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Can black magic marriage spells make you happy?

Homepage Black magic Can black magic marriage spells make you happy?

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“People are taught since they are children that black magic and black magic marriage spells can do no good to anyone. Books, movies and cartoons contribute to this assumption, too. Nevertheless, hundreds of people claim to be professional black magic sorcerers and witches offering various black magic rituals. Are there people ready to entrust some black magic practitioner with their happiness? It is possible to become happy due to black magic in the first place?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

Black magic marriage candle spellsYour question brings us to a topic which would be interesting to many readers. You are right, the majority of people consider black magic to be something bad, something done by black sorcerers and witches. As a result, such people think even black magic marriage spells cannot make anyone happy.

But let us go back to the time when magic had no color, when there were just shamans, druids and sorcerers. People would come to them without ever wondering which kind of magic they practiced, black or white. They would come in hope to be cured, given love, good luck, and other things they asked for.

If you want to avoid historical journeys, look at the work of modern Indian shamans from North America or African voodoo sorcerers. There are not many of them, yet what matters is that they have preserved their ancient magical traditions. According to these traditions, magic is not divided into black and white. Spellcasters work with natural and cosmic energies, while the results depend on the spellcaster’s intentions.

Natural energies are neutral. Sunlight is essential to life, yet it can also burn down things. Water quenches our thirst, but at the same time it can cause terrible floods. A light breeze feels very nice, but it can also turn into a deadly tornado.

Black magic marriage spells can transform in a similar manner

However, they transform not because of the spellcaster but because of your intentions. For example, one and the same spell can be ordered by 6 different women:

The first woman loves the man and wants to make him happy.

The second woman wants to be with the man because of his money.

The third woman wants to be with her girlfriend’s husband to take revenge on her.

The fourth woman is too afraid of loneliness.

The fifth woman wants to find a father for her child.

The sixth woman wants to put a love spell on her husband to save her marriage because she does not want to divorce him.

Which women will be happy? Is it going to be the black magic spell to blame for the fact that some of the women will receive some kind of karmic punishment, while the others will improve their karma for being driven by love and having pure intentions?

The color of magic is not important. It is important what you want to achieve. When you come to a restaurant and order some seafood, you do not get mad when the waitress fails to also bring you some beef or a piece of cake, do you? Similarly, when you use black magic marriage spells, do not expect them to give you something you did not ask for. As a spellcaster, I will perform completely different rituals if one woman asks me to help her find a rich husband and the other one says, “I want to get married and be happy.”

Do you want to be happy? Ask your spellcaster for happiness! Otherwise, do not blame him for failing to give you something you did not ask for.


“Why don’t Higher Powers fight black magic? It doesn’t make sense…”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

Why would they do that?

Black magic marriage spells have made hundreds of thousands of people happy

Casting black magic marriage spellsAs for your question, it resonates with the statement from the first letter that black magic is the magic of evil. In fact, it is a stereotype which appeared because church people have been using black PR in their competitive fight against sorcerers and witches for years. As with all those who cannot win due to their talents, inner strength and ability to work daily wonders, the spellcasters’ competitors have chosen the path of least resistance. Even today you can find multiple examples of competitive fights based on such mottos as “See how much better I am!” or even “See how bad he is!”

What can be easier than to make up some discreditable stories about your competitors and convince the crowd they are true? While today’s church has been much more condescending to magic practitioners lately, writers and film-makers have not. Interestingly, these people accuse magic of all kinds of terrible things not because they believe it is true, but because their stories need antagonists. Who can play this role better than a black magic spellcaster? From the Snow White to the Lord of the Rings, the bad guys have always been black magic spellcasters.

I am not promoting anyone. I treat white and black magic equally. As a powerful spellcaster, I evaluate my colleagues not by the branch of magic they specialize in or the energies they use, but by the quality of their work. If a spellcaster helps people making their dreams come true, I do not care whether he practices black magic or white magic.

However, it is also important if the spellcaster keeps his clients safe. If the spellcaster can perform rituals successfully while keeping the client safe, this magic practitioner is highly professional. When cast by poorly skilled spellcasters, even white spells can inflict karmic and energy wounds on people which are so severe that a curse seems like a mild disease compared with it.

So when you choose which ritual to use, pay attention not to the color of magic but to the following aspects:

The key is the spellcaster’s experience.

Your true goals – figure out what you really want.

What is really important to you – sometimes even the most powerful spells cannot fulfill all of your wishes, so focus on your top priorities.

A lot of people ask me to tell them how to cast black magic marriage spells at home. Well, I cannot disclose such information to you, except one thing. To find out what it is, watch the video below.

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