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What is true Islamic white magic?

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Islamic white magic allows for no contact with the otherworldly beings which Muslims call “genie”. The sorcerer is only allowed to ask God for help, act on his behalf and use, besides magic spells, prayers. Despite the fact that Muslims are generally against magic, many of them are quite tolerant to Islamic white magic. Besides, in the sacred text of Islam there is a note that this kind of magic can be allowed in extreme cases.

I know that some of my readers will want to argue about every single sentence in the above paragraph, but I do not want to argue with anyone. My goal is to tell you about Islamic white magic without expressing my attitude towards it. This article is presented to you only for information purposes and shall not be interpreted as forcing anyone to do anything. Therefore, in my opinion, any arguments about its content are beside the point. If you still want to argue, please be tolerant and do not cross the line.

Islamic white magic, like any other powerful branch of ancient magic, is divided into several sub-branches, such as love magic, family magic, health magic, money magic, wisdom magic, and protection magic.

Islamic white magic with candleLOVE MAGIC – This type of magic allows people to get back their love and find new one, eliminate hostility and harmonize conflicting parties. It can eliminate the obstacles standing in the way of two loving hearts. With Islamic love magic, you can make the children accept your new partner and the idea of your getting married. Also, it is used to eliminate jealousy, boost one’s sex drive, overcome offence and forget bad memories.

FAMILY MAGIC – As you can guess from the title, this kind of magic is used to restore peace and harmony in the family. Family magic is designed to eliminate everything that keeps people from being happy together. In addition, its rituals are used to help men and women have children, improve their family life and financial situation.

Note that Islamic sorcerers rarely use rituals belonging to just one sub-branch of Islamic magic. When people ask an Islamic spellcaster to give them a happy family life, the spellcaster casts family magic spells, money magiс spells, health magic spells, and protection magic spells to keep everyone involved safe.

HEALTH MAGIC – It is considered one of the most effective health-improving kinds of magic as it can influence not only the body but also individual organs. However, like any other type of magic, it helps only those who believe in it striving for full recovery.

MONEY MAGIC – This kind of magic is a little different from European money magic. Islamic white magic of money can give you not as much money as you want (for example, European magic can give you millions), but exactly as much as you need to be happy. A lot of people cannot understand this philosophy so they prefer European magic to Islamic one. Are they right? I do not know. But if you want to be a millionaire, try to find a European magic practitioner.

WISDOM MAGIC – It is used to strengthen and purify the mental body and become smarter, wiser and more talented. It is considered the most dangerous of all types of magic because often, instead of God’s emissaries, people have to deal with genii who are good liars and manipulators who can trick people into doing all sort of things which will ultimately harm them.

PROTECTION MAGIC – It is used to protect oneself against genii and black witchcraft. Like all other sub-branches of Islamic magic, it is based on one universal and highly important truth that everything is God’s will. So if you need protection, this is who should ask it for.

Like Europeans, Muslims are familiar with humility. Unlike Europeans, they prefer not to waste their time waiting for a miracle. They prefer to work for it. When they cannot make it happen for some reason, they use white magic by working with Islamic white magic practitioners.

About twenty years ago this kind of magic was very popular with Europeans. Recently, due to the fact that more and more people have a negative attitude towards Islam, Islamic magic has been losing its popularity which is sad. Islamic white magic is one of the most powerful branches of magic which can help a lot of people, provided they give up their stereotypes.

Islamic magic candle ritualQuestion:

Can this type of magic help a non-Muslim?

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

It can, provided your spellcaster is good at his job.


I need some specific Muslim rituals, but there are no Muslim sorcerers in my city, and I’m afraid of working with a sorcerer online. What should I do?

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

Your fears regarding online spellcasters are not unfounded, yet they are not justified. Despite the fact that I keep saying that the chance of you being scammed online is high, it is wrong to suspect everyone. But it is your right. Well, if you need a Muslim ritual, any powerful spellcaster can perform it for you. For example, I am not a Muslim spellcaster, yet I am very good at Muslim magic and I have helped all my clients who came to me specifically for Muslim spells and rituals.


I talked to a spellcaster the other day. I thought he was a white magic practitioner because that’s how he described himself. But then I found out he was lying. In fact, he’s a black magic spellcaster who reads prayers just to confuse his clients. Is it possible at all?

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

It is possible. Aware of the fact that many people are against or afraid of black magic, a lot of black magic spellcasters try to pretend to be white magic ones. As for the prayers, they are used in Muslim black magic quite often. Black magic engages genii. Genii, according to the Muslim tradition, obey God. Thus, sorcerers influence them with prayers as they know that way the genii will have to obey.

But do not try to experiment with it. Genii are dangerous even to professional spellcasters so stay away from them.


Can you perform one of your Islamic love rituals for me?

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

I can. Please contact me and we will discuss it in detail.


I’ve been haunted by some dark forces. Can Islamic white magic help me?

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

Any white protection magic and any powerful spellcaster can help you. The key is to follow all the instructions, have faith, and use some protection amulets.

If you want to perform Islamic rituals by yourself, there are some tips for you to follow listed in the video attached to this article.

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