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Magiс Lessons. Do you need psychology in love magic?

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What makes a good spellcaster?

Neophytes believe that to become a spellcaster, you need to make up a fancy name, put on some weird clothes, and then find some spells on the Internet and cast them. Unfortunately, when people do that, it ends badly for them. Their spells fail, while each second “spellcaster” gets hit by karma or has to deal with magic retribution.

Book of psychology inplove magicTo become a real spellcaster, you need to be an expert in many disciplines which may seem unrelated to magic. Let me, spellcaster Maxim, tell you what they are:

YOU NEED TO BE AN ATHLETE – staying in shape allows spellcasters to keep their energies healthy. This is why each spellcaster needs to choose which sport to pursue – running, heavy lifting, swimming, yoga, etc.

YOU NEED TO BE A DIETRITIAN – eating healthy allows spellcasters purify and accumulate energies, get rid of negative energies and protect themselves against mind parasites to be able to do their best.

YOU NEED TO BE A BIOLOGIST – herbalism is an integral part of magic. As a spellcaster, you need to not only know all herbs but also remember the recipes of all magic potions and elixirs which can be made using these herbs.

YOU NEED TO BE A DOCTOR –spellcasters often need to treat their customers’ physical illnesses before fixing their fates.

YOU NEED TO BE A FIGHTER – magic involves an ongoing struggle, often a life-and-death one.

YOU NEED TO BE A PSYCHOLOGIST. Psychology plays in important role in magic and I’d like to tell you more about it.

Psychology in magic

You can’t use love or relationship magic without knowing the fundamental principles of psychology. This is why professional spellcasters never miss a chance to improve their knowledge and understanding of psychology, an extremely useful science. Psychology enables spellcasters to understand the human mind and its functions, especially those impacting our behavior and shaping our secret wishes and expectations. Thus, the psychological portrait of an object is the best way to figure out which ritual will give the best results.

Some may say you can use tarot cards to tell the object’s fortune or inner vision to see what kind of person the object is. However, while telling the object’s fortune with tarot cards or drawing the object’s portrait using inner vision, the spellcaster or witch need something to be guided by. Without psychology, tarot reading for a man is be as follows:

“The woman can’t fall in love with you because she loves money. You’re not rich which is why she doesn’t want to be with you. You need a money ritual and the woman will become yours.”

You perform a money ritual, become rich, and the woman falls in love with you. However, as soon as she meets someone who is even wealthier, she falls in love with him and breaks up with you.

If you read the tarot spreads through the prism of psychology, this is what you find out:

Witch casting love magic“When she was a little girl, she was poor. Now she’s terrified of being poor again and she’ll do everything she can to ensure her children always have enough money. This is why she’s looking for a man with a steady income and good prospects. Moreover, she’s looking for someone who will always support her. She also likes men with a good sense of humor.”

What will a good spellcaster do now when he knows all that? To begin with, he will cast a spell to make you rich and then help the woman appreciate you and want to be with you for something else. The spellcaster will tie her to you through the sex, soul and mental chakras ensuring that she stops valuing money over everything else. Besides, the spellcaster will make you stronger to ensure you always give your woman the support she needs. With a special ritual, he’ll change your mental body to make you a better storyteller and a wiser man.

As a result, you’ll be able to give the woman everything she wants from a man. You’ll become perfect for her and she’ll never even think of breaking up with you.

Naturally, this example is very simple. In real life, psychology allows spellcasters to get to the root causes of people’s dreams and hopes. This means that magic, if combined with psychology, may give you full control over people’s minds and make them feel anything you want.

Thus, here we can speak of permanent love spells and eternal love and, without psychology, none of this is possible.

My goal is not to persuade people who want to become spellcasters to study psychology. I, spellcaster Maxim, just wanted to show you that a spellcaster can use any science as a tool to improve his professionalism and magic powers. Naturally, the psychology of love and romance is not the main science for a spellcaster to focus on. But if you want to become a really good spellcaster, you’ll need to study it, too.


What branches of psychology should I study as a beginning spellcaster? I suggest that you focus on Jungian psychology as Jung (everyone knows that) studied yoga, energies, mental body, tarot cards and other esoteric disciplines. Moreover, he claimed you can’t understand human nature without being a true spellcaster.

Should I study modern branches of psychology? No, you’ll just waste your time. If you read some of Jung’s works, you’ll understand that all “modern branches of psychology” are just a poor or misinterpreted copy of his works.

Should a spellcaster provide not only magical but also psychological help to his customers? If you want to be useful to people, if you want to have a good reputation, you should help your customers in all possible ways. Psychological help is not an exception. The goal of each spellcaster is to ensure that his customers leave him healthy and happy, with their fates fixed and questions answered, which is impossible without psychology.

Isn’t it a karmic crime for a spellcaster to use psychology? If you use it for mercenary motifs, this is a karmic crime as severe as the one committed with the use of a knife or gun. But if you use your knowledge of psychology to figure out the root cause of your customers’ problems in order to fix them, it’s good karma.

What role does psychology play in your work? Without psychology, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Let me remind you that currently I’m rated among the world’s top ten most powerful spellcasters.

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