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Unknown mysteries of African voodoo spells

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“I’ve been studying African voodoo spells for a long time, but the more I study them, the more confusing it gets. There are lots of websites about African voodoo love spells and many of them have contradicting information. As a result, I can’t make a system out of it. Besides, information about some African voodoo spells is presented with no comments or references…”

I am not surprised. Any practicing spellcaster would tell you that true African sorcerers do not work online It is easily explained. Those practicing African voodoo love spells live and work in small villages, engaging only specific egregors in charge of specific areas.

African voodoo mask spellThey can fight with other tribes (usually neighboring ones) and other sorcerers located nearby. They do not work with people from different cities who belong to different ethnic groups and who are protected by other egregors.  Hence the conclusion that a person running a website about African voodoo spells is not a sorcerer and has no idea what they are talking about. Such spells can harm people but they never create love.

“No matter how many times I tried to cast African voodoo love spells, it didn’t work, and almost each spell is claimed to be super effective. My ancestors were from Africa which is why I am quite surprised. If African voodoo spells can’t help a woman with African blood running through her veins, who can they help then?”

As I just said, African magic is limited to a specific area

Outside of this area, it is useless. For example, you can talk a man into moving to some African village with you where African sorcerer lives. Then you can ask the sorcerer to put one of his African voodoo love spells on the man. The man will love you for as long as you stay in that village. If you return home, the man will fall out of love with you in less than two weeks. 

It has to do not only with the fact that you move away from the egregor engaged by the sorcerer. A lot of African sorcerers engage the spirits of their ancestors or the spirits responsible for certain tribes or families. Like egregors, such spirits stay where they belong to. Therefore, do not expect them to help you if you move thousands of miles away.

“Can magical charms solve this problem?”

I do not think so. According to African magical traditions, items carrying good and love should stay within the tribe they are protecting, while those carrying evil should be disposed of.

Thus, African ritual masks which are very popular with tourists, can be very dangerous. Some of them had been used in cleansing rituals before they were sold (accidentally or on purpose). When you buy such a mask, you have no idea that there can be a dark or evil spirit inside of it. If the spirit gets out, you will be in serious danger.

This is why I warn my readers against buying voodoo charms and talismans from unreliable sorcerers. If you want to buy a voodoo charm, make sure the seller is the charm’s manufacturer, practices safe magic and guarantees customer safety.

“Does it mean people who need African voodoo spells to be happy, will never be happy?”

African voodoo ritualWhy do you think so? If you go to a dentist, the dentist will not refuse to perform a tooth filling procedure only because the some specific drill is not available. He will find other tools to remove your pain and make your smile beautiful. This is what true spellcasters do. If they know some spell cannot be used, they offer another one that can.

Important: African voodoo love spells are not as powerful as people think they are. They would hardly be included in the top ten most powerful love spells. Are you sure that is the kind of magic you need?

As a powerful and experienced spellcaster thanks to whom hundreds of happy couples have been created worldwide, I know much more effective rituals bringing the desired results faster. Please contact me and I, spellcaster Maxim, will help you better than any African sorcerer.

“There is an African magic salon two blocks from me. There are several people working there, three women and two men. All of them are first-generation immigrants from South Africa. They wear appropriate clothes and I think I can trust them.”

I do not want to tell you than they will not help you there. However, even if they do, they will do anything but African voodoo spells. The sorcerers (if they are sorcerer) you are talking about, even if they use African magic accessories and wear African clothes, do not use African magic to help their clients. 

As I just said, African sorcerers work with certain egregors or spirits. When they move to another country, the connection between them gets broken. As a result, the sorcerer becomes helpless. To continue working, they need to master another branch of magic connecting them with other egregors which are not African egregors.

“When my husband and I were dating, I put an African love ritual on him. Then he proposed and we got married. We’ve been together for four years and it’s been a roller-coster. I perform a ritual and my husband loves me, but in just a couple of weeks he gets distant, and this is when I perform another ritual…”

That is what I have been talking about in this article. You used the branch of magic that cannot work for you. As a result, you have to repeat your rituals over and over again to keep your spouse.

Let me perform a different ritual that will replace your African voodoo love spells

After that, no additional rituals will be needed. Your husband will love you equally strong no matter how much time passes. You may need to perform the ritual again in a couple of years, unless two years from now you still love your husband as much as you do now.

Do not hesitate to ask if you have some questions that have not been covered, and be provided professional and high-quality magic services. 

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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