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Black love spells

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Spells and rituals for love are an ancient and effective magic tool aimed at solving love problems. With the help of love magic, you can attract the attention of your loved one, improve your current relationship going through a rough patch, restore peace in the family, or find the right person to start a family.

Love magic is as old as humanity itself. Our ancestors believed that with t special magical rituals and spells, it was possible to solve any problems which occurred in life. The fact that magic which attracts love, has survived to this day, testifies to its effectiveness. If magic was not helpful, people would have forgotten about it a long time ago.

What is a black love spell?

Black candle spell for loveAs I already mentioned, love magic is extremely diverse. There are white rituals designed to attract a person’s attention or to restoring relationships, and black rituals capable of subduing the will of another person.

Experienced magic practitioners do not recommend rituals intended to do harm to other people, as this may lead to serious problems in the future.

Black spells for love. A mirror ritual

A love ritual performed with the use of a mirror is an ancient magical ritual rooted in the ancient traditions of white magic. To perform this ritual, you will need a small mirror which has been used only by you. Before the ritual, wash the mirror with cold water thoroughly. To clear the mirror of all unnecessary information, keep it under running water for several minutes and then let it dry.

When the mirror is ready for the ritual, take it in your hands and focus on the image of the person whose attention you want to attract. In your thoughts, visualize your beloved in detail making him as realistic as possible. You need to create a kind of mental picture in your head which you need to hold for a while and remember.

After that, relax for a few seconds and then concentrate on your dream to always be with your loved one. This time, say the words of the spell three times,

You, God’s servant (your loved one’s name), are given to me, you are for me, God’s servant (your name). You will always be near me, you are mine. I, God’s servant (your name) love you. Amen.

After saying the spell, try to release the energy you have accumulated and direct it towards the achievement of your dream.

When the ritual is completed, clean up the mirror again. To this end, hold it under cold running water for 10 minutes, then wait until it dries, wrap it in a silk handkerchief, and hide it in a safe place.

If the ritual is performed correctly, your loved one will feel the signal sent by you in the near future.

Black love spells. A love heart ritual

Put an unfolded white kerchief in the center of the table and put pink and red candles on each side of it. Take the heated candles in your hands and hold them over the kerchief so that the wax dripping onto the fabric formed a well-known symbol of the heart.

When the wax hardens, use a needle to write down the name of your loved one on the heart. After this, say the spell three times,

I, God’s servant (name), am not inflaing the flame, I am the soul of God’s servant (name), appealing to myself. I am not spilling wax, I embody my beloved. I am not piercing the heart with a needle, I am calling for the love of God's servant (name). Let the soul and body unite, let them turn to God’s servant (name), let his heart be filled with love, let it turn to me. Let it be fulfilled. Amen. Amen. Amen.

After this, fold the handkerchief with the needle inserted into the heart and hide it in a safe place.

This is a very effective magical ritual, but do not wait for its results. To get the love of your chosen one as soon as possible, try to be with him more often, try to spend more time with him. If you do, you will definitely be rewarded.

A knot love ritual

Black love spells book

To perform this ritual, you need two red threads of the same length. On the first thread, tie some knots – their number should correspond to your loved one’s age (full years). On the second one the number of knots should correspond to your age.  After that, tie the threads together tightly. Now take the newly created thread and tie some knots – their number should correspond to the number of years you want to live with your loved one. If you do not want to specify the number, then tie the knots until there is no space left on the thread.  

Bring the thread to the fire and burn it down, saying the spell,

On the clean water, on the black ground, on the bright fire, on the fast wind, from me, God’s servant (name) to you, God’s servant (name), from my soul to your soul, from my body to your body, let us be together in the light of the day and in the darkness of the night. Let the love be between us, passionate, and infinite. Let us be happy in this love and let it never end. Let it be fulfilled. Amen. Amen. Amen.

After saying the spell, collect the remaining ashes from the thread and scatter them in the wind.

A love cross

Buy a new broom early in the morning on Thursday. Break it in half. Now go to the house where your loved one lives, place them in front of his front door in the shape of a cross and whisper,

Let me, God’s servant (name) have love with a man, God’s servant (name). In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

If possible, do at night so that no one could see you. If the next morning your chosen one steps over the cross hidden under the doormat, the ritual will work almost immediately. In the next few days you will notice some signs that the man is in love with you.

A valerian ritual to restart love

Cat’s menthol or valerian has a powerful magical energy that can relieve depression and melancholy, despair and pessimism. Also, with its help you can restore the feelings which are fading away and renew the relationship with your loved one.

To perform this magical ritual, you need:

·        1.5 liters of water

·        1.5 liters of white wine

·        1 valerian root

The root should be thoroughly washed and cleaned. Boil some white wine with water on the cooker and add the root (without cutting it). Boil the root until it gets soft. The broth should be added to the food of your loved one. It should be noted that, apart from the emotional connection, valerian is also able to restore the physical desire of the husband to his wife and has general positive effective on the husband’s sex drive.

To find out the right way for performing magic rituals, contact me, a professional magic practitioner. I will help you get the love of your loved one while minimizing the risk of a kickback. Just let me know what dream you have and I will do my best to make it come true.

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