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What you need to cast a family curse

The family curse affects not only the person it’s been cast on, but his whole family. This makes it very dangerous and incredibly difficult to remove.

Witch casting a family curseA family curse is a negative program that a sorcerer casts on a person. Living in his subtle bodies, it turns into a time bomb activated by the behavior of this person to later spread to other family members.

However, a family curse can affect not any family member but only those who have done something really bad. Besides, this “badness” has nothing to do with the law of a certain country or its moral or religious norms. It depends on the pain and suffering caused to the curser. That’s why the power of the curse is the result of summing up two types of energies: the power of the cursed man’s evil and the pain of the curser.


- if a man did you no harm, you can’t punish him with a family curse;

- if a man did you (or one of your family members) harm accidentally (a car accident caused by the tire that exploded), it’s almost impossible to cast a family curse on him;

- if a man who has done you harm feels sorry for it and regrets it, you can’t punish him with a family curse (because he’s cleared himself of his inner evil).

Otherwise, an experienced spell caster can easily cast a family curse on a person and make it very difficult to remove.

How a family curse affects the cursed person and his family

Later I will explain why family curses are so difficult to remove. Now I want to tell you how it affects its victims.

Well, someone did you harm, ruined your life or even killed one of your family members. The energy of your pain is so strong that with the help of a black spell caster you can launch an incredibly powerful curse which will eventually turn into a family one. By performing a special ritual, the curse is cast on your offender, who caused you so much pain and suffering, and finding the energy of the anger, rage and hatred (or finding no regret or compassion), gets interweaved with his subtle bodies.

Initially, the black energy program that is the curse lives in the person’s karmic body multiplying all the misfortunes fated to him***. Then, it takes control of his mental body (mind), making him do horrible things. It increases his chances of falling ill (even terminally) or getting in an accident. Unaware of it, he does things which contribute to the negative events in his life. That’s why a family curse is the most dangerous and horrible curse in black magic.

*** - it turns a regular cold into a terminal disease; a simple mistake into a life-changing one; a harmless prank into a random killing, etc.

Why family curses are so difficult to remove

Family curse ritual with candlesShortly after a family curse is cast on a person, it strikes his blood kins (male or female line). If you order a family curse from me, I’ll make sure it affects all the blood kins of your enemy (both men and women).

All family members will suffer equally. They are identical in terms of their karma and genetically. They tend to have the same behavioral patterns (thoughts, sins…), so they’ll suffer equally, namely:

- get burns;

- drown;

- die before 35;

- suffer from schizophrenia.

When a person realizes that he and his family are the victims of a family curse, he seeks help from spell casters. However, removal of a family curse is incredibly difficult. The thing is to remove a family curse, the spell caster has to clean the energies of all the family members and make them as positive and pure as possible. However, if at least one person in the family is not good-natured and honest, the curse survives by feeding on his negative energy, and keeps affecting the life of other family members.

A family curse in the 21 century

We should take into consideration the fact that today people are switching to a new energy level, which causes changes in their subtle bodies and the laws of magic. There are more people whose souls and karma are cleaned from horrible sins by Higher Powers and who are protected from curses.

The so called “new” children play an important role in today’s magical reality, too. They come to this world with magical knowledge and skills they preserved from their past lives. A “new” child can break the curse that has been torturing his family for centuries or make his parent-evildoer a good person. Ordering a family curse, you should take these factors into consideration, because it may explain why the spell caster charges so much for it.

That’s how a family curse is cast, how it lives, develops and affects the family. Contact me and I will use my black magical powers to cast a family curse on any person you want. I cast family curses professionally, so they are extremely difficult to remove.

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