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Gypsies often come up to strangers on the street and offer to “remove a curse” or “tell fortunes.” As a rule, it leads to this person losing his money or jewels.

Casting gypsy cursesMany people are afraid of Gypsies, believing they practice hypnotism or magic, and they are right to some extent.

Let’s analyze some of the main Gypsy tricks by applying to the following story: a Gypsy woman asked a saleslady for a glass of water. She noted that the woman had an argument with her husband lately. She was right (typical problem for middle-aged women). After this, the woman took off her ring to give it to the Gypsy woman. And she would have given it to her, if it weren’t for one of her co-workers who interfered and took the ring away from the Gypsy. The Gypsy got mad and said, “Let this store burn down! And you will dry out alone, without a man!” In a week, an electric wiring failure caused a fire and the store burned down. The woman was left unemployed. She was single. Men didn’t notice her at all… Days, months and years passed by.

As a rule, magic salons and private magicians refuse to work with victims of Gypsy curses

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According to magicians, all Gypsy tricks can be divided into two categories: excellent acting technique (which sometimes involves hypnosis) and real witchcraft. There’s nothing unusual in the fact that good Gypsy psychologists with no actual magical powers pass themselves off as magicians.

Representatives of the first category make their predictions based on the way the person looks, his age and behavior. For instance: speaking with a cheerful and well-to-do man, they predict success; an elderly person – illnesses and problems with children; a sad-looking woman – loneliness and relationship problems.

The second category includes Gypsy women, witches. Gypsies are the off-springs of a people, who once had ancient magical knowledge and knew the old magical secrets, so some of the modern Gypsies share this karma, acquiring the powers of their ancestors.

If a Gypsy is bothering you with questions on the street, don’t insult her. Try to avoid any contact with her, including eye contact. In other words, don’t talk to her, don’t look in her eyes, and don’t pay attention to her at all. This is how you can protect yourself from Gypsy magic. If she insists on telling your fortune, you can say this, “I can tell fortunes myself.”

Children should be explained that they must not talk with Gypsies, but should keep away from them. Put a mirror into a breast pocket of your child’s jacket so it reflects whatever comes its way.

Also try to avoid healers, fortune tellers and witches who use Gypsy magic, as they can infect you with someone else’s disease.  

Although rare, Gypsy curses are sudden and very powerful

There is one method how to remove a Gypsy curse. It’s old and quite effective. If you had an argument with a Gypsy, try to get rid of all the negative energy you have, preferably in a bath. Put on new clean clothes and destroy your old ones in a fire. Find a Gypsy grave and, standing at the “feet” of it, clutch your little fingers, pronounce the Lord’s Prayer, and then the following spell,

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Gypsy curses with candles“The passions of Christ, show mercy,

Leave the body of God’s servant (name).

Heavenly angels! The Virgin – Mother of God!

Let live water be poured on his body,

A spell be put against

Ailment, trouble, sorrow and grief.

Get out, you nasty longing!

Get away, you black pain,

From the blood, veins, bones, and eyes.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Forever and ever,


If a death curse has been put, find a table cloth that was used during a funeral feast, wash it, and use its edges to rub the victim while pronouncing the following spell,

“The deceased who has been prayed for is gone.

So is the curse that has been put.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Forever and ever,


Burn the table cloth down.

If a Gypsy whispered her curse while standing on the doorstep of your home, sweep it up and burn the broom down.

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