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An online spell caster sharing his thoughts about magic for people with energy disorders

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Why an online spell caster may refuse service to the client


“Why can an online spell caster refuse service to the client?”

Spell caster Maxim’s reply:

Online spell caster may refuse service to the client for many reasons, from inaccurate personal information provided by the client to the spell caster to the client’s secret intention to make some money from working with the spell caster. Lately, users have been buying love spells and other rituals in order to make a video about it and upload it on YouTube or to write a review about it for their blogs.

Online spell casterThe most common reason why the online spell caster refuses service to the client is the fact that the client or the one the client is in love with has some energy problems. Let me remind you that we are talking about love magic here. Because of these problems, the spell caster online can also refuse to help the client improve the client’s health, look younger, or attract wealth.


“What problem are you talking about? Poorly functioning or dysfunctioning chakras?”

Spell caster Maxim’s reply:

Fixing the client’s chakras is usually the main task of any online spell caster. Look,

  • A woman has a poorly functioning second chakra and is considered not sexy;
  • A man has a dysfunctioning third chakra and is doomed to live the life of a loser;
  • A person has a clogged root chakra and gets sick too frequently;
  • A person has an underdeveloped fifth chakra and talks too much;
  • A person has redirected mental energy and loses touch with the outside world;
  • A person is a workaholic with a frozen fourth charka which makes this person unable to love.

This is why spell casters often have to work with the client’s chakras to make their wishes come true. If a client really wants something, the spell caster needs to just fix the appropriate chakra and its energy will be enough for the person to make that wish come true or to attract something they want into their life.

When I talk about energy problems, I talk about serious energy diseases which dangers should not be underestimated because any of them can lead to a catastrophe. I am talking about curses which are hiding in the shady part of one’s consciousness impacting charka function and, secondly, controlling the person. It is almost impossible for people to see they are not in control of their lives. The curse can get them to take ownership for all of their negative thoughts and lead them to accept all kinds of despairing conclusions about themselves.

A curse can cause you to underestimate yourself, believe no one will ever love you, have fears or, on the contrary, be overconfident while in fact you are neither strong nor smart; neither good-looking nor successful. Curses are also a major cause of chronic ill luck and poverty.

In this case the spell caster online may refuse service to the client. If the spell caster online also fails to explain to the client the reason for such a refusal, the client will never get to learn his energies are sick and never get treatment.

The work of a real spell caster online

Spell caster onlineQuestion:

“Do you help all people suffering from energy disorders?”

Spell caster Maxim’s reply:

Yes. Otherwise, I would not have told you I offer comprehensive magic services. Instead of that, as almost any online spell caster with insufficient powers, I would say I offer only love spells, break up spells or reconciliation rituals.

When a client with dysfunctioning energies reaches out to me, I do my best to help him. Sometimes having the curse removed turns out to be more beneficial to the client than a powerful love spell. Well, if sick chakras have destructive effects on your present, such a serious disease as a curse destroys your present and your future.

Many people reach out to me as a spell caster online, to leave behind their lonely and poor past. To this end, the curse must be removed. Otherwise, the life of the sick person will not get better but keep getting worse.


“If an online spell caster doesn’t want to help a person with an energy curse, does it mean he just doesn’t understand what’s going on?”

Spell caster Maxim’s reply:

Oh, he does. He just cannot help. It is not in his power. Strong curses, just like inherited curses, are like huge, powerful and wise dragons. Well, they look different in the astral worlds though. Like in those legends about dragons in which not everyone has the courage to fight one, not every spell caster online has the courage or skills or inner strength to fight a curse.


“Are you ready to help sick people?”

Spell caster Maxim’s reply:

My answer to this question is always the same. Do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to help you get rid of your curse. But remember that it is a long and complex process requiring from both, you and me, hard work and dedication. However, when it is over, you will get an opportunity to see how amazing, joyful, successful and beautiful your life can be.

A spell caster answering to readers’ questions

Jina D.:

“Are curses removed only from teenagers and young people?”

Spell caster Maxim’s reply:

You can have your curse removed at any age. Thus, no matter how old you are, reach out to me if you have a curse on you. Even one day that you live with free and pure energies is worth fighting for. Besides, if you have your curse removed, you will probably live longer, too.

Alex O.:

“An online spell caster refused to help me. Can I file a complaint against him?”

Spell caster Maxim’s reply:

Why would you complain of someone who had the courage to admit he was not qualified enough to solve your problem? I do not think you should file a complaint.


“Are there curses you can’t handle?”

Spell caster Maxim’s reply:

Everything is possible in our reality as it is multi-version. So at some point any of us can face something they cannot handle. Paradoxically, there is nothing we cannot handle in general, especially if we work as a team. Do you understand what I mean? It is simple. When a spell caster online realizes it is not in his power to solve a problem, he asks me for help and together we solve this problem. If I, spell caster Maxim, ever come across a curse that is too difficult for me to remove despite my skills and experience, I will ask another online spell caster to help me and together we will succeed.


“How can I recognize a curse?”

Spell caster Maxim’s reply:

I ask my readers to avoid self-diagnostics because most people tend to be hypochondriac and strive to attract bad things instead of good ones. If you still want to check yourself for a curse, read my previous articles about it. As far as I remember, some of my books have detailed instructions for curse identification as well.


“Why do curses matter in spell casting at all?”

Spell caster Maxim’s reply:

They matter for two reasons. First of all, if a black magic ritual is performed, the curse will get even stronger taking full control of or breaking the person. If a white magic spell is cast, it will backfire hurting you badly. Secondly, if you are cursed but the curse has not taken control of you yet, it will make you suffer one way or another, no matter how well-intentioned the spell is.

Thus, if a money spell is cast, the curse will get you addicted to drugs after you get rich, ruining your life. If a love spell is cast, your relationship will be hurt by jealousy. If a health spell is cast, you will start working out to do good for your health but in fact too much exercise will damage your heart.

Let me say it again that in this case a spell caster online should proceed as follows:

1. Remove the curse;

2. Protect the client against future curses;

3. Cast the spell.


“Is there a way to treat one’s energies without working with a professional magic practitioner?”

Spell caster Maxim’s reply:

As an experienced online spell caster, I want to offer you to watch the following video that I made to tell my viewers about it in brief.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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