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A health amulet which really works

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People want to stay healthy for as long as possible, since it is easier for a healthy person to, for instance, run a business or take good care of the family. To stay healthy, people use many different things, such as dieting, physical exercise, and medicine.

Many years ago, people also believed in the possibility of supernatural help, which is why the amulet of health was widely used in different cultures. What are the amulets of health?

Health magic amuletThey were different in different countries, but today, when people are all mixed up, some prefer to follow the Slavic traditions, while others rely on the eastern science of harmony of Feng Shui or runic symbols.

What talismans of longevity and health do we know today?

  • A Slavic doll made of linen threads;

  • Feng Shui talismans;

  • Strings worn on the wrist;

  • Runic symbols.

How do they work and which ones can you make by yourself?

Health amulets: Dolls

A very strong health amulet, as was believed in the Slavic tribes, is a special doll, which is easy to make by yourself. The best material for making this doll health amulet is linen, as linen threads are known to be able to absorb human illnesses.

The doll is made using red threads. Threads of red color have long been used in protective magic for making amulets for health and longevity: red is the color of blood, and therefore life.

To make a doll amulet, prepare the following ingredients:

  • Linen threads;

  • Red strings;

  • Scissors;

  • A piece of cardboard.

A finished doll should be about 15 cm high. Such dolls should be easy enough to make even for a beginning needlewoman. Thus, take a 15 cm wide cardboard and make three windings using the linen thread: one - thicker (for the body) and two - thinner (for the hands and braids). Do not make your doll thick and chunky. The doll should be slim to make you slim. All three windings are cut from one side and carefully put aside.

Now take the needles and from one end bind them with a red thread, tie a knot. Make a braid. Now tie the “tail” of the braid with a red thread, secure it with a knot so that the linen braid does not fall apart.

Straighten the two remaining needles, fold them crosswise and bend the ends - thick to thick, thin to thin. I divide the thin bundle into three strands and make the braid. Tie the end of the braid, as well as the hands, with a red string.

Oriental health amulets

As stated in Feng Shui, in order to stay young and healthy, it is very important to be in harmony with oneself and the world and live in a home full of harmony. How to bring harmony into your home? What symbols and signs should be used in doing this? To begin with, determine the eastern side of your house: the eastern and central parts of the house are responsible for health.

According to Feng Shui philosophers, the wall of the house facing the east, especially if it is a bedroom wall, should not be cramped and cluttered, especially with the old things. The center of the living space should also be free of clutter to allow for free energy circulation in your home. Naturally, to stay young and healthy, keep your house clean.

Put a table or a chest of drawers in the eastern part of the room and cover it with a red tablecloth. To make your health area stronger, use one or several health talismans. Such talismans include peaches or a peach tree. Peaches have long been used as a symbol of longevity and harmonious relationships in the family. Your peach talisman in your health area can be made from semiprecious stones or you can use a peach tree or an embroidered or painted image of peaches or peach trees in a square frame.

To keep all family members healthy, place statuettes of cranes in the eastern part of the house. Images of these birds protect the inhabitants from all sorts of trouble. In addition, according to Feng Shui, the crane is a symbol of matrimonial fidelity and a very long life. It is recommended to use not one, but a couple of crane statuettes to maintain a harmonious relationship between the husband and the wife for many years.

Feng Shui also recommends bamboo or pine as symbols to keep everyone in the house healthy. You can find potted dwarf pines and bamboo in flower shops. Buy them and keep them in glass containers with water.

Do not keep too many amulets in the rooms where your children sleep. A figurine of the elephant or the bell will perfectly cope with its “duties”.

Northern mysteries

Amulet for healthIt will not be surprising if Feng Shui amulets and talismans invented in China, that is in East Asia, did not work in the North due to different climatic conditions and people’s mentality. So instead of Feng Shui, Northerners use runes.

Runic amulets are believed to give health and longevity. The strongest health talisman is considered to be the one with a Scandinavian runic ligature or Slavic solar and runic symbols applied. Such amulets can be small and they are to be worn on a cord around the neck, and big and they are to be kept in the house.

A Slavic talisman giving health and longevity to women is the star of Lada. Traditionally, only women should wear it. However, there is an exception to every rule and this amulet can be worn by men too, provided they are widowers with daughters.

Another female health and wisdom talisman of the North is a ladino. Modern mystics believe it is able to balance hormones in women, improving their health and fertility.

Traditionally, the talisman in the form of a bracelet protecting the health of the owner is believed to be just as powerful. The simplest bracelet is a red string with seven knots that is worn on the left wrist. Put a red string on your hand at midnight, and say a health spell or a prayer as you tie each of the knots.

Every amulet you make should be activated with your pure thoughts. As for the amulets you buy, they should be activated with your thoughts, prayers, or spells.

In my online store there are amulets which require little effort to be activated. You just let me know what you need and see your life change for the better shortly after getting your talisman!

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