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Which spells for luck are the most effective?

Homepage Practical magic Which spells for luck are the most effective?
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Check out any forum about magic and in a couple of minutes you will see a message about some spells for luck which can “change your life once and for all.” Those making such statements are confident and convince others that there is some spell luck (each time they name a different spell) which can make any wish come true.  If you want something, just cast a spell luck and some invisible but hardworking fairy will take care of everything and make it come true.

Spells for luck horseshoeMy loyal readers know what I think about magic forums. In my opinion, they are evil incarnate. Too often do I, spellcaster Maxim, have to heal the bodies, souls and karma of those who suffered while following some stupid advice found on one of the magic forums. I know people are in danger when I see those recommendations posted on forums and instructions on how to cast voodoo luck spells or other spells for luck. What may happen to them? You will find out what it is if you read some of the articles that I posted on my website about magic safety and karma, chakra and subtle body restoration.

Hence the first rule that I want to tell you about in this article titled “Which spells for luck are the most effective?”

All spells for luck or voodoo luck spells found on magic forums do not work because they are not based on authentic magic recipes.

This brings us to the second rule:

Voodoo luck spells are very dangerous, especially to people with low energy levels and poorly developed mental body.

This is how the majority of voodoo luck spells work: 

The spellcaster cuts open your protection field and puts a spirit into one of your subtle bodies (based on which aspect of your life you want to attract good luck to). As a rule, such spirits are called up from dark worlds so do not expect them to help you with good intentions.  

They will keep an eye on you like we do with regard to the products we bring home from grocery stores. We make sure we eat them before they spoil. The entities called by voodoo luck spells to help us eat us. To be more precise, they eat our energies. This causes fatigue, apathy, sickness, and occasionally mental issues. This is why even when people get what they want with a spell luck, they are too tired to be happy about it and enjoy the results.

Some voodoo luck spells ensure that the entity occupying your subtle bodies eat the energies of the people around you. The luckier you are, the more problems the people around you have. This applies not only to your competitors and coworkers but also to your family and friends. Now I want you to answer the following question: Are you ready to pay to your spell luck with your children’s energies and health?

The worst thing about voodoo luck spells is that such entities are extremely difficult to exorcise. So if you choose to improve your life with voodoo spells for luck, accept the fact that you are going to have to suffer basically your whole life.

Our next rule is as follows:

Spells for luck can help you only if are ready to work hard and use them just as a stimulant or tool to achieve your goal.

A spell luck can only enhance the energy you apply to achieve your goal. If you do nothing and dream of getting rich while watching TV all day long having no idea how to do that, no good luck spell will help you. The best it can do for you is ensure that there are your favorite movies and shows on TV and you always have the time to have a snack before another commercial ends. Also, your favorite chair will not break under your weight. That is all your good luck spell can do for you.

If you want your good luck spell to help you, you need to

  • Understand which aspect of your life you want to influence;
  • Work hard to achieve your goal;
  • Find out what you lack and what prevents you from achieving your goal.

Casting spells for luckThat way, the spell will enhance your energies and give you what you need to achieve your goal.

Three persons are being considered for a position of Head of Department. The first candidate lacks knowledge, the second one social skills, and the third one creativity. Their boss does not know which one to promote because they are equally efficient workers but each has their own flaws.

Let us assume we put a spell luck on the first candidate. The spell will enhance his mental body and the man will realize what knowledge he lacks to be promoted. If put on the second candidate, the spell will improve his attractiveness. As for the third one, it will influence his throat chakra determining our creativity. This will enable the candidate to amaze his boss with brilliant ideas and prove that he deserves to be appointed Head of Department.

By the way, spells for luck cannot make the boss feel affection to one of the candidates. To that end, a different ritual is needed and I can perform it for you. However, this is not the subject of this article. For more information about it, contact me and we will discuss it in detail.

In the meantime, let us continue talking about the rules. Below is the next rule to be discussed:

Sometimes spells luck are cast to influence karma or what people unfamiliar with Buddhism call “fate.”

Voodoo luck spells can barely influence karma. There are special spells in magic enabling the spellcaster to change either karma or the person to ensure this person meets its requirements.

For example, you cannot get rich because, according to your karma, you need to meet the following requirements which you do not:

  • Never worry about financial success;
  • Always try to be original;
  • Understand that you cannot succeed by working alone.

In that case, a spell luck influences you in several ways: it helps you get rid of your fears and anxieties, find out-of-the-box solutions, and attract a team of supporters.

Being an experienced spellcaster, I can help you influence yourself the way you want. Also, I can make your karma light enough to ensure it no longer throws obstacles in your way. 

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