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A curse is a powerful malicious mental or verbal wish that involves no black magic tools, meaning no magical rituals are performed.  There are many types of curse: death, disease, ill luck, infertility, poverty, loneliness, etc. You, too, can fall victim to envy or rivalry and be got back at. More information about the use of revenge spells can be found here

  To cast a hex, certain tools and conditions are required, while a curse can be cast spontaneously.

Book of curse removalThe negative program of a curse is implemented with the help of both the curser’s energy and dark forces. The moment a person curses another person, he ejects some of the demons living in him, which unite with the demons around and penetrate the cursed person. If his protection (aura) is strong enough, the demons cling onto the outside waiting for the right moment to break through.

  • The moment the demons get inside, the negative program starts being implemented. Besides, if the person is pious and spiritually strong, the curse can fail to penetrate and work. It will hang on him all his life and get passed on to his off-springs.
  • Curses are dangerous because people cast them involuntary, not realizing that their thoughts and words can make other people ill, unlucky, or even kill them.
  • Sooner or later, the curser receives the negative energy back in the form of different troubles.
  • There are people who are not familiar with magic but are aware of their ability to curse others and use their powers purposely.
  • Spell casters and witches often curse their victims together with casting a hex on them.

There are hardly anyone in this world who’s never cursed another man. There are also those who do it every day. Can you imagine what a heavy karmic trace they have?

So, is it possible to destroy, disperse the curse you’ve cast?

It is, with the help of special prayers.

However, can you remember all the people you’ve cursed to neutralize the curse? Of course you can’t. As for the curses cast on you, you may have not a slightest idea about it.

That’s why a prayer has been created that neutralizes and destroys all the curses cast on you and by you at once.

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It’s a long prayer and it will take you a lot of energy to say it. Especially for the first time. It’s understandable – Augean stables are cleaned. People usually have trouble saying it. They stumble, groan and sweat, while their faces turn red, as if they were carrying beams. Finishing it, they are exhausted, like after a three-hour sauna.

How the prayer should be used

  • It’s better to say it aloud.
  • Say it once a day for one week to remove all your previous curses.
  • Then say it once a week or month to protect yourself from new curses.
  • The more curses have been cast on you and by you, the more difficult it is for you to say this prayer and the more acute the purification crisis is.
  • Purification crisis

Remove all curses with figureDepending on the number of curses and their power, purification crisis may last for from several minutes to several weeks. It indicates spiritual work. If you can say this prayer aloud easily and don’t have any purification crisis, no curse has been cast on you or by you (it happens rarely). Common purification crisis symptoms include headache, fever, blood pressure jumps, weakness, dizziness, apathy, sickness, vomiting, stomach upset, body pain, sleepiness.

How the prayer was created

When I was just starting healing people, I often came across situations when I couldn’t remove a hex from a client because a very powerful curse had been cast on him.

It was a very difficult task as my prayers wouldn’t help. “Energy Cleaning” and “Sun Meditation” didn’t help either. Perhaps, those were karmic curses (curses my clients once cast on other people).

This is when we understood that a special prayer was required where a person could renounce his curses and thus burn all the curses he’d cast.

That’s why we had to create a special prayer that would burn down all the curses cast by him and consequently on him. It may affect dozens or hundreds of people! Curses cast in your previous life get neutralized as well. That’s why for many people it’s very difficult to say this curse for the first time and lots of their energy is consumed.

Back then, in fall 2004, we mostly met clients in person and they had to say the prayer aloud at least once. If no curse was on, we cleaned the client with the prayer remotely.

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We don’t need to use this prayer anymore as our healing powers are so strong now that any curse burns down once I start saying other cleaning prayers. It doesn’t matter where my client is and if he knows about the prayer said.

Although I no longer need this prayer, it’s very powerful and can help those who’ve just started cleaning themselves from dark forces.

This prayer can help cursers a lot by neutralizing the curses cast. Usually, people curse others in a fit of anger, when shocked or distressed, when they can’t think clearly and it’s easy for dark forces to take control of their will. More importantly, curses may not remember cursing others. The memory of it falls out, gets erased by the same dark forces that forced them cast a curse.

This prayer can help you stop your family from falling apart. It can serve as a shield protecting your relationship against spells. If you want, you can take a peek at the questions asked by the people who want to buy a breakup spell 

That’s why saying this prayer is good for all, including those who don’t remember cursing others.

A prayer that removes all curses

  • I call up God’s angels and all Light Divine energies and forces which can help me.
  • If I have ever cursed someone in my life, I renounce all my curses. I realize all the mistakes I made. I destroy, burn with the Divine Fire all my curses cast in the past, present and future consciously and forever. From now on, I prohibit dark forces from using my curses to create evil.
  • I deprive all my curses of their energy and power. I burn all my curses with the Divine Fire. I destroy the curses just like I cast them (repeat the paragraph thrice).
  • If I still have curses cast on me by other people, I deprive them of their energy and power as well. I burn them with the Divine Fire. Let the Divine Light fill me and free me from all curses!
  • Let the Divine Light fill all the people who I have ever cursed. Let the Divine Light burn down all the curses that I have ever cast on people. I free all people from my curses and I do so myself.
  • Let all the people who suffered as a result of my words and thoughts be filled with the Divine Light, energies of health, joy, happiness, love and peace. I bless all the people I have ever cursed. I bless all people.

Curses removal with candlesI send to all people

Bright divine rays of kindness,

Bright divine rays of happiness,

Bright divine rays of love,

Bright divine rays of joy,

Bright divine rays of health,

Bright divine rays of prosperity,

Bright divine rays of peace,

Bright divine rays of well-being!

From the depths of my soul, I send these bright light healing rays to all the living beings of the Earth!

With all my heart, I wish you all love, joy, luck, happiness and put all my energy into it.

Let the light forces of the Earth triumph and all dark forces disperse (repeat the paragraph thrice).

To confirm the seriousness of my words and intentions, I send light rays to all the living beings of the Earth, Cosmos and Universe!

Let my words reach the farthest depths of the Universe! Let my words be heard and felt by all creatures and beings of visible and invisible to the human worlds and dimensions. Let my words be heard by all angels and the Creator himself. Let all of them be my witnesses.

From now on, I deprive my thoughts and words of any negative, destructive energy. From now on, my thoughts and words can’t harm anyone. From now on, even if I think poorly of someone and say something mean about someone, let my thoughts and words burn down immediately, without doing harm to anyone.

Dark forces! I prohibit you from using my negative thoughts and words to create evil. If you try to use my words and thoughts to create evil, the Divine Light will burn you down (repeat the paragraph thrice).

From now on, let my thoughts and words be filled with the Divine Light and bring me, the people around me and the whole world joy, happiness, health, love, peace, wisdom and prosperity (repeat the paragraph thrice).

From now on, let the Divine Light fill me, my family, my country and the Earth (repeat the paragraph thrice).

Anyway, if something goes wrong, I’m at your services.

Important! If someone is using a death spell against you or your loved ones, say this prayer at least a few times a day: in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. You can find more information about this spell if you click on this link 

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