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Free Relationship Spell

Esoteric, astrologer, writer
Focus on your thoughts and feelings you will have while being in a relationship with this person.

Time to cast a relationship spell: Friday, waxing or full moon days.

Candles: your astrological candle or another candle with a picture of your zodiacal sign. Three pink candles or three small church candles can be used.

Black relationship spellsIncense: oregano, rose, or honeysuckle.

Crystals: pink quartz, aventurine.

Oil: nutmeg.


My heart is open for feelings, my love’s coming towards me. I get up and welcome it, as nature welcomes a new day.

Relationship Spell Casting:

Light an altar candle. Put some incense next to it and light it, too. Put the crystal near the altar candle.

Rub the astrological candle with some oil from the wick to the bottom and put it before the altar candle. Also rub the three pink candles and set them in a triangle: one candle on each side of the astrological candle, and the third one in front of it.

While lighting the candles, light the astrological one first. Hum the relationship spell. Repeat it several times, looking closely at the candle fires.
Let the candles burn down.

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