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What you never knew about depression

To understand why so many people ask spell casters to cast a depression curse, we should admit first that we don’t know much about depression. Many of those who have it right now are unable to diagnose it. The thing is for our subconscious mind depression is a natural state. Depression is a slowdown of our mental and emotional processes when we are under a great stress. In other words, when we’re depressed, we are less emotional and think slowly. We’re like an insect that’s gone into hibernation. If it weren’t for depression, stress and psychentonia would drive people mad and they all would end up in a mental hospital.

Depression curse ritual with candleThe problem is, despite all the usefulness of depression, doctors still advise us to treat it. Our subconscious mind doesn’t know where to stop when slowing down our nervous system, soul and mind. That’s why after a while depression gets so severe that it prevents its victim from fulfilling simple tasks, such as cleaning up, cooking, taking a shower, going to work, having fun. The person can’t dream or love anymore. All he wants is to lie on the couch, face to the wall, don’t move and don’t think of anything.

Now imagine how much you can influence your enemies if you cast a depression curse on them. However, people order a depression curse to be cast not only on their enemies. Below are some examples for you to understand why among so many types of curses people prefer the depression curse.

Depression and business. If a depression curse is cast on a businessman, he immediately loses interest in his business. He doesn’t care whether his company is losing the market or its customers or sustains losses. A depression curse can be cast on business indirectly. For example, it can be cast on one of the most valuable employees of the company or its chief accountant which will start making mistakes critical for his employer’s business.

Depression and career. Just imagine how it feels to eliminate your coworker you’ve been fighting with for a promotion. Depriving him of a desire to keep fighting or working, you will clear the way for your success and will immediately become the leader of any career race.

Depression and family. A depression curse is ordered to be cast on unfaithful spouses, both men and women. A person suffering from moderately severe depression won’t go out to have a drink with friends or commit adultery. Staying at home becomes his habit. That’s when the depression curse can be removed. This person will never disregard his family again.

Depression and love. When you’re just starting a relationship, you can ask a spell caster to cast a depression curse on your partner to show him how much you mean for him. It’s a proven method. A depressed person needs support and is always thankful to those who gave it to him.

Depression and enemies. If you’re haunted by an enemy or a mocker, you don’t have to buy a baseball bat or a tear gas spray. You don’t even have to go to the police. All you have to do is to go to a spell caster and ask him to cast a depression curse. Your enemy or mocker will fall into severe depression and stop bothering you.

Naturally, this kind of magic is used for revenge or to teach someone a good lesson. Someone’s offended you? Well, depression will be his punishment!

The different between depression caused by a depression curse and natural depression

Depression curse on woman

Depression caused by a depression curse and natural depression differ. There’s just one difference between the two types of depression but it’s very important. The point is natural depression can be cured with psychoactive drugs, psychotherapeutic conversations or hypnosis, while magical depression can’t. The victim can slightly ease the symptoms but he can’t be cured until he consults a spell caster who will remove the depression curse.  

Besides, a person who’s been cast a depression curse on is easily manipulated either by the spell caster or the one who’s ordered the depression curse. This gives people vast possibilities. Just think about it: you can not only make your enemy depressed mentally and emotionally, but can also make him do what you want. Thus, some people who ask spell casters to cast a depression curse on their employer, eventually became members of the board. Or, sly wives order casting a depression curse on their husbands, divorce them and get all their money, because the men just give up the struggle.

If you want a powerful spell caster to cast a depression curse for you

Each person can order a depression curse from me. You won’t need to provide any documents or explain why you want to do that. However, there are certain things which should be observed if you want the ritual to be effective. I will tell you more about it after you contact me and tell me about your problem.

Also, after we meet face-to-face, I will be able to name the price for my services. It depends on the energy of the person you want to curse, as well as whether he has spell casters or psychics protecting him. Sometimes their protection is incredibly difficult to break through.

However, regardless of the power of the counteraction, I guarantee that your order will be executed successfully. My magical powers allow me to cast a depression curse on any person. Moreover, you can order a depression curse remotely as well.

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