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True love spell – How to cast a true love spell without using special ingredients

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A true love spell for those who love

True love is already magic. It transforms us allowing us to reach the highest possible levels. It changes the world around filling it with joy, light, and kindness. It changes the person we love too, as we share our energy with this person, whether we want it or not. When these energies are uncontrollable, this person is still elated, even though less than we are. But if we cast a simple true love spell, this person falls in love with us. It happens because our love gives us magic powers.

Let me digress a bit and tell you want happens when your love is unrequited or you are in love with someone who left you. In this case you become an energy donor. You give away your energy without getting anything in return.

True love spellWhen you find yourself in a situation like this, you get stuck as an energy donor which keeps you from enjoying your life to the fullest. At the same time you feed the one you love with your energy making this person feel and look younger, as well as improving your loved one’s health and mood. As a result, your loved one feels great. His work performance improves too. As for you, you feel worse day by day. Also you feel exhausted and depressed.

But that is not the scariest part. As you get more and more tired, the charge of your energy changes. Your feelings are still as strong but your love slowly turns into your suffering. Your energy gets dense, dark and painful. As a result, the one you love rejects it. You stop feeding him, but you are still not free. This is when dozens of consciousness parasites stick to you as they find the energy of your emotional pain over your unrequited love delicious.

For this reason I, spellcaster Maxim, always say that unrequited love is a dangerous thing. Do not underestimate it. In most cases it leads to a serious disease which can ultimately ruin your life. You will either become their victim forever and never be able to use your energy for your own good, or in order to get rid of the parasites, you will block your heart and never love again.

When you love someone but this person does not love you back, you should fix it as soon as possible using a true love spell that works. As for whether you should cast a love spell for yourself using, for example, one of the true love spells without ingredients, or buy a professional love spell from me, it is a separate issue. To find out what spells I am talking about, read this article about the true love spell.

Casting true love spells without ingredients

Speaking of casting love spells without ingredients, the first love spell that comes to my mind is a love spell cast without using a photograph. Before I tell you about it, let us remember what key love spell ingredients are.

  • 1. Photographs.
  • 2. Personal things.
  • 3. Hair, skin, nail clippings.
  • 4. Saliva, sperm, menstrual blood.
  • 5. Worn clothes.
  • 6. Magic candles.
  • 7. Knives, needles, scissors.
  • 8. Water.
  • 9. Food.
  • 10. Salt, sugar, spices, herbs.

Today I want to teach you how to cast love spells that work for real without using any of those ingredients. Before we start, let me remind you that such love spells can be cast only if you truly love the target. Otherwise, you need to consult a professional magic practitioner. If you do not have feelings for the person you want to put a love spell on, your spell will fail, no matter how powerful it is. This is just the way it is in our world.

Casting a true love spell that works

True love spells without ingredientsThe simplest love spell cast without using any ingredients is Pagan. If you are a religious person, do not worry. You will not have to convert to Paganism. To cast this spell, drive to the country, get out of the car, and walk a few kilometers not to walk as far as you can but to find a beautiful and secluded place. This place, as well as contemplating it, should open your heart.

Having touched the energy of the pure world, it will be filled with incredible power which should be transformed into a magic charge as soon as possible. To this end, sit in a comfortable position, press your palms together at the level of your chest, close your eyes, and think about the person you love. Now command him to love you. The more confident you are while doing it, the more effective your spell will be.

There is one more true love spell requiring no complex or expensive ingredients. In the evening, when you know for sure no one will bother you, turn the light on and sit in the corner of the room. Put a paper sheet and colored pencils in front of yourself. Draw yourself and your loved one standing next to you as good as you can. Draw yourself and your loved one the way you see your future – holding hands, hugging, kissing, making love. Your love spell largely depends on the drawing. To be more precise, the chakra of your loved one that you are going to influence largely depends on the drawing.

If you drawing shows you and your loved one making love, your relationship will be based mostly on sex. If you draw you and your loved one just standing together, you will have a romantic affair, while hugging allows one to expect a long-term relationship.

Draw a heart around your drawing. The heart should be closed. Write down your name and the name of your loved one inside the heart. Kiss the drawing three times, fold it two times and put it into your pocket.

Now start carrying the drawing with you wherever you go. Every time you remember or think about your loved one, take the drawing out, unfold it, and kiss it three times, while saying, “Think about me! Feel my love! Love me!” As a rule, it takes two weeks to two months for the spell to take effect.

When it happens, do not throw the drawing away. Keep it as a love talisman. If your loved one’s feelings begin to fade, take the drawing and repeat the ritual. Never tell your loved one or anyone else the truth about the drawing. It will destroy its magic plus create a wall between you and your loved one so your future spells will not be able to influence him.

This is how magic works and this is what happens when this true love spell that works is cast.

Casting love spells without ingredients

True love spell that worksQuestion:

“Casting true love spells without ingredients seems so easy! Why don’t people use only these spells?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Because their effectiveness depends on your feelings. As a rule, people tend to overestimate their feelings for another person and consider it love when it is not. Besides, you should remember that people do not perform rituals on their own. When you perform a white magic love ritual, you reach out to Higher Powers, whether you want it or not. Higher Powers have a rather peculiar line of thinking. They estimate your feelings and, knowing how long you will have them for, you from the perspective of whether or not you deserve this relationship. If they see your feelings will fade in a few weeks and you will fall out of love with this person in a few months, they will not help you perform your ritual at all.


“Is this when a professional magic practitioner should step in?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Exactly. However, do not agree to work with the first magic practitioner who offers you a true love spell that works. Professional spellcasters can be compared to Higher Powers due to the transformations their energies and consciousness are subject to. It means they do not cast any spells without a preliminary examination carried out in order to see the client’s future, understand which spell is best for the client, as well as to answer a lot of other questions.


“Why do they do it if I just want to use a love spell and I don’t want to know my future?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Because this is the only way the spellcaster can make you happy. Let us assume you fall in love with someone but your love is going to fade away in a couple of months. If you fail to have an exam and use a love spell, you will commit a karmic crime. You will make a person fall in love with you without taking responsibility for his feelings. A professional magic practitioner cannot let this happen so after examining you, he will offer you one of the following options:

  • 1. A simple love spell that will stop working as soon as your feelings for your loved one fade away;
  • 2. A powerful love spell for a long-term relationship;
  • 3. Wait until you meet someone you will love your whole life;
  • 4. A spell to help you forget the one you are currently in love with;
  • 5. Execute your order and cast a love spell letting you handle the consequences and possible kickbacks.
  • 6. Anyways, your magic practitioner will offer you to read about love spells that work for real before making any decisions.

Love spells that work for real

As I said, when people fall in love, they obtain near-magical powers, so their dreams and wishes can become as strong as a love spell. Casting such love spells without ingredients is possible with the power of one’s mind. To let your dreams work, do not be afraid to dream. But you should dream in a special way using a certain chakra.

To perform this ritual, take off all your clothes, lay in bed, having put clean white sheets on the bed in advance, and relax. When you feel completely relaxed, put your right hand on the chakra you want to use to put your love spell (if you are left-handed, do it with your left hand). The following love spells are cast depending on the chakra used:

  • The first chakra – Your relationship will be based on trust and life’s simple joys.
  • The second chakra – It is used by people who need to have frequent and passionate sex. Avoid such spells if sex is not that important to you for some reason or you cannot have it too often.
  • The third chakra – Use it to create a union of two winners. The third chakra is perfect for people who strive to achieve success and want to share success with the partner.
  • The fourth chakra – Gives people pure love based on the exchange of energies and emotions.
  • The fifth chakra – Use it if you want to dream together with your partner, hang out a lot, improve your life together, and experience new things together.
  • The sixth chakra – The only chakra to cast love spells that work for real on smart and intelligent people.

To use the seventh chakra, pray to Higher Powers or your personal Guardian Angels. That way, you will trust Divine Powers with your life and agree to accept their decision, whatever it is, in advance.

People often ask me, spellcaster Maxim, what love spell is the best, to which I always reply that the best spell is the one that works for you. Tell me if you think I am wrong.

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