MARRIAGE LOVE SPELL Any magical influence is good if used appropriately. Love spells differ in the effect they have on the object. For example, some love spells are designed to bind one person to another sexually. As a result, the object of the love spell has a strong sexual attraction to you but doesn’t love you. Love spells can bring the husband back to his family, excite love. But even caused by magic, love not always leads to a marriage.

A marriage love spell has a special place in love magic. The purpose of this ritual is marriage. It means that all the power of the energy attack will be aimed so the love the object of the love spell feels will be closely connected with the idea of starting a family. Love magic of all nations, regardless of their marriage traditions, has rituals to attract a husband. Love is love, but women of all cultures need a man.

Casting a marriage love spell

The purpose of a marriage love spell is not only getting a man to fall in love with you. Its purpose is to make him want to marry you. To achieve this purpose, you will need nail clippings and hairs. Blood can also be used, but it’s not safe for inexperienced spell casters. A photo of the two of you will come in handy too. Go to the church and buy 17 candles. Two of them should be wedding candles and one should be a white non-wax candle.

When the ingredients are prepared, make two wax dolls. Use seven church candles for making each one. Put the nail clippings or hairs of the object into one doll and that of yours into the other one. Dress the dolls in a wedding suit and a wedding dress (improvise). You can cut out the faces from the photographs and stick them to the dolls. After that, make an altar: put a cup of water on a stone. Put the dolls near the cup naming them with your full names. Put the wedding candles on the sides and the white candle at the feet of the dolls. The preparation is over. You can begin the ritual.

Pour some cold spring water into the cup on the altar. Light the wedding candles one by one, saying,

“Two loving hearts (your name and then the name of the object of the love spell) are getting married and united by a marriage. Let your desire to marry me flare up like the wedding candles have blazed up. Amen.”

Wait until half of the wedding candles burn down. Put them out with your fingers wet with the water from the altar cup and light the white non-wax candle. Say the spell,

“The flame of one candle has interlaced two fates with one another. From now on, (your name) and (the object’s name) will live one life, share the family bread, keep up the fire in the family hearth. Amen, amen, amen.”

The spell is repeated as long as the candle burns. There’s another way for casting a marriage love spell. This method had been used by Russian women before Russia’s Christening. To perform the ritual, you will need to go out in the field and pick 12 red or pink flowers. Picking each flower, bow from the waist to the earth, saying,

“Picking the red color of love, I call and attract love into my life!”

The ritual is performed on a Friday night. Performing the ritual, you should be naked and bare-headed.  Put a large pan with water on the oven. When the water starts boiling, throw the flowers into it one by one, stirring the water with a wooden spoon clockwise, saying,

“The red color of love is calling. The red flowers of love are craving. Love, come to my house, find a dear husband for me.”

Wash your face with the decoction for seven days. After that, use it to clean the doorstep your husband will cross.

As you see, marriage love spells are rather difficult to cast. That’s why women often make mistakes dooming themselves to loneliness. So if you can’t cast a marriage love spell on your own, I can do that for you.

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