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Easy white magic love spells are indeed pretty easy to cast

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Easy white magic love spells

We cast easy white magic love spells almost every day without knowing it. We do some things, by instinct or on the spur of the moment, which make other people fall in love with us and keep the love alive.

Let us take a look at two people who love each other and have been living together for a long time. As you know, the closer the target, the easier it is to put spells successfully. Thus, they wake up in the morning. Let us say the guy feels happy. He kisses his girlfriend and says good morning to her. He shows it to her that he is happy to be able to wake up with the woman he loves. This behavior can melt any frozen heart.

Easy white magic love candle spellsThen they spend the morning together. They smile, make jokes, touch each other as if by accident… They have breakfast together, get dressed together, and leave the house together. They kiss each other goodbye and each one goes to do whatever they have to do. It looks like they are just happy and enjoy spending time together, but it is not completely true. Everything you do that makes the other person generate light and positive energy is nothing but pure love magic and its power should not be underestimated.

There are several types of relationship behavior, but only one of them relates to love white magic. Let us see what all of them are.

You are needy;

You overthink things;

You count how many times he has called you, texted you or smiled at you;

You believe the more he loves you the more money he should spend on you;

You are relaxed but do not show your love in any way;

You are arrogant and scornful, but such behavior is how you try to protect yourself against a possible breakup;

You make your loved one prove he deserves you;

You are obedient for fearing he will break up with you;

You are happy and do your best to make your partner happy too.

The last behavior model is how you can keep your partner in love with you and is what casts a white magic spells to make someone think of you if the one you love does not love you back yet.

Tips on practicing love white magic

But since most readers of this article are interested in practicing easy white magic spells, meaning they want to know how to perform white magic rituals, let us talk about white magic. If you are interested in the topic brought up at the beginning of the article, let me know. And remember that if my website does not allow users to leave their comments (which always happens for a reason), you can always leave your comment on my YouTube channel. You can visit it though the video posted on this page. Please ask me your questions and let me know if you have any wishes under the video and be sure I will read all of them and reply to those I find the most interesting.

If you have already made up your mind to perform a ritual of white magic to make someone love you, I would like to remind you that neither white nor black magic spells can be cast on major state holidays. Also, it is not allowed to put a love spell on a person less than one month before this person’s birthday and for two weeks after it. Many mystics know that human energies are very unstable during this time and spells can get the target sick or even kill them.

If you are a religious person or even if you are not but you were baptized by your parents when you were little, do not cast spells on religious holidays.

Besides, you have to find out if the person you are going to put a spell on, including one of the white magic binding spells, believes in God or not. If the target is a religious person, check out the calendar specifying the current year’s religious holidays because spells must not be cast on such days. The thing is religious people are protected against magic on such days, meaning your spell will backfire getting you in big trouble.

Speaking of non-religious holidays, I cannot help mentioning New Year’s Day. Human energies close up in a circle three days before the New Year’s Day and stay closed up for ten days after it. As a result, it is very difficult to put spells on people during this time. On the other hand, this is a great time for fortune-telling as the answers you will get are highly accurate, especially if your questions are about love or marriage.

Never cast spells on memorial days. People pass away. We still love some of them and are indifferent to others. When people pray for their loved ones who passed away on the day of their death, they get special protection. Besides, your spells cast on such days will connect your energy to the energy of the worlds of the dead. It is very serious and this connection can be too strong to break.

Casting a white magic spell to make someone think of you

Love white magic spellcasterNow let us get to the part where we discuss the rituals and how they are performed. In the evening walk around your place and close the blinds. If the blinds still let some light in, use blankets to cover the windows. Put a chair in the middle of the room and one white candle in each of the four corners. Light up the candles. Sit in the chair and remember yourself when you:

Were in love;

Were loved;

Were happy;

Were unhappy;

First realized you wanted love;

Realized you loved the person you are going to put a love spell on;

Thought how happy you would be in a relationship with this person.

This simple emotional exercise will get you in the right mindset to perform the ritual. Remember that white spells are cast with the energy of the heart – the fourth chakra that is also known as “the chakra of light and true love”. When you do that, take a photograph of your loved one, bring it close to your face, look your loved one in the eye, and say,

“I don’t want to lie, I have nothing to hide. I’m giving you (name) myself (name) as I am. With all my vices and flaws. With all my talents and merits. Like the moon is different every night in the sky but is still the same moon, I am different every time but am still the same person. Fall in love with me the way I am. Fall in love with me today. Fall in love with me to love me tomorrow, to love me forever.”

Let the photograph fall down. If it lands with the image up, it means your spell has been cast successfully which you will see for yourself shortly. If it lands with the image down, it is a sign that the spell has not been cast successfully and you need to find another spell to cast on my website.

White magic to make someone love you

Now it is time to answer a few questions that I found the most interesting in the letters you sent me.


“In one of your articles, which I love to read by the way, you said that it was dangerous to cast spells at home. Can I cast spells at the hotel, for example, to make it less dangerous?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

That is exactly what some sorcerers do. However, this is how they end up having even more karmic problems to fix. According to the laws of karma, you have a right to do anything you want to your life. For this reason you are entitled to choose your own fate. When you cast spells at home, you put only yourself in danger. If you live not alone or live in an apartment building and have neighbors, you put all these people in danger as well. As a result, you are responsible for all these people’s unhappiness and your punishment gets more severe. When you put spells at the hotel, you put all people who will stay in your room after you in danger. This is a severe karmic crime and you will suffer because of it much more than if you cast spells at home.


“How can I cast one of the binding spells white magic on my ex-husband if he’s married again, has children, and lives in a different city?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Before using any spells, you need to tell your and your ex-husband’s fortune. If you cannot tell fortunes, go to a professional fortune-teller. You should find out if your ex-husband is happy, if his new wife is destined to him, and if you have a right to cast love spells on him at all.

If it turns out you have this right, you should still take your time with love white magic. To begin with, you need to break the bonds existing in his family to make them divorce with no chance of getting back together. After that a love spell can be put on the man to make him want to start over with you.

It is a very difficult magic process and you cannot handle it by yourself. So I suggest you start looking for a professional magic practitioner right now.

Casting white magic binding spells at home


“Should I wait for a special day to cast a spell called a white magic spell to make someone think of you?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Of course you should. This day is chosen based on many criteria. I have mentioned some of them above. The rest criteria are as follows. White magic rituals should be performed only when it is a new moon. Also women should wait for the end of their periods before performing any rituals. Of course, it is important to have the right mindset, feel the confidence and have the energy to perform the ritual successfully.


“Can a widow cast a love spell on the man she loves?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

She can, unless her husband passed away because of some black magic curse put on her. If the woman is cursed, the curse will affect the new man as well. It is a crime for which she is going to be punished by Higher Powers for her entire life. So to begin with make sure you are not cursed. If you are not, go ahead and buy the spell you need.


“I’m 69 and the woman I love is 34. Can a white magic spell help us be together?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

It can, as long as the ritual performed has been selected properly. I am telling you this as a spellcaster who has worked with far more complex incompatibility cases than yours. I am also an expert in love magic. Some of my colleagues even joke that if I had worked with Romeo and Juliette, they would have gotten married and had children, and peace would have been restored between their families.


“Can I pay in installments? I want to pay one third of the price in advance, one third when you complete the ritual, and one third when I see and like the results.”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

True spellcasters should not be asked such questions. When you work with an experienced and professional magic practitioner, you are sure to get great results. Moreover, I do not work like this on principle. If you do not trust me 100%, do not come to me for help at all. Believe me, I have enough clients to help and I do not want to waste my time satisfying anyone’s whims.

More information about binding spells white magic

White candle magicQuestion:

“How to cast a spell of white magic to make someone love you using a laurel leaf?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

This old Arabian love ritual is hardly used today. It means it is no longer that strong. It happens to all spells which people stop using for some reason. This spell is cast when it is a full moon using a photograph of the loved one. The photograph is put in the smoke from moldering laurel leaves while the text of the spell is being said. I do not want to describe this ritual in detail because it is no longer that effective. If you want to use an effective spell, find one on my website called Spellcaster Maxim offering a wife range of new and therefore more effective spells, including white magic binding spells.


“I don’t have children. Is it okay for me to put a love spell on the man who has two children but who is not married?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

It is okay if you are willing to be a loving and caring stepmother to these children. If you are not sure you want it, do not use spells at all, especially white magic spells.


“I’m pregnant but the father of my baby wouldn’t believe the baby is his. I know only magic can help me but as far as I know pregnant women aren’t allowed to use it...”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

You are right, pregnant women are not allowed to cast spells, but magic practitioners are. If you want, I can put one of my special binding spells white magic to make the man change his mind about the baby, love the baby and you. However, if you want me to help you, you should at least contact me and tell me about it.


“I’ve been working with magic practitioners for a long time and I’ve noticed they don’t offer their services but expect to be found by their clients. I wonder why it’s like this!”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Because magic services are offered only by frauds and liars pretending to be magic practitioners. Professional spellcasters are not allowed to offer anything to anyone. They can only tell about themselves and their work (like I do) and let people decide if they want to work with them or not. Since this is one of the key features of professional magic practitioners, I want to congratulate you because you have been very lucky to work only with powerful spellcasters.


“Could you remind me the rules for casting easy white magic love spells?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Please watch the following video.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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