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Home curse signs

There are many signs of a home curse. It depends on the rituals used, the purpose pursued, and the people living in this home. Some people draw evil that ruins their own lives, while others have strong energies and are even capable of resisting it. However, a home curse cast by a professional spell caster is invulnerable.

Well, let’s get back to the signs indicating a home curse.

First of all, you no longer feel safe and comfortable in your home. Entering it, you feel fear and anxiety. The moment you cross the threshold, some viscous swamp-water-like energy envelopes you, causing apathy and sleepiness.

Ritual casting, removal, signs, symptomsAs a rule, one feels colder in a cursed home than in regular homes, while the actual temperature is the same. This cold is more like a feeling. It comes from within. It resembles the cemetery or grave cold.

People from cursed homes are always ailing. They have depression and die young. They get in all kinds of accidents and 9 times as often become the victims of robbers and serial killers.

Such people look hopeless and cheerless. They live a hard life, even if they have no financial and karmic problems. They can’t enjoy life, because the curse makes them focus only on bad stuff (even if it happened to them decades ago).

No matter how much you clean up your place, if it’s cursed it always looks untidy. Once you start renovating it, there’s no end to it, or your apartment gets flooded by your neighbors. Also, you may have a fire or your furniture and home appliances break down continuously.

People from a cursed apartment argue with each other. Such arguments may lead to a scuffle. Sometimes, a home curse makes the people living in it infertile or prevents them from getting married or finding a job. It may also cause poverty, insanity and hatred.

Speaking of mysticism, the people from a cursed home may hear strange voices and sounds and have nightmares. Sometimes, they are attacked by destructive beings (they try to choke them while the people are asleep, scary them, rape them, take their energy, and encourage them to commit a suicide).

Is it possible to remove a home curse on your own?

If a home curse is cast by a professional, you can’t remove it on your own. Performing the ritual, the spell caster not only damages the home’s energy, but also opens up a certain portal for evil beings and black, destructive energies to crawl inside, as well as creates a channel that takes away the energy of the people living in the home. That’s why one shouldn’t try to remove a home curse on one’s own. On top of that, it can aggravate the situation by making the portal to the parallel world bigger or making the evil beings even angrier.

Here’s my advice (any experienced spell caster would agree with me):

If the victims of black magic want their home curse removed, they should use professional help only. The spell caster they work with should come to the cursed apartment or house personally. The home curse can’t be removed remotely.

Will it help if you sell the cursed home?

Many people think the problem can be solved by selling the cursed home. Unfortunately, it works not for all people (only one family out of 30 manages to solve the problem by selling their cursed home). As for the rest, the home curse follows them wherever they move to. Consecration carried out by a churchman doesn’t help either. The thing is church rituals are usually powerless against true magic. Besides, most churchmen are no spell casters, which explains their powerlessness.

A home curse is an effective tool to punish your enemy. Cursing someone’s home, you not only create all kinds of problems to this man, but also deprive him of his main backup, the place where he rests and plots against you.

If you’re fed up with your co-worker standing in your way, curse his home and a couple of months later he’ll turn into a spineless, hysterical wimp. Or you can curse the home of your husband’s lover and your beloved will stop going there, because it’ll make him uncomfortable. Curse your neighbors’ home and it’ll force them to move out.

You can order a home curse any time. To order a home curse, click here. Don’t be afraid of the punishment which may follow after you ask me for help. I practice only safe magic, which means you’re safe, regardless of the power of the curse I cast on your enemies. Besides, you can use a home curse as many times as you like.

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