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What are Wiccan love spells that work?

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Wicca has become very popular in the modern western world lately which can be easily explained. Some “teachers” promise you that you can perform any esoteric actions without having to study magic and change your life. They claim you only need to merge with nature and give yourself into the hands of the ancient and, therefore, true (that’s what they say) gods to be able to cast any simple love spells that work you want. Or you can order one from those who call themselves “enlightened Wiccans”.

Wiccan love spells that work

However, magic doesn’t work this way. Whatever name a doctrine has, if it claims otherwise, its founders offer you some nicely wrapped nonsense that has never worked and never will work. Wicca with its simple love spells for beginners which are extremely popular on the Internet today is one of such false doctrines designed to fool dreamers who are ready to give their money to anyone convincing them that miracles exist.

What is the downside of Wiccan love spells that work?

To be able to cast strong love spells, including Wiccan love spells that work, a spellcaster who studies magic on his own has to undergo a number of transformations:

  • He should clear his mind to ensure that he is the one in control of his thoughts and actions, but not some 
  • other-worldly creatures, manipulators or mind parasites
  • Then, he should work on his chakras; this work needs to be carried out daily for many years;
  • Then, he has to change his life and his attitude to the world and people;
  • After that, Higher Powers may reveal to him the secrets of influencing the reality along with mechanisms
  • enabling to cast simple love spells that work successfully;
  • This is when the spellcaster can actually cast simple love spells for beginners and create love.

If you try to cast Wiccan love spells that work unprepared, the spells won’t produce any effect. Consider yourself lucky if that’s what happens to you. When cast by amateur spellcasters, simple love spells that work can backfire or affect the spellcasters’ karma. As a result, such people end up in metal asylums, develop incurable diseases, or become unable to earn money and eventually become homeless lining up for free soup and second-hand clothes.
If that’s what you want, please cast any of those simple love spells for beginners Wicca followers offer on their websites and in the books they sell.

Why simple love spells for beginners may fail to produce their effect

No, I don’t try to make fun of such people simply because as an experienced spellcaster I can eliminate any consequences incurred as a result of performing Wiccan rituals. A professional healer of fates and karma, physical body and mind, I can help any person. That’s why you should take my “advice” merely as an offer to learn from your own mistakes.  

However, you can avoid this unpleasant part and not hurt yourself and other people by believing in what I have to say. So hopefully, as a wise person, you will treat my words seriously. First and foremost, Wiccan love spells that work may fail to produce their effect simply because there is no such doctrine as Wicca because all secrets of ancient magic Wicca is believed to be based on have been long lost.

Due to various wars and natural disasters, destruction of civilizations and religious fights, ancient teachers left no manuscripts which would enable us to restore their knowledge adjusting it to current realities. Yet, those popularizing Wicca don’t mention that. They also fail to mention the fact that all their rituals have been designed not as a result of some experiments that lasted for many years but basically on the spot. On top of that, they were designed by people who have nothing to do with magic, people for whom designing a ritual is like writing a fantasy novel.

Perhaps, some of them actually think they are giving people new knowledge capable of making them free. However, most of them are pursuing purely commercial objectives. They know that people would gladly pay for simple love spells that work casting which requires no special knowledge or skills. That’s what most people want – A MIRACLE REQUIRING NO WORK, KNOWLEDGE OR SKILL.

They don’t promise you that you will be able to cast the most complex black magic simple love spells for beginners or white magic simple love spells that work, do they? First of all, black and white magic spellcasters know that it’s impossible. Secondly, a true spellcaster knows that if he teaches someone to cast simple love spells for beginners and this person gets hurt as a result of it, a part of this person’s suffering will fall upon him. Trust me, no one wants to have their life ruined or spend years cleaning their karma afterwards.  

Strange as it may seem, this rule appears to not apply to Wicca followers popularizing Wiccan love spells that work. They live and behave as if magical or karmic retribution is no threat for them.  Does it mean they are so powerful that Higher Powers can’t punish them? I highly doubt it. When you read their articles which are supposed to look like “ancient magic”, you understand how ignorant these people are and how little they know about magic.

What’s their secret then? Their secret is as follows: Wiccan love spells that work have so little to do with magic that they can’t even backfire magically or karmically.

Amazingly, but that’s the only answer that comes to your mind while you are studying Wiccan love rituals. If you don’t believe me, perform one of them right now which I have found on one of their numerous websites offering users to learn how to cast simple love spells for beginners.

Experimenting with simple love spells that work

Simple love spells that work

This simple and safe (your safety is my priority!) ritual can be performed by any person wanting to attract the love of another person. To begin with, find out the date of birth of the one you want to cast your love spell on to figure out which tree this person is according to the tree horoscope. Find out what your tree is, too. Go to a forest and find a place where you know for sure no one will bother you. Find two trees growing next to each other – your tree and that of your beloved.

Tie the trees with long red ribbons together and say the following magical (according to Wiccans) words,

“You and I (say both your names) are to always be together like these two trees growing next to each other, feeding on the light and rain together! To live our life loving each other, touching each other with the leaves! To have our roots twisted together sharing one rain with each other! To enjoy one sun! To touch each other with the branches without ever breaking them!”

Having said that, leave by moving backwards until you lose sight of the trees. Then go home. In exactly one lunar cycle go back to the trees. If the ribbons are still there, pull three leaves off each of the trees. Dry them up at home, mix up with some tea leaves and make some tea. Drink half of it and let your beloved drink the rest. 

Do you know what will happen next? Nothing. Because simple love spells that work designed by Wiccans have no magical powers and don’t produce any effect on people.

Luckily, if you order any of my simple love spells for beginners, they will ensure that the person you name will fall in love with you.

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