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How to cast magic love spells after a fight or a divorce

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Which energies are influenced by magic love spells cast after a fight or a breakup

All people feel bad after a fight. You feel lost and devastated. You do not want anything, you are in a bad mood, and you are tired. It is not about some emotional stress or depression, as those obsessed with psychology would say. A fight is always followed by a rapid energy drop. The more you love the one you have a fight with, the more dramatic the drop is.

To use magic love spells to eliminate hostility and make up, the energy consequences of a fight need to be analyzed. That is what we are going to do today. A lot of people ask me to cast a magic love spell on someone they had a fight with, having no idea what kind of job I am going to have to do and how difficult and time-consuming it is going to be.

When you love someone, you are connected with this person through your corresponding chakra channels. These channels are used for energy circulation giving you the feeling of love. When one of you is joyful, the other gets some of these positive energies. When you are sick, your partner shares his or her vital energy with you to help you recover faster. When you fight, the channels break and you stop exchanging your energies. Hence the feeling of emptiness and devastation.

Magic love spell ritual to be cast after a fightTo cast magic love spells, the spellcaster needs to restore the channels and help you resume your energy exchange. Otherwise, your relationship cannot be fixed.

Sometimes the people a magic love spell is put on do not want to end the fight. It usually happens when their feelings were hurt really badly.  The feeling of offence is (let me remind you that we are analyzing the situation from the energy perspective) nothing but unwillingness to open one’s chakra to the partner.

When you try to make up, you do the opposite, specifically:

- By forgiving your partner, you get the function of your chakras back to normal;

- By wanting to make up, you generate more positive energy than usual to make your partner want to exchange energy with you;

- By saying some nice things, you make your energy as pleasant as possible;

- By asking for forgiveness, you make your partner want to open up and connect to your energies;

- By expressing joy, you consolidate the channel;

- By showing care, you enhance your energy exchange.

When you use magic love spells, the spell supports you in everything. However, it may be some time before the spell takes effect. At first (I am telling you about it as a very experienced spellcaster), I need to set your partner free from whatever is holding him or her back, then erase all painful memories about your fight, and then put the love spell to make your partner understand that happiness is impossible without you.

In my experience, the worse the fight is and the more pain is caused, the more difficult it is to cast a magic love spell to make you forgive each other. Sometimes the pain is so bad that it leaves an imprint on your karma. Besides, there are always two losing sides in any fight, your partner and you. When you break up, you cause damage to your own chakras too, which also need to be treated before you start a new relationship. This extends the lead time as well.

For you to know what to expect, please review this list of various conflict situations. The list begins with the fights causing most harm to your energy connection:

One partner catches the other cheating.

Infidelity which makes the other partner feel embarrassed.

Any form of betrayal, especially unexpected one.

Divorce ruining the partner’s life and self-esteem.

Physical or sexual abuse.

Painful breakup.

Bad fight with multiple insults.

Being hurt because of the other partner’s indifference or lack of care.

Fighting over nothing.

Fighting because of a bad joke.

Attempts to take advantage of the fight to have some alone time.

The closer your fight to the top of the list, the more work I am going to have to do to make you forgive each other and move on. You need to remember about it when you reach out to me for help.

Why you should not cast a magic love spell right after a fight

Candles love spells after a fightSome spellcasters think that magic love spells need to be used shortly after the fight, but I disagree. No, you should contact me immediately after having a fight with your beloved. As you know, the more distant your partner becomes, the more difficult it is to get him or her back. The point is it is wrong to try to save the relationship with a magic love spell right after the fight.

Couples fight for many reasons. Fights can be caused by your behavior, actions or words. Sometimes couples fight because of some spells put on them. Believe me it is very easy to forgive the person you love and who loves you. Thus, it is one of the key signs indicating a big problem. If it has been two weeks after your fight and you still have not forgiven each other, it means your relationship is being influenced by a third party.

Someone used some magic love spells to break you up and now you cannot open your chakras to each other. No matter how strong your love is, the spell is still stronger. In such cases I have to break the black magic spells put on my client and his or her lover, and then try to help them forgive each other using a magic love spell.

A breakup spell may be put not only on your partner but also on you. This is something to keep in mind, too.

Relationships and marriages created with the help of magic need to be qualified as a separate group. Such couples can face some relationship problems if the love spell that brought them together is losing its effectiveness. Luckily, I have a wide range of magic love spells to help you restore your relationship and relive some of the happiest moments you shared with your partner.

Sometimes it is better to wait with a magic love spell because it may be your karma or fate that is pulling you apart. If that is the case, it is important to analyze the situation and study your future to find out what is better for you, to stay with your current partner or to break up and wait until you meet someone better. Trust me, sometimes it is better to let your partner go, even if at the moment you think you cannot live without him or her. Soon you will meet someone whose love will overshadow everything you have ever felt before.

But do not hurry to end your relationship. My words may not apply to your specific case. Let me repeat it again that it is important to study the situation first to make sure you do not push away someone who could have been the love of your life.

How to make up after a fight without magic

Sometimes you may make up without using magic love spells. To this end, you need to forgive your partner completely and get rid of all your negative feelings. Remember that a fight always involves two persons and it is possible only when both generate negative energy. During the fight, you play energy ping pong, sending each other your negative energies. If you do not generate dark energies and stay joyful and emotionally pure while trying to make up, your partner will not get your negative energy in response to hurting you. Your partner’s spite will be gone and he or she will be surprised how easy it is to forgive you.

Unfortunately, this method works only for small fights, provided the partners did not hurt each other’s feelings too much. If your fight was a bad one and you cannot get over it, you need a magic love spell to make up. You can buy one from me. My contact information is available on this page. Please reach out to me any time and I will do my best to help you.

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