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Using spells of revenge cast to bring justce back into the world

Homepage Articles Black magic spells Using spells of revenge cast to bring justce back into the world
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No spellcaster will ever judge you if you want to use spells of revenge cast to punish your enemy. Judging is not what spellcasters do at all. Besides, experienced magic practitioners know the problems people face in life better than anyone, so they are well aware of the fact that sometimes revenge is the only option. Nevertheless, spellcasters can offer some alternatives to revenge casts to not have to make a human being suffer physically or undergo some other hardships.

Many people believe spells of revenge cast to make someone sick or experience physical suffering are the only spells which can be effective. However, if your enemy is a greedy person, what can be worse for him than losing his money? Is there a better way to punish a beautiful but arrogant girl than to take her beauty away? What can be more unbearable for a coward than to be kept at constant awe? A professional spellcaster can determine the worst kind of punishment for each person simply by scanning the person’s energies.

Casting revenge spellRevenge can also be indirect. In that case, it is not the person but the energies around the person that are influenced by magic. There is a notion of a lens in magic which is placed into the external energy layers surrounding the target. This lens serves to deform the energy flows. As a result, the target, no matter how kind and polite, is perceived by others as a liar, a cheater, a coward, etc. The target can be a smart person, but the lens will make him or her look like a fool or a crazy person by twisting every word he or she says.

Thanks to revenge casts, you can change the color of energy confusing its carrier. Thus,

Flirting can be made to look like invasiveness or sexual depravity;

Strength – like aggressiveness and danger;

Joy – like vulgarity and obtrusiveness;

Willingness to help – like arrogance and attempts to control and dominate;

Inexperience – like silliness;

Modesty – like pride;

Thriftiness – like greed.

When the lens is planted inside the target’s energy field, the people around the target immediately change their opinion of this person and the target cannot help seeing it. He tries to change, to become a better person, to be nice to everyone and show that he is not the person everyone thinks he is, but it gets only worse.

Spells of revenge cast to influence a person’s karma represent a special group of revenge spells. Many liars and criminals do terrible things knowing their karma will keep them unpunished. Did you not know that some people’s karma helps them avoid punishment no matter what they do? When a revenge spell is put on them by a spellcaster, everything they have done to others comes back to haunt them and many people are unable to withstand the severity of the blow.

One of the most popular revenge methods is driving the enemy out of his senses. It is very popular due to its high effectiveness because the enemy starts losing his mind and makes mistakes and the wrong decisions, sets the wrong goals which ruin his life, or does some things which are reckless and dangerous. As a result, the enemy plays himself into a corner with no way out. He finds himself standing on the edge of an abyss. If he falls, he will never get out of it.

Domestic revenge casts

Spellcaster's revenge spell.jpgYou can get back at your enemies with the help of spells of revenge cast to make them go insane or to put them in jail, doom them to bankruptcy or eternal poverty, and/or deprive them of respect or talents. Such revenge casts are highly effective if cast by skilled magic practitioners.

Professional spellcasters are quite inventive. They do not take revenge right away. At first, they help the target succeed and get something they have always wanted. Then, they pull the carpet away from under their feet and they fall down and so does their life. The worst thing that can happen to a person is to lose something you value most, and to achieve your dream and then see it being taken away from you for good.

Complex spells of revenge cast by powerful spellcasters account for a small percentage of revenge spells. People use simpler revenge spells far more often. They are less fatal but still quite unpleasant to deal with. Traditional revenge casts include rituals designed to destroy families and love. Statistically, more than 80% of people value love over money, career and personal success. So the majority of revenge spells are used to cause damage to relationships or marriages. It is difficult for lonely people and people who lost love, were betrayed or cheated on, to stay positive. So such blows are like those rings forming on the water when you throw a flat stone across it – they spread all over the person’s life causing problems at work and in business, affecting their self-confidence, talents, etc.

However, spells of revenge can be cast in a different way. Thus, one day you can start having multiple electrical wiring and plumbing problems or lose your things. Some revenge rituals are designed to attract thieves, aggression or violence into your house. A revenge spell can be cast on your car putting you in mortal danger and putting the pedestrians and other drivers at risk of being hit or run over by you.

I know a person who has had six cars stolen in five years. It looked so suspicious that his insurance company accused him of fraud but could not prove anything. In fact, his cars were kept being stolen because of a revenge spell put on him. One of the families I worked with lived in an apartment which was flooded by their upstairs neighbor eleven times in three and a half years. As a result, they lost everything they had – their furniture, books, and the money they spent repairing the apartment after the first three floods.

Yet the worst of spells of revenge cast to destroy health are very difficult to break.

Spells of revenge cast to cause severe and chronic illnesses

What is the easiest way to break a PC if you do not know how it works? Cut the power cable. What is the easiest way to make a person give up his dreams? Cut him off from the source of vital energy and make him develop some serious and incurable disease.

It is no secret that health is a common target of revenge spells. Many ancient mystical and religious teachings preach that people with serious or terminal diseases should reconsider their habits, goals and values to improve their karma as it can help them feel better or even cure them.

Speaking of karma, it is very difficult to use revenge casts to influence people who are truly sorry and have apologized (even in their thoughts) to those they have hurt. In general, it cannot help them avoid being prosecuted, except for some special cases. Nevertheless, repentance helps avoid magic revenge. However, you should repent not out of the fear of punishment but after realizing that you were wrong. Understanding one’s imperfection and wrongness is what cleans the criminal’s karma to such an extent that Higher Powers decide to protect the bad person against the revenge spells put on him by magic practitioners. This is the only thing that can protect bad people from spells of revenge cast on them.

As for revenge casts destroying people’s health and causing illnesses for which no cure has been found yet, they can be broken if you understand that they are your punishment for the things you have done and you can work off your negative karma and recover only through them.

Do not forget that spells of revenge cast by beginning or professional magic practitioners can be put on everyone. For this reason I, spellcaster Maxim, want to teach you how to check your house for the signs of revenge spells.

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