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Curse removal is, perhaps, the most important element of energy purification. Without it, the person’s energy frequency drops which will prevent his further development. Energy jams curses prevent the person’s spiritual purification and almost completely block the love energy. There’s only one thing that can help you fight curses. It’s the highest energies where right actions guarantee success.

  • Easy curse removalStep one – curse diagnostics.
  • Step two – determining the cause of the problem (external influence or self-cursing).
  • Step three – repentance and apologizing to Higher Powers for the mistakes made.
  • Step four – purification with the help of one’s own energies, external energies or Higher Powers.

Preparing for curse removal, make sure your thoughts and words are clean

That way, it’ll be easier for you to remove a curse, because the highest energies will be aimed at dissolving the curse, but not cleaning up the mess of your thoughts. Unlike hexes which can be removed only with the help of an egg, curses are more difficult to remove. There are several factors that make it difficult. First of all, the energy of the curse is hard to dissolve even with the help of the highest energies. Secondly, the negative energy is concentrated in the man’s subtle bodies where it has to be neutralized. Love and the Divine Fire are the tools for purification. Since many people can’t generate the energy of love due to the curses put on them, the Divine Fire should be used. Moreover, the love energy is less effective in terms of curse removal than the Divine Fire. You can say your own prayer to Higher Powers or you can use the prayer from the article Prayer That Removes All Curses.

While neutralizing all negative formations, it’s important to dissolve them to they could leave your energy. The principle of high energy pressure is probably the best for it. A flow of high energies washes away all curses like a pressure washer. Saints can create an energy flow this strong, so they can easily remove curses from people. Since negative energies usually have high density, they have to be dissolved and weakened first to be removed from the man’s subtle bodies.

When you address Higher Powers, the curse breaks into pieces and gets neutralized. You may feel the energy of the curse getting neutralized and then leaving your body. Its residual charge may cause discomfort, but don’t worry. It usually indicates purification crisis. Listen to your body, and you may even feel the negative energy moving inside you. A removed curse may have an unpleasant smell.

While removing curses with the help of the Divine Fire, be thankful to it, as you get help from Higher Powers. Send your love to them to express your gratitude.

As a result of purification, you will feel light and full of energy. You can remove energy formations destroying your life. Once you understand the essence of the curse and purification principles, you will no longer be afraid of the problem and will know how to solve it.

I can remove any curse. With any magic-related questions, contact me via Skype or email.

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