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12 signs indicating that magic and spells are being used against you

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The best way to find out if someone’s using magic and spells against you is to let me diagnose you. My super-accurate magic diagnostics will answer your question that is whether magic real is or is not being used against you. If it is, I will immediately start cleaning your energies, as well as will create a reliable magic shield to protect you. If it turns out no magic spells have been cast on you, you will be able to sigh with relief and stop being too hypochondriac.

Indicating skull magic spellsIn the past, before the Internet was invented, magic and revenge spells had been available to just a few thousand people. They all either practiced magic real or knew spell casters and sorcerers who practiced it personally. Today, each person can find and contact a spell caster regardless of his location, and order a spell to solve any problem. That’s why the number of magic spells victims has risen dramatically lately and keeps rising. 

The number of emails I get every day from my readers about revenge spell casting is shocking. I am surprised by the ways how people want to get revenge. To find out what revenge spells, including black magic spells cast on menstrual blood, can be used against you and your loved ones, read the following article "How to cast a revenge spell"

You may be a victim of magic real and spells, too. To find out if magic and spells are being used against you, check yourself against the following 12 statements to evaluate your condition:

1. You feel weird, as if your normal settings have been upset. First of all, your feel something strange, like a disease, living inside you, that affects your thoughts and life rather than your body. Secondly, you look different. To find out how, see the statement below.

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2. There’s no denying that you look different. Moreover, you definitely look worse. Perhaps, as a result of some magic spells cast on you, you’ve aged or grown pinched, or you’ve suddenly gained or lost a lot of weight, or lost interest in sex knowing that the problem is located somewhere in your lower chakras. Perhaps, your body odor has changed unpleasantly, or the spell caused you some dental, hair or nails problems. 

3. Magic and spells can change your entire personality. You may develop a lot of bad habits, such as drug addiction and alcoholism. You may grow to enjoy unhealthy or spoiled foods, or start smoking. However, major changes occur in your head. Now you easy take offence, have trouble forgiving people, and are too focused on little things. Perhaps, you feel that some alien forces have taken control of your thoughts and actions, increasingly subduing your will and ability to resist it. 

4. Your relations with other people have changed. Use of magic real against you affects your relations with other people, and you start arguing a lot, while people start treating you with hostility. Your thoughts and actions are always misinterpreted, while you come to realize that there are more bad people in the world than good ones, and for some reason all the bad people have gathered around you. 

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5. Another common sign of magic spells being used against you is a streak of bad luck that you’ve been having recently. Perhaps, you lost your job and money. Also, you suddenly realize that there have appeared some obstacles in your way that prevent you from achieving your goal. 

6. With regard to love magic and spells, they change your attitude to some specific person. If magic real is used to cause arguments and a breakup, you suddenly start to hate your partner, notice a lot of drawbacks your partner has that you haven’t noticed before, lose sexual interest or grow to have an aversion to him or her. 

7. If a love spell has been cast on you, you fall in love with someone who you have never even considered as a lover. If two people love each other as a result of some magic spells, their feelings give them pain and suffering rather than joy and happiness. This love tortures you, makes you be jealous all the time and suspect your partner of cheating on you. Once you break up with him or her, all you can think about is your ex, and you feel a very strong desire to reunite. 

In this section of the website about love spells you can find detailed information about the use of magic spells to subdue one’s will, including cemetery love spells 

Signs indicating candle magic8. Magic and spells change the attitude of your family to you. They avoid you and your attempts to get closer to them. Your elder children want to move out and start living separately, while the younger ones avoid hanging out with you. In addition, magic real may lead to continuous arguments and cause you to treat your children with cruelty and be unfair to them. Or you may cause your family to spurn you deliberately. This is also true for your friends and distant relatives. 

9. To find out if magic is being used against you, take the following test. Sit down and put a sheet of paper and a pen in front of you. Remember and write down the plans you’ve had over the last three years. Cross out what you’ve managed to implement. Now answer honestly if any of what you haven’t achieved still bothers you. If not and now all your dreams and plans seem foolish and pointless to you, the answer is positive and magic is being used against you. It means that your karma is damaged, you’ve swerved from your fat, and is living the life the spell caster gave you.

10. When a magic parasite gets into your subtle bodies, it takes full control of your mind, meaning you’ll never even think that magic might be used against you. Fortunately, our dreams never lie. So pay attention to your dreams. If they’re full of bad signs, if they scary you or your bed has lately become a place that causes you psychological suffering, it’s most likely that your subconscious mind or your heart are trying to warn you of some magic disease you’re having. A disease that’s developing in you and which treatment requires the help of a professional spell caster.

11. Have you been feeling apathetic or depressed lately, or wasting your time by spending over two and a half hours a day browsing the Internet, using social networking systems, playing computer games and watching TV? You may have been cast some magic spells on, which distract you from what’s really important. The more time you spend on the Internet and TV, the more serious your problem is.   

12. You’ve been afraid lately of something you shouldn’t? You’ve been having random panic attacks? Pay attention to your phobias, as they may indicate that magic and spells are being used against you.   

However, to find out the whole truth, you still need to let me diagnose you. If my super-accurate magic diagnostics confirms your worst fears, I will do everything I can to help you. I will clean your karma and give you your old life back, curing your body and soul. 

If you want to remove black magic hexes or curses from yourself, try this highly effective prayer. We had to create a special prayer to burn down curses. It is very powerful and can be helpful to those who have just stated to purify themselves of black forces. This prayer can be used by anyone.

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