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Gypsy magic spells

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Gipsy hypnosis is cloaked in legends. There is a popular belief that one should not look Gypsies in the eye, speak to them, show them jewelry such as rings or watches. The power of Gypsy magic is well-known, too. They say that a curse put on by a Gypsy, even a nonprofessional one, is very hard to remove. How can one protect oneself from Gypsy hypnosis and their powerful magic?

Gypsy magic is the most powerful one

Its traditions appeared as a result of leading a nomad’s life, which allowed them to take in esoteric secrets of different cultures. Their unique magic is closely connected with psychology and hypnosis.

Behavioral Tips

Gypsy candle magicMany of those practicing esotericism treat Gypsy magic as black magic, as it includes a bunch of curses and hexes. Many Gypsies take advantage of their secrets to make a living. Some offer magical services – put love or evil spells, while others tell fortunes.

Aware of the power of Gypsies, many people get scared coming across them in the street, but they shouldn’t. Gypsies use not magic or hypnosis, but simple psychology. It is not difficult to protect oneself from it.

It’s important to keep in mind a few simple rules.

If a Gypsy woman addresses to you in the street begging alms, refuse politely and keep going. The lady will likely to keep talking to you, compliment you or threaten. Try not to look back and don’t stop. Not to make her angry (they are hot-tempered people), say something like, “Excuse me, but I’m in a hurry.” Make sure you leave her field of vision.

Never enter into a dialogue with Gypsies.

Avoid handshaking – it may distract you from your purse.

Never be rude with them and don’t try to humiliate them. As any other person, it may insult the Gypsy and consequences are unpredictable.

Remember that for many Gypsies begging is a job. It is natural for them and they do it professionally.

Many people get emotional while talking to Gypsies.

Gypsies benefit from emotions, whether they are positive or negative. An emotional person is easier to fool.

Evil Spell Protection

Gypsies apply to evil spells in two cases: if someone pays them for it or if they have been insulted. To protect yourself from their magic, try to close down all your energy fields.

Fold your arms. Try to retreat into yourself, focus on your thoughts. Keep your arms folded while the Gypsy sees you. Folded arms prevent energy streams from entering your body.

Put on a hex protection amulet. It can be a medallion or a pendent. It shouldn’t necessarily be expensive. You can put on a bright round-shaped cheap jewelry that looks like an eye.

It will divert attention away from you.

Gypsy casting spellIf a Gypsy’s begun whispering something to you, take out a mirror and turn it to her. The mirror will repel all her curses and direct them back at her. Upon seeing the mirror, the woman will break off her spell. Leave promptly.

Clench your fists. Clench them tight, as if you’re afraid of dropping something. You can keep your fists in your pockets.

Make sure you feel your fists clenched. This will help you close down one of the most important energy channels – your palms.

If a Spell Has Already Been Put

Red threads and needles that grew black are very typical of “Gypsy street magic.” It’s not dangerous.

Gypsies usually say their spells aloud. If you think that you’ve been put a spell on, try to remove it using a traditional method of Gypsy spell removal.

The head of the family (father or grandfather) should pull out three hairs from your head, repeating, “Where the hair is, an ear’s grown.” Then a note is unfolded and put on the table.

Take all three hairs, burn them using a church candle and say, addressing to the senior, “Used to be yours, but became mine.” It’s like you’re taking that note from him.

After that, get rid of the money. You don’t have to throw it away. You can exchange it (in a bank) and buy something for the exchanged money quickly.

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