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Reunite lovers psychic spells – Magic performed in your kitchen

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Magic teaches us not only how a person can pass energy to another person or how to influence the reality or other people’s behavior with the power of one’s mind and will. First of all, magic is a science. Like any other science, it has its laws and rules which must not be violated by any spellcaster. You are not allowed to ignore them, either. So if you want to learn how to cast reunite lovers psychic spells, read this article as carefully as you can. Remember everything you read and the ritual called “psychic reunites lovers” performed by you will succeed.

Why reunite lovers psychic rituals should be performed only on a young moon

Reunite lovers psychicThe solar system is one giant living organism. The only people who can disagree with it are those who are not even familiar with the latest astronomy discoveries. Ancient sorcerers knew about it too, even though they did not have computers and telescopes. They knew that each of the planets could provide a person with unique and powerful energy.

Can a psychic reunite lovers? Yes, professional magic practitioners use this energy to cast highly effective love spells. Ordinary people who are unable to feel even what is going on in their subtle bodies, not to mention what is going on in those of other people, cannot take advantage of this planetary energy. They are unable to connect to the aggressive layers of Mars or fill themselves with Venus’s charm. They cannot get wisdom from Jupiter to cast a reunite lovers psychic spell or learn from Saturn’s far-sightedness.

However, there are two celestial bodies which are always accessible to any person, no matter how little they know about magic – the Sun and the Moon. But working with the Sun is still very dangerous. Its energy is so strong that it can burn your chakras badly and such burns are very difficult to heal. As for the energy of the Moon, it is quite easy to control and can be used even by amateurish spellcasters.

If you are going to perform a ritual of “psychic reunites lovers” for the first time, do some fortune-telling and find out when the sky will be clear at night for you to see the moon. Never procrastinate with the ritual and try to finish it at least 20-30 minutes before midnight. Nighttime is quite dangerous for the people opening their energy channels and spreading them through space. The night is full of various evil entities and you should stay away from many of them, especially if you cannot see them and protect yourself against them.

So, now you know rule number one - Can a psychic reunite lovers? Yes, but the ritual should be performed before midnight.


I, spellcaster Maxim, keep saying to my readers that they should never break this rule. A waxing moon radiates special energy. It can be proven if you carry out the following simple experiment. Take two seeds and prepare two pots with the same potting soil. Plant one seed when the moon is young and the other one when it is waning. If you grow these plants under the same conditions, the seed planted when the moon was young will grow better, specifically:

It will crop up sooner;

It will sprout up sooner;

The sprout will be bigger and stronger;

It will have more leaves;

It will be taller;

It will have stronger and longer roots;

It will have more and sweeter fruit.

This is how the young moon impacts all living organisms on the planet. In the same way it influences our energies. When you put your energy into the ritual, you become that gardener planting the seed in the pot. With the help of a young moon, your energy will sprout into very strong love. Rituals performed on a waning moon may give no result at all.

A ritual of “psychic reunites lovers”

Psychic reunites lovers ritualBoth men and women should perform this reunite lovers psychic ritual in the same way. To perform this ritual, you need two dozen white candles, two dozen simple silver rings, and a photo of the one you love, the person you want to bind to yourself with a spell of “psychic reunites lovers”.

The time of the year does not matter. However, postpone the ritual if it is raining, snowing or windy. This ritual is performed outside and weather is vital. The best place for this ritual is your backyard. But if you live in an apartment house, it is okay because you do not have to go to the park or garden. Go to the roof and perform the ritual there, as long as it is safe.

Now determine the location of your loved one’s home. It is very important that he is home alone when you perform the ritual. Put the rings in an acute angle, with its vertex pointed at your loved one’s house. Put the candles into the rings and light them starting with the base of the angle.

Secure the photo of your loved one vertically on the top. Sit down so that two side candles were on your sides, and the rest of the candles were in front of you. Close your eyes and calm down. Can a psychic reunite lovers? They can and so can you if you have the right mindset during the ritual. You should be calm and focused.

When you reach this state, open your eyes and look at the photo in front of you. Keep your eyes on the photo without blinking. After a while you will feel your consciousness fly between the homes towards the place where your loved one lives. It means you have established psychic contact with him and now you can upload the required programs into his subtle bodies.

It is very easy to do. Just start thinking about the feelings your loved one should have for you. Imagine him and you together. It can be anything, such as a date, dinner or watching a movie together. The key is to charge every fantasy with the energy of your happiness and be confident that it will happen to you in the future.

At this moment your energy gets strong that it turns into a program, a behavioral and emotional code. As a result, the person you are thinking about and your happy future together obey. This coding is not considered dangerous or violent because you are offering this man a happy future, which is highly appreciated by those watching you and not letting you do evil.

Remember that your reunite lovers psychic spell can be interrupted any moment. You can run into a wall. It means your future is going to be different from the one you imagine. All of a sudden you can find yourself in the darkness. It means your energy has run out and you lost contact with your loved one. Also, you can feel that the person you love is rejecting you, hiding or acting strange in your dreams. If that is the case, it means his consciousness is stronger than yours and that you should discontinue your spell of “psychic reunites lovers”.

Can a psychic reunite lovers then? Yes, and in case of failure, you may buy this spell from me, a very powerful magic practitioner and psychic. Information about the love spells offered by me is presented on my website, the one you are viewing right now. So check it out, make your choice, and let me know which of my effective love spells you want to buy.


“Can all people use reunite lovers psychic spells?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

No, such spells can be used only by mentally healthy and stable people.


“Who is more susceptible to a spell of “psychic reunites lovers”, men or women?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

This kind of magic is effective to attract men. To attract women, magic practitioners use different energies.


“Isn’t it dangerous to influence people with a spell of ‘psychic reunites lovers’?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

If I am the one you buy the spell from, the target will not be in any danger due to the spell.


“Are reunite lovers psychic rituals expensive?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

They are not more expensive than any other kind of magic. Although sometimes their price can change while the ritual is being performed.


“How can I understand that a person was influenced through a ritual of ‘psychic reunites lovers’?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

The answer is in the video posted on this page.

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