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Insomnia and obsessive thoughts about the person to whom you were indifferent just a day ago; anxiety and desire to be with someone you never really cared about… These are the symptoms of a love spell which may have been cast on you. Many victims of a love spell are not only in love but are obsessed with the person who cast the love spell or ordered it. They have no interest for other members of the opposite sex, while the objects surrounding them in the workplace and at home irritate them and cause discomfort.

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I want to draw your attention to one very important thing. A powerful love spell can be put on you or your loved one against your will by using your photographs, such as, for example, the photographs from your Facebook or another social media account. Every photo contains some energy information and energy channels of the person depicted in it. I have descried the way your photo can be used against your will to perform a black magic ritual in my article about a powerful love spell 

Apparent symptoms of a love spell

Symptoms of a love spell

Apparent symptoms of a love spell include continuous anxiety; the victim of a love spell believes he can’t live without the person he’s obsessed with and he’s always unhappy. If a love spell is cast on a man, the victim may feel guilty, tired or irritable after having sex with other women. Many victims stop making love with their spouses and are afraid of entering their own home. 

The victim of a love spell is very tired and has no interest for his job, children and daily chores. They have “glassy eyes,” are obedient and lack initiative. Many of them understand that something’s wrong with them but they will never admit it. Usually, they are confident they’re in control of their life and everything’s perfectly fine, while others notice their weird behavior and offer them to seek professional help, which 99% of the victims will refuse.

Why victims of a love spell never seek help

Victims of a love spell refuse to seek help because they don’t want to admit they need it. Even if it dawns on them that they may be under some influence, the idea of it will make them not mad, but happy. The thing is a love spell steals its victim’s dignity, so he doesn’t treat magical influence as something bad.

Additional symptoms indicating a love spell

Love spells often cause depression, despair, heart pains and arrhythmia (connected with the fear of losing the beloved).

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The victim behaves strangely which may eventually get him in trouble (arguments with coworkers or fellow students, financial and business problems). He has no interest for the things he once loved doing because he’s no longer interested in life.

The victim’s lifestyle

The victim of a love spell is easy to suggest any idea to and gets tired quickly. Repeated nightmares are another symptom of a love spell. The victim may also have the same dreams about him having sex with the one who ordered the love spell. In the morning, the victim may wake up in tears and be sorry for himself. He becomes very sentimental.

Another symptom of a love spell is loving and hating someone at the same time. On the one hand, the man understands he can’t live without his beloved; on the other hand, he realizes this life is not for him. It’s important to understand that there are black magic love spells which make their victims weak-willed and change their lifestyle. The victim of a love spell is easily manipulated. He’s capable of reckless deeds. The stronger the influence, the sooner the love spell will start ruining its victim’s life. A disease common to the victims of a love spell is ulcer. The first thing you should do is check yourself for the 12 signs suggesting you are under a spell listed here 

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