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Accessibility of lesbian spells

Sometimes it looks like lesbian girls are too shy to ask magic practitioners for help. I, spellcaster Maxim, have worked with thousands of different people and I perfectly understand them. Most magic-related websites have no clear offers for lesbian users, such as lesbian spells. The majority of sorcerers, including quite famous and recognized magic experts, offer love spells for their heterosexual clients without saying a word about helping lesbians find true love and become happy.

Best lesbian spellsSuch offers along with this kind of information are almost non-existent on YouTube. Trust me, I have checked. There are just a few articles about it on Facebook and on magic-related blogs. The good thing is there is no discrimination there. Instead of it, you can see ignorance, lack of knowledge and experience, and not knowing how to cast complex spells which are therefore quite difficult to access. I have to inform you right from the start that lesbian love spells that work are among the most complex of rituals in love magic, so only a few spellcasters in the world have the skills to perform them successfully.

Yet complex does not mean impossible. If Higher Powers want to give you love, believe me they will find a way for you to find it. This may be your way of finding it by the way, since you have decided to use magic and come across my website. I, spellcaster Maxim, am one of those few magic practitioners who can offer you a high-quality lesbian love spell and more.

There are things that can keep you from taking advantage of a quality lesbian love spell, but you can avoid them by taking some precautions. Let me tell you more about it to prevent any future misunderstanding between you and me. Thus, below are the things which can prevent a lesbian love spell from taking full effect:

More information about the effective lesbian love spell for true love can be found HERE

In the meantime, let me explain to you why it is so difficult to cast this spell successfully and why the majority of sorcerers and sorceresses refuse to work with lesbian clients.

Difficulties encountered by magic practitioners while casting a love spell for lesbian clients

It is quite difficult to cast a love spell for lesbian clients because the chakras in the client and the woman she is in love with work in the same way, while love spells require uniting chakras through a common channel. I am pretty sure you know that each person has seven chakras and every chakra is different:

The first chakra – connects you to the energy of the world;

The second chakra – responsible for creativity and sex;

The third chakra – the chakra of vital energy. This is where your strengths and weaknesses are hiding;

The fourth chakra – gives you love;

The fifth chakra – transforms your thoughts into words and allows you to dream;

The sixth chakra – also known as the mental chakra;

The seventh chakra – connects you to Cosmos.

Lesbian candle ritual

The first chakra is very strong in men, so men enjoy outdoors more than women and feel better in cold temperatures. This chakra is not very strong in women, so they often get sick after being outside which this is the only way for them to get rid of energy waste. When a woman falls in love with a man, she appoints him as her “janitor” letting him collect her energy waste and remove it along with his own through the first chakra. When it comes to two lesbian girls, none of them can be the janitor. This is why many lesbian women like to go out – this is how they can get rid of their energy waste.

This can be fixed with a special ritual (which is definitely not the lesbian voodoo spell). Apart from the spell, a special amulet is needed as well to make sure your and your partner’s chakras function properly.

As for the second chakra, everything is fine except one thing. It releases energy in women and absorbs energy in men. During sex, the man takes some of the woman’s energy, including the above mentioned energy waste. The woman cannot take the man’s energy. For this reason women may feel weird after lesbian sex. Their symptoms can be relieved with a special lesbian spell. It will absorb the energy during sex and direct it at something good, such as at improving your good luck.

There is another love spell for lesbian couples which can bring harmony in their second chakras.

As for the third chakras, everything can be alright and you will not need professional magic services, provided one of you is a strong person and the other is willing to stay in the shade. In this case you can build a balanced relationship, with each of you valuing what you have because it makes you really happy. If both partners are strong people or on the contrary weak people, a special love spell for lesbian couples is needed and on top of everything else the ritual has to be performed by a highly experienced sorcerer.

The three upper chakras usually remain intact when lesbian rituals are performed. But if you want to have other things in common besides sex, such as common interests and hobbies, use another lesbian spell. Such spells are never black magic lesbian spells. When black magic is used to impact someone mentally, a lot of damage may be caused leading to various forms of insanity.

Everything I have told you about is easy to say but difficult to do. In fact, lesbian spells are very complex and this job can be handled only by a trained professional. I, spellcaster Maxim, can cast high-quality lesbian spells except the following (I agree to cast them on rare occasions):

‌- Black magic lesbian spells;

- ‌Lesbian voodoo spell;

- ‌Wiccan lesbian love spells.

The thing is black magic spells are dangerous and they are not suitable for building love-filled relationships. I do not believe in Wiccan magic so I do not cast Wiccan lesbian love spells simply because I know they do not work. As for the lesbian voodoo spell, it can be used if the target is a heterosexual woman or if you want to get a sex slave satisfying your every whim and turning your fantasies into reality.

Now I would like to answer some questions from my female readers interested in lesbian love spells that work.

‌lesbian love spells that work – Q&As


“You claim lesbians radiate the same kind of energy as all other women. But it is the differences in their energies that make them lesbian in the first place, don’t you agree?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

I understand what you mean but I am sorry I disagree. Nature has created a female body for you so your chakras work in the same way as in any other woman. You are attracted to women not because of having different energies but because of your slightly different hormonal system which is telling you what your perfect partner looks like and if it is a man or a woman.

When chakras work differently in a woman, she stops feeling like a woman and wants to become a man – she starts dressing like a man and probably considers having a gender reassignment surgery. In this case you are right – the chakras in this woman work like those in the man, but this applies not to all her chakras. As a rule, it applies only to the upper chakras which are usually not impacted by lesbian spells. At the same time, the other chakras are typical female ones.

Anyway, before making any conclusions regarding any woman, I need to examine her energies, so I can examine you too and tell you which type of chakras you have.


“Can a love spell help a woman in her late 40s who is in love with a young girl?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

On three conditions: you will not use a black magic lesbian spell which may hurt the girl; you love this girl with all your heart; this girl is more than 18 years of age. I have to remind you over and over again that I do not put spells on underage persons and I do not work with underage clients. Besides, I will never cast my spells knowing it may cause any of the people involved suffer in the future.

Lesbian love spellsQuestion:

“Do you have a lesbian love spell that works forever?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

I do not suggest using such spells at all. First and foremost, no spells can work forever. No matter how strong, it will last for not more than just a few years and it is up to you to make it last longer. First of all, try to make your partner happy. Secondly, cast other lesbian love spells that work once in a while. Just make sure you work with the same spellcaster who cast your very first love spell. Lastly, a lesbian love talisman is always a good idea as it will remove boredom, misunderstanding and indifference from your relationship keeping the fire of your love and passion alive. In case you are wondering, I do create and offer such talismans.


“Are lesbian sex spells real?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

They are. You will start dating expecting just sex from each other and nothing else. At the same time, there are different lesbian sex spells. Thus, I can put one for you to stay faithful to each other or offer you a sex spell allowing you to cheat on your partner with other women, while your partner will never cheat on you. There are other options which I discuss in more detail with my clients.


“Can your lesbian magic help me get my ex-girlfriend back?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

I suggest you read more articles about love magic available on my website. Even though they are mostly about the so called traditional relationships, everything I say in them applies to same-sex couples, including lesbian couples. I am very good at all branches of magic, so I can help you get your ex-girlfriend back as well. However, when I have to help a man and a woman get back together, I free their hearts from whatever feelings they have developed for another person. Similarly, before I make your ex-girlfriend want to come back to you, I will make her forget about whoever she is dating now.


My wife’s very jealous. She’s jealous for no reason. She gives me a hard time for even looking at another woman. We fight about it almost every day. We’re lesbians so I’m wondering if you know any spells to make one lesbian woman stop being jealous of another lesbian woman.”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

My answer is going to be pretty much the same as the previous one. All I can do for a woman in a traditional marriage can be done for a woman dating or married to another woman. The fact that you are officially married makes it even easier. Even if you were not married, I am still skilled and powerful enough to melt jealousy into trust and care for a stronger love.


“Do you mind casting lesbian spells for people driven by selfish motives?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

I am okay no matter why you need lesbian magic – because you are in love or just sexually attracted to another girl or because that girl is rich. I do not cast spells which will make the target unhappy, and the fact that you want to be with her just because of her money does not necessarily mean this will be the case. I have worked with many couples who were together because one of the partners was rich and they often were much happier than those who were together because they loved each other. Besides, such relationships usually last longer too.


“Parachute jumpers have a second parachute, a reserve, just in case. Does your lesbian love spell have anything like that? Can you undo the spell if I get tired to the girl or if, let’s say, I get disappointed in my life with her?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Any ritual can be undone. If that is what you need, let me undo it for you. So let us agree about something. If you get tired of your relationship or want to end it for any other reason, you will contact me and I will break the lesbian love spell for good. Just do not try to do it by yourself because this will most likely affect your life partner’s physical and mental health. Also, do not ask another sorcerer to break my spell as I am monitoring the couples who are together thanks to my spells and I take measures when I realize someone is trying to break them up. When two spellcasters start to fight, it ends badly for everyone involved.

Often such spells are not needed. Eventually all rituals wear out. Besides, if you fall out of love with your partner, this will happen even faster.


“Can I cast lesbian love spells at home and how?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Yes, you can. To find out how, watch my video about lesbian love spells which can be performed by beginning spellcasters. This video is available to everyone in return for which I do hope you will subscribe to my YouTube channel, especially since it has many more videos about magic and spells which can be cast at home.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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