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The story behind the name of the universal protector talisman

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The story behind the name of the universal protector talisman

The story behind the name of the universal protector talisman is quite simple. It is called universal because it can protect you against a whole range of problems and hardships. Despite the simplicity of the answer, the production process of the universal protector talisman is quite complex and not all magic practitioners are able to make it. For this reason some sorcerers who lack professional skills and knowledge use the following trick. They make a regular talisman and put a tag on it saying it is a universal talisman. In fact, this talisman is able to protect its owner from just one thing, for example, from curses and hexes, but leaves them unprotected from all other possible dangers.

Universal protector talismanThe most powerful talisman for protection can protect you against:

- Diseases and premature death;

- Human meanness, envy and revengefulness;

- The above mentioned curses;

- All types of black and white magic;

- Negative energies;

- Accidents;

- Loneliness and divorce;

- Loss of money and poverty.

However, I, spellcaster Maxim, cannot promise you that any magic product you buy that is supposed to be a protection amulet or a protection talisman will have the above properties. I am talking only about my artifacts, the talismans and amulets produced by me.

The most powerful talisman for protection and 7 levels of protection

In fact, any talisman can be pimped to make you invincible. However, this takes months of hard work and leads to a very high price of the talisman (it can cost as much as a luxury car). If you are not that rich and do not have this kind of money, consider buying magic talismans offering less protection features.

In my opinion, such items should provide seven levels of protection which should be more than enough for each person. Extra powerful talismans should be bought by people who come across human aggression and revengefulness on a daily basis, for example, policemen or judges; or people whose job is to fight against death, as well as serious diseases and the energies and entities making people sick. Of course, I am talking about doctors. Obviously, every beginning magic practitioner should have a universal protection talisman. But if you live less dangerously, you can use a simpler talisman which nevertheless delivers the above mentioned levels of protection.

First and foremost, this talisman can help you if you do not get enough energy of the planet. This will improve your health and slow down aging. The second level of protection delivered by my powerful amulets and talismans prevents the loss of cosmic energy. Cosmic energy protects you from negativity preventing it from penetrating your body and staying in there.

The third level of protection is protection against magic. There have appeared millions of websites and blogs about magic on the Internet over the last few years. As a result, the number of people trying to get revenge on their enemies or the people they are jealous of has skyrocketed reaching epidemic proportions. For this reason every person, no matter how nice and harmless, is at risk of falling victim to black magic. Statistically, a black magic spell can be put on you by one out of nine friends of yours. I know it is not good to hear it but it is what it is.

Besides, my talismans protect people against unexpected negative events. Besides, they can keep you from making the wrong choices and taking the wrong steps which can affect your life in the long run. These are the fifth and the sixth level of protection. The seventh level of protection is protection against an unhappy fate by means of protecting you against your bad karma or family or generational curses.

More information about each level of protection is available on my website. In the meantime, I would like to answer some of the questions of those of my readers who want to buy my most powerful talisman for protection and see it for themselves how amazing it is.

Protection amulets and talismans UK

Protection amulets and talismansQuestion:

“In live in the UK and I’d like to buy an amulet made in the UK. Do you think I’m right? If you do, could you refer me to some good local talisman producers I could talk to?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

To be honest, I do not really understand why you want to do that. When it comes to magic, being patriotic is basically pointless. The English school of magic is quite good but there are too many new trends in it. Besides, foreign sorcerers can be more powerful than local ones specializing in ritual or talisman magic.

If you want to buy protection amulets and talismans UK because they engage local egregors, I cannot blame you for it. Weak egregors can actually be unhelpful at long distances, and if you take an amulet like this outside of England, it will probably be of no use.

For this reason I never bind my magic products to some specific egregors or spirits. I bind them to the energies of Higher Worlds. As a result, my amulets and talismans are highly effective regardless of their location.


“Still, who would you recommend as a good English sorcerer for me to work with?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

I cannot recommend anyone to you as this is too much responsibility to take. Even though I know some good magic practitioners living in the UK and I am friends with some of them or I keep in touch with them as I have built strong professional relationships with them, I cannot advertise any of them. All I can do is let you know that my talismans will never let you down and I can guarantee that all of them are highly effective.

There are some articles on my website where you can find out how to find a good magic practitioner or select the right magic product. Read them and choose some good protection amulets and talismans UK covering all your needs.

The Wiccan talisman for protection


“You’ve spoken ill about Wicca repeatedly in your articles. Why do you think it doesn’t work? In my opinion, a Wiccan talisman for protection can be very powerful. Let me explain why. People and the spirits and gods of nature lived side by side for thousands of years and we are still quite close. We just need to restore lost contact and the spirits will help us again. They’ll be even of more help to us, because the spirits are still as strong as before while the number of people who need their help has dropped significantly.”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Unfortunately, it only seems that your words make sense, while in fact things are much worse in respect to Wicca. First of all, the ancient methods for making contact with the spirits of nature have long been lost. Some of them are still used by Druid, Indian, Eskimo shamans or shamans from some African tribes known for keeping old traditions alive. Unfortunately, these methods are still incomplete. Wiccans did not even bother to collect and study these recent data regarding the interaction between humans and natural energies, but decided to invent a new branch of magic which naturally proved ineffective.

Secondly, you are mistaken about the power of the spirits of nature. They are not nearly as powerful as they used to be when almost every house was basically located in the middle of the woods surrounded by pristine nature feeding the spirits with its energy. Look around and you will see that there are almost no pure rivers and lakes left, or mountains that are free of man-built roads and tunnels. So these spirits are not that powerful anymore.

Thirdly, remember that new spirits always take place of the old ones. Thus, today the spirit of a big city or the spirit of the Internet is able to work more wonders than any of the spirits of nature. So naturally the spirits of nature could nothing but step back and let the new modern spirits which better understand the needs of modern society take over.


“I have a Wiccan talisman for protection and it’s been working fine for me. Should I stop using it and get something else instead?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

No way! If you have a talisman that has been helping you, stick to it because you are very lucky. On the other hand, a minor headache can be relived with some willow or birch decoction. Also, you can get an MRI scan of your head and neck to find out what causes your headaches and fix it once and for all.

When I offer you my protection amulets and talismans, I offer you to choose the second method of treatment, while you prefer to take the risk without understanding that a weak protection item can bring you just temporary relief or protect you from something not really dangerous, but prove useless when faced with some really strong negative energy.

Powerful amulets and talismans and black magic

Most powerful talisman for protectionQuestion:

“I know someone is using black magic against me. I want to buy one of your amulets to protect myself from whoever it is. But I’m a good person and I don’t want anyone to get hurt but as far as I know it’s inevitable when magic amulets are used. Can I protect myself without hurting my enemy?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Are you afraid that your protection amulet will collect the negative energy of the black magic spell put on you and send it back to the person who cast this spell? You do not want it to happen, do you? Unfortunately, it is not up to us and it has nothing to do with how magic works. It is how life works. Everything we do entails either a reward or a punishment. Besides, we get to choose both. We reward ourselves for doing good things and we punish ourselves for doing evil things, putting curses on people and performing black magic rituals.

Moreover, sometimes making a person feel what he or she wanted another person to feel is the only way to teach this person a lesson. Having been taught this lesson, this person can stop doing evil at all. You have no right to take away this opportunity from this person! But you can choose a universal protector talisman to use. Thus, if you buy a voodoo amulet, it will send the magic back to your enemy having made it much stronger. If you buy a similar product from me, the amount of energy returned will be equal to the amount of energy sent. This will not blacken your karma. This will not make you feel guilty or experience any side effects which occur when revenge is too violent or punishment is too severe.

The one trying to hurt you using black magic chooses their own punishment for they get exactly what they prepared for you. It is their choice. So it is not your fault that powerful amulets and talismans initiate a magic retribution.


“How can I make a protection amulet or a protection talisman for myself?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

To answer this very popular question, I have made a video that I am offering you to watch. But note that no talisman you make for yourself will be nearly as effective as my magic talismans and amulets.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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