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Jealousy control with simple love spells

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How to control the spouse’s jealousy using simple love spells


“My husband is a very jealous person. Luckily, when he’s jealous, he doesn’t use violence or tries to humiliate me. When he suddenly gets jealous for no reason, he just stops talking to me and spends all his time in his workshop. Then he calms down and things get back to normal. However, I can never feel really relaxed because I know he may get jealous again any time. Can you use your simple love spells to make it stop?”

Jealousy control magic ritualAnswer:

Jealousy is a common energy disease so it is curable. Even though it can be caused by different malfunctioning chakras, thorough and timely diagnostics is all it takes to identify which one is to blame and cast a simple love spell on it. Before I do it, I examine the jealous person. Some men cannot love without feeling jealous. Taking their jealousy away can make them stop valuing their partner. If your husband is like that, your attempts to eliminate his jealousy may take away his love for you.

If that is the case, I can offer you some simple love spells to make him less jealous. In addition, he will stop avoiding you when he is jealous. In other words, I can add some harmony in your relationship and move it to a new level.


“My wife’s crazy. She’s an artist. She sells her paintings via Facebook. I have a job which pays good money (unlike her art), but she thinks I go there to cheat on her. She gets really jealous almost every other day and it’s exhausting! I would appreciate if you could offer me some simple love spell to make her stop being jealous. If you don’t have such spells, I guess I’ll have to file for divorce.”


Do not make any rash decisions and divorce your wife. When I, spellcaster Maxim, was reading your letter, I realized you were brought together by karma – you are supposed to undergo multiple transformations together. You cannot be happy with anyone but your wife despite her jealousy, misunderstanding and multiple fights.

Your wife is jealous of you not because she thinks you may cheat on her but because she is insecure. Love spells will not make her stop being jealous. However, I can eliminate jealousy in a different way. Let me cast some business magic spells to make her a successful and popular artist. As a result, she will become more confident and feel equal to you. Is it not the best gift you can make to both of you?

Always remember that jealousy can indicate some deeper problems which can ultimately ruin your marriage. If that is not the case and your wife’s jealousy is a regular energy disorder, I have a wide range of simple love spells to stop it and make her trust you.


“My husband is not a great lover. What he gives me in bed is not enough. So once in a while I sleep with other men. He doesn’t know about it and I don’t want him to know because I don’t want to hurt his feelings. However, it seems like he can feel my infidelity. Every time I cheat on him, we have a big fight. Is it possible to make him stop being jealous?”


It looks like your husband has certain psychic abilities allowing him to sense your cheating. Hence his reaction – jealousy and anger. I cannot take these abilities away as this will affect the general quality of his life. What I can do is make him stop feeling angry, and thus end your fights. Alternatively, I can lower your sex drive so you stop cheating on your husband.

Yet the best option would be boosting your husband’s sex drive so you do not have to look for one-night stands anymore.

Strong but simple love spells to cause jealousy


“Is it true that jealousy is how you can make your lover stop cheating on you?”


Jealousy and infidelity are not mutually exclusive. There are people who are very jealous but cannot stay faithful to their better halves for more than a few weeks. Sometimes jealousy makes people do terrible things to the one they love. So if you want to make someone be faithful to you, buy my special simple love spells designed to modify human behavior. To this end, it is important to understand what makes the cheater cheat – lack of sex or attention, loneliness or insecurity, and then cast an appropriate spell. Note that the spell will work for as long as you stay faithful to your partner, too.

Jealousy control with simple love spells candlesQuestion:

“I’m not a flirter, but sometimes I can be nice with men, smiling at them, etc. Every time I do it, I can’t believe my husband’s reaction. He doesn’t seem to notice it! But his occasional jealousy would be flattering to me.  How can I make him jealous? Could you help me?”


You should understand that jealousy is an energy disorder, meaning you ask me to infect your husband with it. Energy diseases are very dangerous because they tend to progress over time spreading to more and more subtle bodies. The occasional jealousy you ask me for may eventually grow into aggression, violence or self-destruction. It can lead to terrible vices and bad habits or even cause your husband commit a suicide.

The only time jealousy is used to save relationships is when one of the partners needs to be reminded how much he needs the other. A simple love spell causing jealousy is used as a temporary solution. As a professional magic practitioner, I watch the people I cast spells on to make sure their jealousy does not grow into one of the described forms.

I can offer you some simple love spells to add some fun and adventure to your relationship. As I understand, you want to get rid of boredom and refresh the love in your relationship. Well, this task is easily accomplishable if you work with me.


“About two years ago I bought a simple love spell from a German witch to make my wife jealous of me, but it ruined our life. My wife is either crying or fighting with me. She has terrible headaches. Besides, she started drinking alcohol to relieve the stress of always being jealous. How can I break those simple love spells which turned my wife into a crazy woman?”


You need to contact me and ask for my help. I, spellcaster Maxim, am known for, among other things, my ability to eliminate the negative effects of the spells cast by other magic practitioners and restore the victim’s energy.

Possible consequences of magic when practiced by inexperienced spellcasters

Let me be straight with you. If you want to cast a simple love spell for jealousy control, do not do it. Jealousy attracts negative energies into the subtle bodies of the jealous person which you will not be able to control.

Moreover, some people try to make their partner or spouse jealous without using any simple love spells. They start flirting with other men or women. When the partner gets jealous, they think it means they are truly loved but people can be jealous even without love. For example, your boyfriend may think you belong to him or that you embarrass or humiliate him by smiling at another guy. In this case his charkas get infected with negative energy too, and you are still the one to ultimately pay for it.

I worked with women who used simple love spells to make their husbands jealous and women who made their husbands jealous without magic. Some women got infected with negative energy by their husbands and it ruined their life. Others just ended up alone and having no children.

Therefore, even a simple love spell needs to be cast by a professional magic practitioner. You must not do it! Therefore, if you want to make your partner stop being jealous or, vice versa, be jealous of you, contact me. Do not play with the magic you cannot control. If you do, one day you will find yourself desperately looking for help. Let us do it right from the start so you will not have to regret about anything. 

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