are addicted to food or drug addicts are addicted to drugs.

There is another option though. After a special spell is cast, the gay client who is in love with a heterosexual man starts radiating strong female energies and the man falls in love with him as if he were a woman. If you are okay with it, go ahead and ask for such a relationship. Besides, such a spell for gay love may as well be white magic, because it is based mostly on love in the purest of its forms.

The third reason to use gay black magic is if you do not love the man and will never love him. You are attracted to him sexually or you love the fact that he is rich and powerful. In this case you radiate no love energy to feed white magic. However, you have enough of energy of selfishness, pure sexual energy or energy of thrift to activate black magic and keep it effective for a long time.

Another reason to use black magic to be with a gay person is when you want to get a person back by making him jealous. However, relationships based on jealousy are unstable and explosive. Peace can be expected only after a heated argument or fight. But some people truly enjoy this kind of relationship and they prefer it over the others, as they think it is boring if love is peaceful and quiet.

This is understandable. Different people need different things to be happy. I know it so I always offer simple day love spells to meet each client’s specific gay relationship needs. As you understand, I, spellcaster Maxim, am able to make a gay man or a heterosexual man fall in love with my gay client. Just note that the latter requires a very difficult spell which is very expensive. However, if that is what you really want, do not hesitate to order it and you will not regret it.

Another common question about gay relationships is about casting easy gay love spells at home. To answer it, I made a video telling about the methods to cast such spells. Watch it and do not forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and add my website as a bookmark. Even if you do not need my help today, it does not mean you will not need it tomorrow or in a few months or years.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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