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What makes the love spell red candle one of the best spells to cast

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From a reader’s letter:

“I don’t understand why ‘love spell red candle’ is so often mentioned in love spell descriptions. Can’t other candle colors be used? What does the color of the candle has to do with the spell’s effectiveness? It’s the flames that matter, isn’t it? And so do the fire’s cleansing properties…”

Spellcaster Maxims reply:

Love spell red candle ritualThe fire’s cleansing properties are indeed of much importance. However, they are not as important as you think. They contribute very little to the ritual’s future success. Nevertheless, they need to be taken into account. As for the love spell with red candle, the use of a red candle has a deep sacral meaning.

Red has been known as the color of birth since earliest time and has always been treated with much respect. A rising sun is red and so are the first rays of the sun. Ripe applies are red. Babies are born red – covered in their mothers’ blood. The color of our heart is red – the place where love lives. Let me remind you that back in time New Year was celebrated in fall when tree leaves are also red.

As a result, in many cultures red is the color symbolizing the birth of something new. It is the color of love. Young girls wear red accessories. Traditionally, they give their future husbands shirts with red embroidery.

This magic tradition can still be found in modern magic, which is why love spells with red candle are so popular.

From a reader’s letter:

“How does the color of the candle impact the ritual?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

It impacts not the ritual but the spellcaster. Doing magic requires the spellcaster to reach a certain state and the candle facilitates this process. Looking at the red candle helps the spellcaster generate the energies connecting him to the egregors of love, and the energies enabling the spellcaster to influence people’s minds and souls with his love spells red candle. This is what makes such rituals very effective.

From a reader’s letter:

“I hope you’ll help me. I performed a ritual with a black candle. Then I learned that black candles could only be used in curses and death spells. On top of that, it was clearly specified that a red candle had to be used in that love spell red candle and I just didn’t pay attention to it. The ritual is called Red Magick Love Spells. What’s going to happen to me now? What should I prepare for? How can I protect myself?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Do not worry about anything because you are talking to me. I will do my best to eliminate all the negative consequences of your ritual.

When my loyal readers see the next sentence, they will consider me a bore. However, I ought to repeat it: do not try to do magic by yourself, unless you are a professional magic practitioner. If you decide to break this rule, learn the spell you are going to cast by heart and make sure you understand clearly what you need to do. If you are going to cast a love spell with red candle, use a red candle. Period.

Speaking of the black candle you used in your love spells with red candle, the ritual will trigger some destructive processes instead of creating something new. Besides, it does not matter what you said and did while performing the ritual. By using a black candle, you engaged dark energies which cannot attract love, unless you are a black magic witch or sorcerer. As a result, you will create not love but dependency, some maniacal obsession of one person with another.

When I cast love spells, red candle is always my number one choice

Love spell red candleI believe such rituals are the most powerful and reliable. If someone asks me what to use to attract love, my answer is always as follows, “Use red magick love spells” or “Use love spell with red candle”.


What if I use a golden candle in a love spell red candle?

I want to do it to ensure that I do not only get the one I like to fall in love with me but also create a relationship attracting money. So, is it the right thing to do, to use a golden candle instead of the red one?

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Love spells with red candle activate the spellcaster’s energy enabling him to create love

Also, it is a code enabling to contact Higher Powers and ask them for help.

Imagine that you have a safe deposit box with a digital code. To open it, you need to know an 11-number combination. If you do not know even one digit, the safe deposit box would not open. If you change anything in your love spells red candle, Higher Powers will not hear you. As a result, they will not help you perform your ritual successfully. I have not met spellcasters who can perform rituals successfully by themselves (without the help of Higher Powers). Thus, your red magick love spells will not work without the support of Higher Powers.

By using a golden candle instead of the red one, you will change the code and fail to meet the requirements for a successful spell. Yes, yellow and golden candles are widely used in money magic, including spells to attract or multiply money, to pay back the debts, etc. However, these are different spells. Thus, I suggest that you cast your love spell red candle first and then, when it is completed and the object falls in love with you, you can perform a money ritual to improve the financial aspect of your relationship. Do not try to combine or mix up these two rituals. It is against the laws of magic.


My girlfriend put a love spell with red candle on me

When I asked her to remove it, she said a red candle was used and the spell couldn’t be removed. She claims no spellcater can break such spells. Is it so?

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

I guess the woman who put some love spells with red candle on you just loves you too much to let you go. So she made up an excuse not to remove the spell from you. I can break your love spells red candle any time. Just contact me when you are ready or if you think you do not want to be in a relationship created with the use of magic.

On the other hand, think about your girlfriend. She loves you so much that she is ready to lie to you. Are you sure you do not want to have her in your life anymore? Are you sure you will be able to find someone whose feelings for you will be as strong?


“When are white candles used in love spells?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

When a love spell is put on a virgin or when the final aim is to get married. Also, white candles are used when the spellcaster is confident that the customer’s feelings are strong enough to perform the ritual successfully.

Red magick love spells are put on non-virgins, people who have already been in one or more relationships, or when the customer’s love is not strong enough to achieve the desired results.


“I want to put a love spell on a man who lied to me. He made me believe he loved me and even promised to marry me. Then he left me. When I asked him to come back, he laughed. I want revenge. I want him to feel the pain I was feeling. I want him to know what it’s like to love someone who doesn’t love you.”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Black candles are used in revenge spells. However, if you are not a magic practitioner, such rituals can be very dangerous. They are so powerful and engage such powerful destructive energies that not all spellcasters can handle them. Besides, what you want can be achieved only with a love spell red candle, but in a traditional way. I am sorry but I am not allowed to give people like you the details of revenge rituals.


“I live in a small town. The girl I like is from one of the largest cities in the country. We met on social media and I believe she considers me a friend. We stay in touch and she always replies to my messages. But she’s more than just a friend to me. I love her. I don’t think she’ll ever love me. I saw the pictures of the men she’s friends with and I know she’s out of my league.

My aunt practices magic now and then. She says I can make her fall in love with me with some love spells with red candle. Is she right?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

I do not know how much your aunt knows about magic so I do not want to comment on her words. Let us talk about such thing as a love spell with red candle in general. It can help you, provided I am the one to cast one of the love spells red candle.

Besides, other spells should also be considered. Think about the gap between you and that girl. Will you move to her city or will she move to your place? Will her friends like you and vice versa? Will you be happy together? How long will your relationship last? These things can be taken care of with magic. However, note that red magick love spells will not be enough and some other complex love rituals may be needed.

The girl will fall in love with you, but it does not happen overnight. So contact me if you are ready to wait. If you think your aunt’s amateurish spells are going to make you happy, so be it. I will not try to change your mind. 

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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