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How do you spell marriage?

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Conditions to meet to cast a spell marriage

My name is spellcaster Maxim and today I am going to talk to you how to cast a spell marriage at home. Before we begin, I would like to remind you that you can download and read my book which I finished writing not a long time ago. It is available at my website. In this book you will find a lot of useful information about casting spells to get married and hopefully cast some simple ones quite successfully.

Spell marriageIf you are in a hurry and want to cast a marriage spell as soon as possible, then memorize and follow the rules below for a more effective marriage spell.

Firstly, you should know the one who you want to marry in person. People who are not aware of your existence cannot be influenced with magic spells.

Secondly, this person should at least like you. If he or she does not like you, the sorcerer casts a regular love spell before performing the marriage ritual.

Thirdly, marriage spells cast at home are more effective when put on someone who loves you but likes their freedom too much to marry you.

Fourthly, if the target has been disappointed in love, the marriage spell needs to be cast by a professional magic practitioner.

Fifthly, do not cast marriage spells on divorced people. As a rule, such people have a deep psychological trauma which needs to be cured before any spells are cast.

Sixthly, underage persons are prohibited from doing magic and magic must never be used to influence underage persons. Spells cast by or on underage persons are considered a severe karmic crime.

Seventhly, magic should be used only by people with no mental health issues.

Eighthly, do not put any spells on people diagnosed with depression, psychosis, hallucinations, and other mental diseases.

Ninthly, you have to believe in success. Your faith is the driving force of all your spells.

The tenth condition – even if you want to cast some marriage spells today, you still have to wait for a while. First of all, all rituals require a 7-day, 9-day or 14-day prior fast. Secondly, all such spells should be cast when the moon is waxing. If you cast a marriage spell during a waning moon, you will get the opposite results becoming even more distant with your loved one.

The eleventh condition – memorize the ritual before performing it and run it in your mind at least 7 times.

The twelfth condition – do not make any changes in the original marriage rituals which I am going to tell you about.

The thirteenth condition – I, spellcaster Maxim, am not liable for any love spells found on any third-party websites.

The fourteenth condition – Make sure to read my article about the marriage love spell 

Casting a spell for marriage at home – Method № 1

Marriage candle spellThe easiest spell for marriage is cast using wedding rings. You can use as many rings as you want, but the more the better. Ask your friends and family members who, in your opinion, are happy in their marriage, for their wedding rings. This will allow you to make your loved one want to marry you and build a happy marriage.

Below are the kinds of people whose wedding rings are not suitable for this ritual:

- People who are not happy with their spouse;

- Divorced people, regardless of whether their current marriage is happy or not;

- Cheaters;

- Widowers/widows;

- Not original ring owners (those who inherited their rings or bought a used ring).

When you have enough wedding rings, put them on the windowsill facing the sun. They need to be in the sun for a few days without touching each other to reach some balance.

For hygiene purposes, disinfect the rings using some non-diluted alcohol solution and let them dry naturally as you will use these rings to make a love potion to drink.

I would like to point out that the material of the rings is irrelevant. Your rings can be made of silver, steel, gold, platinum, etc. However, there should be no stones, inscriptions, drawings or symbols on your rings. Today such rings are called wedding talisman-rings charged with magic, religious or Cabbala symbols. They should not be used in marriage rituals because they neutralize the energy of the rings keeping it from transforming into a marriage/love spell.

When the rings have been disinfected, put them into a clear glass container. Take a thick red thread and use it to attach your picture to the container (to the outside of it). Pour some spring water into the container and let the rings stay in the water for 72 hours to make a love potion containing a mix of your personal energy and the pure energy of the happily married couples. Eventually, when the love potion starts working, the target will think about marriage and family every time he or she sees you, considering you to be the perfect life partner.

Pour the water through a clean cloth into a separate container with a lid. Disinfect the rings with the alcohol solution and keep them in the sun for a few days again. That way you will remove what is left of your energy from the rings to make sure the rings do not try to suck energy out of you in the future. Then return the rings to their owners along with a gift: a box of chocolate candies, some flowers, etc. The goal is to make them feel some positive emotions to help you cast your spells for marriage more successfully.

Then start adding one spoon of the water into the drinks of your loved one, such as coffee, tea, juices, smoothies, milk shakes, raw milk, etc. Just do not add it into strong drinks, as even small amounts of alcohol can destroy the effect of your love potion.

First results are usually seen in about 5 calendar days. For better results, make sure your loved one drinks it all, until the last drop. That way your marriage love spell will make them want to marry you for sure. If your spell does not work for some reason, contact me as a surefire way to solve your problems with love magic.

A spell for marriage – Method № 2

Marriage magic ritualThis spell is called a marriage candle spell and as you can guess from its name it is cast with the use of some candles. If the spell is cast by a woman, a white candle is used. If it is cast by a man, a dark blue candle is needed. The candle should meet the following requirements to qualify for this marriage ritual:

1. The white candle should be made of white max and the blue candle should be made of blue wax (the candles should not be painted in blue or white);

2. While melting, the wax should not change its color;

3. The candle should have no unusual smells;

4. The fuse should be of the same color as the candle;

5. There should be no inscriptions, drawings or other elements made of wax or other materials, such as paper or foil, on the candle;

6. Melted wax should leave no colored stains on paper;

7. Warm wax should not leave colored stains on your fingers.

To qualify for strong marriage spells, candles should meet all of the above requirements.

The ritual is performed as follows. In the evening, when you miss or feel sexually attracted to your loved one more than usual (any emotions will do as long as they are strong and positive), take your pictures. Light the candle, turn the lights off, and just keep looking at the picture showing your loved one for about 30 minutes.

In about 30 minutes you will find yourself feeling a strong desire to cast a marriage love spell. When you do, put your picture (the picture showing you) on the table and drip some wax over it. With the picture of your loved one in your hand and your eyes on this picture, shape a small heart with your other hand. Hold it in your hand for 5-10 minutes and then put it over your picture.

The ritual is completed. You may blow the candle out and put the pictures away. Go to your loved one and hide the heart at their place, making sure it will not be found for as long as possible. Then just go home and wait. If nothing happens within three days, repeat the ritual over again. You may recast the spell until the candle burns down. If the spell still has not given you the results you expected, contact me and I will cast one of my powerful marriage proposal spells for excellent results.

What are voodoo marriage spells, do marriage spells work, how do powerful marriage spells work, and other questions


“I read a lot of forums about magic, a lot of books about magic and witchcraft, but still don’t understand why some people manage to cast marriage spells that really work and others don’t?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

The reasons is the same as why some people manage to make great cakes and others do not, why some people are good drivers and others are not and rarely manage to leave their garage without scratching their car. It is all about having a talent for magic. Some people have an inborn talent while others develop it through many years of practice and learning. Either way, you should know that real magic practitioners study their whole life.


“How many times can I get married using spells of marriage?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Well, I hope once will be enough. A professional magic practitioner will do his best to make your marriage last for as long as possible. If that is not what you want, hire a black magic sorcerer. They know how to help you make the most of each your new spouse. Just remember that this is quite risky and you will probably end up regretting it.


“Is there a maximum age limit for magic to get married? I’m living in an assisted-living facility and would like the man living next door to marry me.”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Magic practitioners are very careful with their spells when it comes to casting them on or for elderly people. We are like doctors. As you age, your energies become less dense and more fragile. If you work with an experienced magic practitioner, he will cast his marriage love spells quite successfully regardless of your age or the age of the man you love. If you work with a beginning sorcerer, both of you may end up getting hurt.


“I’m in love with a 17-year old girl and I want to marry her. Could you put a marriage spell on her as an exception?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

No, it is stated very clearly that it is not allowed to put spells on underage persons. Even if you offer a lot of money for this spell, a professional love magic practitioner will turn your offer down.


“My lover doesn’t want to divorce his wife, so he clearly isn’t going to marry me. Will magic help me?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

It will, but this will take a while. To begin with, your spellcaster will make your lover divorce his wife, while making sure they have nothing left in common. Then he will make sure the man falls in love specifically with you. The next stage requires the spellcaster to convince the man he wants to marry you. Lastly, since the man has cheated on his ex-wife, he will probably cheat on you too one day, so the spellcaster puts a fidelity spell on him to keep him faithful to you. So using just one of the effective marriage spells will not solve your problem.


“We have a baby but we’re not married. I want to order a spell of magic for marriage. But first I would like to know if this man actually loves me. Could you do that for me?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

I can read your fortune from the perspective of your love life quite accurately. I will answer all your questions about it. If you find out your boyfriend does not love you or his feelings for you are not strong enough, do not worry. He will love you more than anyone after I put one of my love spells on him. When I know he loves you enough, I will put a marriage spell on him to make him propose to you.


“How do you spell marriage on your ex-husband?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

No, such spells will not work for you. To get your ex-husband back, you need a peace-making ritual or one of the rituals to reunite ex-spouses.


“Is there a way for me to find out if I got married because some spell was involved? Lately I’ve been finding myself thinking that some marriage spells that really work made me propose to and marry my wife.”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Find it out in the video below which I made for everyone who is asking the same question.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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