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A true spellcaster is testing everyone who wants to cast love spell

A true spellcaster is testing everyone who wants to cast love spell

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No activity creates as many problems as a failed attempt to cast love spell. Its consequences can be compared with those of drunk or dangerous driving. However, people consider the latter a serious offence, which I cannot say about magic. It is very sad because it is better not to cast love spells at all than suffer their consequences.

To prevent you from suffering, I, spellcaster Maxim, have prepared an unusual test for you. Take it and you will know for sure if you are allowed to cast spells or not. To find out the result, take a sheet of paper and divide it into two columns. Write down all your yes answers in the left column and your no answers in the right column. When you complete each part of the test, sum up your answers and see if you can cast love spell by yourself. If the result is “NO”, do not try to practice magic but reach out to me and let me do it for you.

If you have a disposition towards magic allowing you to cast love spell

Сast doll love spell1. I have (or had) relatives who are said to be fortune-tellers, psychics, sorcerers, or healers.

2. I cast love spell and the outcome was okay.

3. I have almost no bad dreams. When I do have a bad dream, I manage to handle my negative emotions even before I wake up. Bad dreams include:

- Dreams about fighting or having arguments;

- Dreams about violence against you;

- Dreams about being chased;

- Dreams about monsters or hellish worlds;

- Dreams about death or disease (applying to you or your family members);

- Dreams about the doomsday or natural disasters;

- Dreams leaving you exhausted or devastated;

- Dreams making you scared, depressed or sad;

- Dreams about being lost and unable to find the way out.

4. I know that it is wrong to cast love spells without preliminary and, more importantly, thorough preparation.

5. I know that special tools are needed to perform magic rituals.

6. Not all people can practice magic.

7. Last week I was mostly in a good mood, feeling excited.

8. People like me because they feel better next to me.

9. My spouse or children like sitting next to me when they are tired.

10. It is easy for me to manipulate other people.

11. People tend to pick up my emotions.

12. Sometimes it seems to me that I am the main character in a play called “Life”.

13. Sometimes it feels that life is not real.

14. I can find lost objects (keys, remote) using my intuition.

15. Sometimes I seem to be quite good at fortune-telling.

16. I have a good intuition and subconscious mind.

17. Sometimes I experience déjà vu in places I have never been before.

18. When I meet new people, I know for sure what our future relationship will be.

19. Sometimes I meet people who I know come from the same planet I am.

20. I always listen to my inner voice because it is usually right.

21. I want to learn how to cast love spells to help people.

22. If I could cast love spell, my life would be completely different.

If you have more “no” than “yes” answers, it means you are not built for magic. The more negative answers you have, the more careful you should be with magic, except professional magic offered by me.

If the people around you are the reason of your failed attempts to cast love spells

1. My family members do not believe people can cast love spell.

2. Moreover, my loved ones believe anyone who tries to cast love spells commits a crime against the Universe.

3. I was not the favorite child in the family.

4. When I go outside, I feel relived as if I have been set free.

5. Many of my friends are skeptics and atheists.

6. I can hardly say my loved ones have a happy love life.

7. Some of my ancestors had a really tragic life.

8. One of my family members got her then boyfriend to propose when she cast love spell.

9. If I cast love spell, I will not tell anyone about it. I will not tell anyone even if I practice professional magic.

10. I am afraid of being judged or made fun of.

11. The thought that someone might think I am weird or different terrifies me.

12. I feel comfortable in the crowd. I like being a member of a big team.

13. To avoid arguing, I often accept my opponent’s point of view even if I disagree with it.

14. People take advantage of my kindness and patience.

15. Most of my friends are losers.

16. I know some of my friends tried to cast love spells but unsuccessfully.

17. The company I work for is not the place to expect promotions.

18. My family members get sick a lot.

19. I do not get on with my children or younger family members.

20. I am an orphan.

21. Sometimes I can see that people are jealous of me or wish ill on me.

22. I do not like my neighbors so sometimes I pretend that I do not see them or that I am in a hurry.

If you have more “yes” than “no” answers, the people around you are keeping you from practicing magic successfully. The people who live with you or work with you radiate so much negative energy that a lifetime may not be enough for you to get rid of it. In this case, any attempts to cast love spell can be very dangerous to you.

Find out how much you know about magic

Сasting candle love spell1. All information needed to practice magic is available on the Internet.

2. To cast love spells, it is enough to save their descriptions found on websites.

3. Any person can cast love spell.

4. I like fortune-telling and I do it quite often.

5. Some of my friends live their life based on some fortune-telling or horoscopes. 

6. To be honest, I make my life choices based on horoscopes, too.

7. I do not know any magic practitioners whose websites are at the top of Google search.

8. Any bookstore has enough books to teach anyone how to use magic.

9. I know what a sin is and I try not to sin.

10. I belong to some religion or esoteric teaching.

11. I have been taking psychoactive drugs expanding my consciousness.

12. Sometimes I feel power inside me that can destroy things or even kill.

13. In fact, a magic practitioner is a warrior and this war never ends.

14. Magic practitioners have different ranks.

15. Voodoo is designed to do evil.

16. Wicca is the best religion for those who want to merge with the forces of nature.  

17. Europeans are unable to master Druidic magic. They can learn only its theory.

18. I like the fact that witches wear corresponding outfits making it obvious who they are.

19. I love decorating my house, myself and my workplace with magic accessories.

20. If I learn how to cast love spell, I will be able to make money out of it.

21. As soon as you enter the church, all spells get broken.

22. Priests are stronger than sorcerers or witches.

If you have more “yes” than “no” answers, then, unfortunately, I have to say you know nothing about magic. However, it is not you ignorance that is bad for you. It is your pride and arrogance. They make you do what you are not prepared for, mentally and energy-wise. If you do not take it under control, you will get in trouble. You are reading even this last paragraph with a smile on your face, but you should not. You may hurt yourself if you do not listen to me. Ultimately, I will be the one to help you get rid of your energy diseases and subtle body damage.

In conclusion, I would like to present this short video to you. It will be helpful no matter how many points you have scored.

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