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Arabic talismans amulets for representatives of the modern non-Arabic world

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Arabic talismans amulets for beginners


“The other day I watched a TV documentary about Arabic magic. They talked about Arabic talismans amulets as something truly wonderful and effective. As far as I understood, those were just inscriptions put in a shell. How can they work wonders?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Arabic talismans amuletsAncient people knew that words and inscriptions had magical properties and that large amounts of energy could pass through them. Carry out the following simple experiment. Take a sheet of paper and write down five words – your personal qualities which you are shamed of most. Fold the paper, put it into your pocket, and go outside. I can assure you that you will demonstrate these qualities shortly and be ashamed or embarrassed of yourself. Now write down the qualities you are proud of and feel the difference – you will cheer up and feel more confident.

This is how simple words written down by a regular person influence us. Now imagine the effect of the words from the most sacred Muslim book charging each talisman in Arabic. Remember that Arabic talismans amulets are made not by some random people who are not familiar with the laws of magic but by experienced and skilled spellcasters like I am. You will get a truly powerful magic tool having a noticeable impact on you and the world around you.


“A talisman in Arabic can be written on fabric or paper, however there are also gemstone or elephant bone Arabic talismans amulets. Are they more effective than the talismans made from simple and cheap materials?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

It is stated in one old religious book that God better hears those praying alone facing an empty wall, than those praying in fancy temples which are always noisy and crowded. This statement reflects the essence of the communication between a man and a Higher Power. It is not the shape or the price of an amulet that matters but the content, as well as the magical abilities of the spellcaster who made the amulet and the man’s faith in the ability of the amulet to help.

Talismans and amulets made of gold and other precious metals are used by the people who want to stand out or who are under a delusion that precious metals are the best amulet and talisman material. A professional spellcaster always tries to meet the customer’s needs and offer the talisman they want. However, as a true spellcaster, he will warn the client that a paper talisman in Arabic put inside some cane case is as effective as an emerald talisman put inside a platinum case.

A talisman in Arabic for non-Muslims


“I’m not a Muslim and I don’t even have any Arabic friends. But when I learned about Arabic talismans amulets, I realized I needed to have one. Something tells me it’s going to change my life. Am I allowed to use such talismans and amulets as a person not familiar with Islam?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

There are no cultural, religious or ethnic restrictions applying to the use of Arabic amulets and talismans. Remember that all those differences are artificial and we are all humans, so nothing should stand between you and a talisman in Arabic.

As I have repeatedly told you, behind each religion is an egregor. They are powerful but not almighty creatures. Magic engages the supercreatures – those living in the Higher Worlds. It does not matter for them what skin color you have and what language you speak. If you want to become a better person or improve your life, they will help you, provided you follow the rules describing the proper use of magic amulets and talismans. For more information about these rule, check out the other articles under this section.


“I live in the dorm and I have a neighbor. He’s an Arab. I know he’s interested in magic. He has some famous Arab sorcerers in his family three. The other day we had a fight. He didn’t threaten me, but I’m still scared. What if he makes some Arabic talismans amulets to do something bad to me? How can I protect myself? Can a talisman made according to some other magic tradition protect me?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:


The best way to protect yourself after a fight or after hurting someone is to apologize. However, you should be really sorry and, secondly, you should be sincere. That way, you will get a shield protecting you against magic attacks and sending the evil back to the enemy. A prayer or a protective talisman will also do.

It does not matter that your enemy will use a talisman in Arabic to punish you but you pray to some Indian gods or use a Scandinavian magic talisman. The purpose of revenge talismans is to cause damage to your energies, while the purpose of protective talismans is to help your energies withstand and repel the attack. Therefore, you can protect yourself against black ArSpecifics of Arabic amuletsabic talismans amulets in different ways, so (see above) light magic products created with the use of Arabic spells can help anyone.


“They say an effective talisman in Arabic has a jinni inside. Isn’t it dangerous to deal with such creatures?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Not all experienced magic practitioners are strong enough to control genies. So do not worry, Arabic talismans have no such creatures inside. They work in a different way. They use sacred words to create portals for the energy of more advanced worlds to flow to you. It changes you, makes you stronger, protects you, and improves your life.

Specifics of Arabic amulets


“According to mystics, magic amulets work only if the owner has faith. What do I do if I don’t have faith?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

You do not have to believe in the god most Arabs do and it will not keep you from taking advantage of Arabic talismans amulets. The key is to believe in the ability of your amulet or talisman to help you. Amulets and talismans produce the desired effects by using their energy. Your disbelieve builds obstacles in its way, while faith removes them, strengthening the energy. So the answer is as follows: your belief in your talisman in Arabic is enough to take advantage of your talisman.


“I want to buy a very expensive amulet. Can a magic practitioner make it if he’s not a jeweler?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

This is how I execute such orders:

I design an effective amulet;

I select the right ingredients and purify their energies;

I find a jeweler with high energy levels;

I charge the jeweler’s tools and workshop;

The manufacture of the talisman begins on a special day;

I perform the required rituals while the jeweler is making your talisman;

I charge the finished talisman;

I adjust it to fit your chakras and karma;

I ship the talisman to you.

If you are okay with it, contact me and get your powerful Arabic talismans amulets to make positive changes in your life. On top of that, your talisman will be a wonderful piece of jewelry. Note that the materials you want your talisman to be made of are to be discussed and agreed upon and it is mandatory, because not all gemstones can be used to make a talisman in Arabic. Besides, some talismans should not be made of gold and silver, while platinum and other rare metals should not be used in other Arabic talismans.


“I accidentally broke my Arabic talisman. What do I do now?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Watch the video containing the instructions to follow in cases like yours.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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