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An accident curse as an ideal crime

Policemen open criminal proceedings against a man only when there’s a chance to prove his guilt. When it comes to black magic, no policeman, including those who sincerely believe in curses and hexes, will do that. No case will be tried if it involves magic.

Spellcaster remove accident curseThat’s why today there are so many people who want to eliminate their rivals and competitors, punish their enemies and those who they envy with the help of spell casters and sorcerers. To prove a man’s guilt when he runs another man over, beats him, poisons, sets him on fire or murders him, is not easy but possible. When a man suffers because of magic, it is impossible to prove anyone’s guilt because there can be no evidence of it – the influence of black magic can’t be videotaped or recorded.

Taking advantage of that, spell casters cast accident curses on their unsuspecting victims. Until the accident curse is removed, the cursed man is in jeopardy. There’s a great chance of him getting injured, dying or even killing another man. The consequences of an accident curse are unpredictable.

Why it is important to have an accident curse removed quickly

As I’ve already said, the consequences of an accident curse are unpredictable. Below are just some of them:

Industrial accidents – people working with machinery find themselves in a situation when their hands or even head are dangerously close to the moving elements of the machines they work with. Such injuries are extremely dangerous and 17% of them are fatal.

Car accidents – a cursed man does something that causes a car accident (drives the car into a bump stop/post or the oncoming traffic lane, suddenly makes a turn or speeds up and no emergency breaking can prevent a head-on collision).

Unfortunately, accident curses affect not only their victims. Passengers, pedestrians, other drivers and their passengers often receive injuries too. By the way, the accident curse that causes a car accident is one of the most popular curses today. Each year, it has over 150 thousand victims worldwide. None of the people who ordered it has been punished for it by the police yet.

Water accidents – it poses danger to those who like fishing, swimming or sailing. Such people have a great chance of drowning/getting in a storm.

Home accidents– do you think you’re safe when you’re at home? You have a better chance of dying when you’re at home than while walking in the wild African savannah! You may die in a fire or as a result of a short circuit; you may fall down the stairs or choke while eating your pizza; you can slip while taking a shower and die! That’s how over 2550 people died this year.  

Remove accident curse with skull

The list goes on. There are many places where a person can get in an accident. They include the subway, highway, office, construction site, grocery store, gym… Wherever you go, you’re not protected from an injury or death. If you think you may have been cast an accident curse on, contact me immediately. It’s easier to have a curse removed from you than having to learn how to live after a severe injury or after mutilating or killing someone accidentally.  

Accident curse signs

There are many signs indicating an accident curse. They include:

1. You’re expecting something bad to happen to you shortly. You can’t help thinking about it; you are unable to calm down and relax.

2. Closing your eyes, you imagine an accident that changes your life completely and it terrifies you.

3. Every night, you have the same nightmare, in which you get in an accident and it looks pretty real to you.

4. You take one of your body parts (your arm, leg, or both legs) as something that is not yours, that exists outside of you. It means you’ve been cast an accident curse on and soon you will lose this very body part.

5. You can’t help noticing that lately you’ve been choking on food, slipping and falling suspiciously often. Or you can’t control your actions while driving the car or crossing the street.

6. You’re attracted by dangerous places, such as building roofs, dark parks, basements. You understand that it may be dangerous but can’t do anything about it.

7. Looking at yourself in the mirror, you suddenly see fear and doom, or even death.

If I’m right (I’m not guessing but describing main accident curse sings), contact me immediately! Remember, you mustn’t delay! The sooner I perform an accident curse removal ritual, the likelier it is that you and your family (curses like to travel from one person to another, especially to children) will be safe.

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