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What you should know about the dead if you want to cast a cemetery love spell

When you go to a cemetery to cast some cemetery love spells, you engage not the dead. Generally, the dead can hear you but cannot help you. If you are familiar with Buddhism, you know that most people get a new existence after death. In other words, spirits get to live again.

Come up to a baby in the crib and ask it to help you cast a cemetery love spell. The baby will help you no more than your late relatives or friends. Most of them are living a new life. They cannot hear or help you.

Cemetery love spellsYou are someone’s deceased relative, too. Imagine that someone you knew in your past life is asking you for help in casting some cemetery love spells. Will you hear it? Will you help this person? Remember about it the next time you ask the dead to help you.

As a rule, when you cast a cemetery love spell, you call forth not your late parents, relatives or friends. To hear you, they need to be among those who never got a chance to get a new existence. Your calls can be heard by those who stayed and learned to survive in our world while being dead. To this end, a spirit needs to become a real beast and a predator.

Death is simple in nature. When we die, we throw off our four lower energy shells one by one. When they are gone, there are three upper shells left which are similar to our three upper chakras. They move to the Higher World, provided they were activated, developed and filled with positive energy when the man was alive. Otherwise, when the four lower shells disintegrate, the thing that is left, which we call a man, remains unawaken. With his mind in a deep sleep, the man either gets a new existence completely forgetting who he was, or finds himself in a state called the emptiness of non-existence. However, there is no such thing as emptiness. There is a soul that failed to wake up.

To avoid such transitions, the spirits need energy. They help you cast your cemetery love spells in exchange for your energy. However, it is not that easy. If you want the spirit to not only feed on your energy but also to fulfill your wish, you need to beat it into submission. It is quite easy for an experienced spellcaster like I am, but the rest are bound to fail handling the spirit. It is not about the power of your cemetery love spell. To cast cemetery love spells successfully, you need to have inner strength. Today only one out of 10 thousand people is a naturally strong person possessing the required inner strength.

What you need to know about cemeteries if you want to cast a cemetery love spell

Spirits act differently from cemetery to cemetery. Below are the five most common behavioral models typical of the spirits depending on the type of cemetery.

Cemetery love spell ritualNEW CEMETERY

New cemeteries are considered the best for doing magic. There are no old and experienced spirits there which may act like merciless predators capable of deceit and betrayal. When a magic practitioner comes to a new cemetery, he expects to find a spirit which still has such positive human character traits as honesty and integrity. Young spirits have a lot of their human energy left in them and may cooperate with the spellcaster in good faith and for a small amount of the spellcaster’s energy as a reward. For your information, your energy safety should be your top priority at all times.


Here you can meet all kinds of spirits, young and old. However, such cemeteries are still quite good for practicing magic because the spirits can replenish their energy by stealing it from the people who come to the cemetery to mourn, as well as the people who work there, such as grave-diggers, store owners selling funeral supplies, and funeral planners. There are always onlookers here, while sorcerers and witches perform their rituals now and then, too. Before you cast your cemetery love spell, walk through the cemetery and see if any other rituals have been performed here lately. Magic rituals vary and some of them may leave clusters of negative energy which you might accidentally attract to yourself.  


It is pointless to cast cemetery love spells at old cemeteries and cemetery-museums. There are almost no spirits left here which could help you. Even if there are any spirits left, they have nothing human left in them. They can only suck the negative energy out of the people (by the way, this explains why people tend to feel good after visiting such cemeteries) or frighten them.


Many people believe that if they cast one of the cemetery love spells at a cemetery where their relatives or friends are buried, the love spell will work. I have already explained to you why it is pointless to count on the support of one’s late family members and friends. There are a lot of stories about late parents helping their children who are still alive. However, you need to remember that gradually spirits are losing the good they have in them, slowly turning into ghosts interested only in energy. Even if a spirit once loved you very much, eventually it will see you only as a source of energy.

Moreover, being related, you and the spirit carry the same energy code, which allows it to steal your energy with ease. As a result, it is very difficult to get rid of such an energy vampire. The point is it is much better to cast spells at cemeteries your relatives have never been buried at.


Even the most experienced of spellcasters feel anxiety or fear when they come to such cemeteries, which is understandable. This is where the strongest and most dangerous predatory spirits live. If a spirit managed to survive there, given how rarely humans visit such places, it means it is an excellent hunter. You cannot subdue and you cannot control it. If you end up bound to this spirit because of some cemetery love spells  you cast, it will enter your body immediately, taking full control of your life.

Do you understand now why I keep warning you against practicing magic by yourself, but encourage you to contact me instead? I am the only one who can give you what you want while keeping you safe. In case you do not remember, when you cast magic spells, you put not only yourself in danger but also the one you are trying to put your spells on.


Unfortunately, this article does not have all the information magic practitioners need to know to cast cemetery spells, so we will continue this discussion in one of my next articles. In the meantime, please enjoy a video I made for you to teach you how to choose the right place for your ritual. 

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