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Are you afraid that someone may break your relationship? Have you had an argument and want to make it up? You can protect your love with talismans.

Love talismans made of different stones have many great magical properties.    

  • The heart is one of the symbols of love. 

  • A heart-shaped talisman made of coral brings mutual love, marriage, and long and happy family life.
  • An aventurine heart is a good amulet for those wanting to make peace with their loved ones. Wear it after a quarrel.
  • A black onyx heart helps to revive to live a new life after a breakup.
  • A rose quartz amulet brings romantic, euphoric love.
  • An amulet made of Tiger’s eye protects love from envy, curiosity and malicious gossip.


An amethyst heart brings your relationship to a new intellectual level.  It also attracts good reliable friends.


Protect your relationship with love talismansA carnelian heart will help you overcome your obsession. Wear it on your chest. It can also help people who grieve for those who are gone and will never return. According to a legend, a love obsession is sent by an evil spirit and if you wear a second heart on your chest, the evil spirit will mix it up and steal the stone heart instead. A carnelian amulet should be put on while the following spell is being pronounced, “Let my heart be in the house of my heart! Let my chest be in the house of my hearts. Let me be given lips to speak, legs to walk, and hands to work.”




Let’s talk about the world of flora, as it has a lot of love talismans, too. For example, red roses. There is an old spell for women wanting to boost their appeal, which has to be pronounced near the rosebush, “Furious, fire red, poppy red color, present me with a red face. I, as a rose in May or a bird of paradise, seem more beautiful than the red sun, prettier than the bright moon.”


An amethyst rose brings love, a carnelian rose brings happiness in love life, a crystal rose brings new acquaintances. 


For Italian women, good talismans are bunches of grapes, as they can arouse passion in every mousy girl and turn her into a confident beauty.


It’s also interesting to combine the world of stones and the world of plants and make a magical bracelet with bunches of grapes made of different stones. Garnet grapes improve complexity; goldish amber makes the eyes shine; turquoise adds passion. With a bracelet like this, you will never be left unnoticed by the opposite sex.


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