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Have you noticed that your partner’s feelings to you have changed? He’s not as madly in love with you as before? Are you sure he’s sustained a black magic attack? To understand how to remove a black love spell, you should understand what it is and what it takes to destroy it.

How a black love spell works

Black love spells are based on a strong energy bond between the victim and the one who orders the love spell. Black love spells affect the victim’s chakras to break through the victim’s natural protection which is supposed to prevent such influence. Depending on the purposes pursued, the spell caster works with his heart, sexual or health chakra. As a result, the victim gets dependent on the one who ordered the love spell and longs to be with him.

Black love spells removalThat’s why black love spell removal is very difficult. You have to be able to work with another person’s energy. You’ll have to destroy the forced energy bonds created by the spell caster. Sometimes it’s even more difficult than destruction of natural bonds, as the victim’s will is suppressed while the will of the spell caster is very strong. If the black love spell has been cast by a professional but not a regular person, the task gets even more complicated. That way, your magical powers should be either equal to the magical powers of the spell caster, or stronger.

Unfortunately, this bond is more difficult to break than to establish. You need to be a professional in love magic or be ready to handle unpredictable consequences. That’s why it’s better to go to a spell caster specializing in love magic. If you still think you have powers to perform the ritual, I will guide you through it.

How to remove a black love spell on your own

Prepare some salt and a frying pan. In the afternoon, put a pinch of salt on the frying pan and put the frying pan on the cooker. While heating the salt, say, “Salt, my white friend, protected from magic, make (the victim’s name) as white and invulnerable to witchcraft. Remove the spell, break the bond, remove everything mixed to the food and drinks, put secretly, sent by words or eyes. Whoever it was – a girl or a boy, an old man or an old woman, a man or a woman, a relative or a stranger… my white salt, take it all away. My word is a sealed book and no one can remove it. So be it!”

Say the spell until the salt starts burning. If it gets black, it means a powerful black love spell has been put. After that, pour it in a plate and put the plate on the photograph of the victim.

In the evening, take the photograph and say the spell once again. Then put the photograph on the plate and sprinkle it with the salt. The next day, repeat the spell. After that, put the photograph under the pillow and flush the salt away.

Who the black love spell helps to

The black love spell not only causes damage. Sometimes, it can help people in difficult situations. If you love a person with all your heart, you can ask a spell caster to arouse love in this person’s heart, too. The black love spell won’t cause damage but you’ll get a chance to become happy and make the person you love happy, too.

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